Since When is Trishelle the Voice of Reason?

I started watching The Real World during season 2, and I thought it was amazing.  Back then someone ripping blankets off of another cast member was a huge scandal, the show certainly has come a long ways.  I gave up on watching new seasons a few years ago, I finally got too old to watch, and I was only about 5 years behind everyone else I knew.  The Real World/Road Rules Challenges, now just The Challenge since Road Rules cast members seem to be an endangered species is an entirely different story.  I love The Challenge, I always get excited when a new season is coming out, wondering which of my old friends I’m going to get to see.  It’s always exciting when someone who hasn’t been around for a while pops up, and you get to see how they’ve changed (or not changed I’m including a link here to a then and now gallery on MTV and is it just me or do a lot of these people look like exactly the same).  This season is slightly disappointing as most of the cast members are from more recent seasons, but we do get to see Trishelle and Alton from the original Las Vegas cast.  Alton seems to be the same super athletic nice guy he was on his season and on previous challenges so no big surprise there.  Trishelle on the other hand seems like an almost entirely different person from what I remember on her season.  Granted I hadn’t been following Trishelle’s career especially closely.  She has been in and out of the public eye appearing in films such as The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, and Ninja Cheerleaders, she’s also made appearances’ on The Surreal Life and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling.  Maybe if I had seen her in any of these other movies/tv shows the change would not of seemed so drastic.  I remember Trishelle as the girl who had a three-way make out in the hot tub the first night in Vegas (a real world classic).  The girl who drunkenly made out with Steven almost in Frank’s lap after Frank had expressed interest in her, and as the girl who was the only cast member I can think of to have a pregnancy scare with another cast member.  I also remember her as one of the many Real World cast members to pose for Playboy after their season (always a solid career move).  However in this season of the challenge, Battle of the Seasons, Trishelle has been a strategic player, (most likely do to her career move as a professional poker player) and someone who has spent more time stopping fights than starting them.  I’ve had to pause several times this season and say ‘is this really Trishelle breaking up fights and being the voice of reason.’  The fact that she and Alton are several years older than any of the other cast members may also be a factor here.  Much like I finally found myself too old to watch new seasons of 18-24 year olds fighting and making out, Trishelle may have just gotten too old for the drama. But for anyone missing the old Trishelle I think we should remember the season is still fairly young, and things could change, and well I’m impressed by this new Trishelle if she decided to drunkenly make out with her entire team in a hot tub I’d be ok with that too.  On a final note did you know you can watch all of the original Las Vegas season on for free and with only 9,000 commercial interruptions.  I just found this out yesterday and I’m pretty sure I sadly know what my weekend plans are now, I’m including the link to episode one here just to try to suck some of the rest of you in with me.

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