Another blog about random stuff…just what everyone had been hoping for

So here we go….I guess, it’s only been an hour and I’m already having second thoughts about this, but I guess we’ll give it a shot.  For a long time various people have told me I should start a blog about various things.  There has always just been one small problem with that, I’m pretty lazy and as I’m already discovering it’s way easier to read other people’s blogs than to make your own.  Additionally I could never really settle on a topic, I’ve finally decided that instead of using the mind-mapping ideas from elementary school that were suggested by wordpress when I was making this blog, I’ll just talk about everything I like randomly.

So as a way to get started for anyone who doesn’t know me I’ll give out some background information.  There are only 5 things I’ve ever really wanted to be in life:

  1. An artichoke farmer named Chuck.  This was my goal when I was about 5, it still seems like a reasonable possibility.  My nephew calls me “Chuck” (this might be a good time to point out I’m not a guy) so at least I’ve achieved 50% of this goal, so far the best out of any of them.
  2. A tollbooth collector.  I was a little older when I had this goal, still under 10 though.  This one is still totally doable, in fact I might apply to be a tollbooth collector after I finish this post.
  3. The first woman in the NBA.  This was my goal around the 4th grade when I was the tallest girl on our basketball team.  Somehow I thought I’d be 7 feet tall even though my tallest parent was about 5’9′.  There was the additional issue that I wasn’t really very good, but that never seemed overly important.
  4. A writer.  By late middle/early high school I’d accepted I probably wasn’t going to be the first woman in the NBA and I would need a new career goal.  Around this same time I also discovered I was a pretty good writer.  I also discovered I sucked at grammar, which I still to this day blame entirely on my 6th grade teacher.  This goal also still seems somewhat attainable, despite the fact I haven’t had any good ideas for a story in about 15 years, and the only thing I was ever really good at writing were funny takes on things that had happened to me.
  5. A basketball coach/teacher.  This was my plan upon exiting college, it seemed pretty solid until I spent a year substituting teaching middle and high school students and determined I hated kids.

Currently I’m attempting to become a paralegal (if anyone wants to give me a job that would be great), but I thought I would give the blog thing a try in my spare time.  I plan for this blog to be a combination of my love of sports, food and writing, it will probably be the closest I ever get to a lot of those goals I mentioned.  I hope people will think it’s funny (I just remembered I wanted to be a stand-up comedian but I’m too lazy to go back and add to the list, just slap it in there somewhere between the NBA thing and the writer thing), but if not that’s fine, not everyone can have a great sense of humor.  Feel free to contact me with any feed back you feel I need.  I think I’ve rambled enough now, I’ve managed to make this first post about nothing, any future ones will have some more focus…probably.  I’m going to leave you with this clip from “Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives” of Momocho (a mexican restaurant), I went there while I was in Cleveland, it was very good until I almost died from stomach cramps from the margarita’s, but anyways enjoy!!!

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