Real World/Road Rules Ultimate Battle of the Seasons Part 2

So here we are for part 2 of my ultimate (super biased) cast for a Real World/Road Rules battle of the seasons.  I’m planning to get through the rest of The Real World seasons in this post and then head into Road Rules for part 3, so now that we know the plan let’s get started with Real World season  15.

Real World Season 15: Philadelphia

Male: Landon.  He’s great at challenges, and he basically towed his partner up a mountain a bunch of times en route to winning Fresh Meat II (and managed not to scream at her while doing it).  Plus he’s always seemed like a nice guy so he’s my pick her.

Female: Shavonda.  I don’t remember too much about any of the female cast members from this season, all I really remember is not particularly caring for them.  So with that in mind I’m going to stick with my theme of taking people who dated during their season and pick Shavonda.

Prediction:  If Landon could pull Carley up a mountain he should be able to carry Shavonda and run up one (assuming she still looks like she did during their season).  This team should be on of the one’s around at the end as long as Landon’s aversion to alliances doesn’t get this team sent home early.

Real World Season 16: Austin

Male: Nehemiah.  I’ve had enough of the Wes ‘me vs. everyone else in the house storyline,’ so he’s out for me. And Danny is in the running for Real World alumni awards like ‘cast member who turned into the biggest douche after their season,’ and ‘cast member who seems most athletic but actually sucks at challenges,’ so I’ll say he’s out too.  That leaves Nehemiah, he’s pretty good at challenges, and he gets into some drama, a solid combination for this show.

Female: Johanna.  It was nice to see Lacey this season, I always like seeing people who haven’t been around for a while, but I being nice and not very athletic will always result in an early exit for her.  I was never a fan of Melinda or Rachel and since this is my show they’re out too.  That leaves Johanna, she can be pretty funny, and she has a ton of friends from past challenges.

Prediction:  Johanna’s alliances should carry this team, the only problem being that Nehemiah has had beef with her buddies in the past.  This team isn’t winning any final challenges, but if Nehemiah can stay out of arguments they should be one of the last teams eliminated.

Real World Season 17: Key West

Male: Tyler.  I’ve also had enough of the ‘Johnny Banana’s controls the house’ storyline (even though I kind of wish he was there this season to show Frank his place) so he’s out for me.  Tyler has gotten significantly better at these challenges as time goes on, and he’s always entertaining so I’ll go with him.

Female: Svetlana.  She was a huge underdog when she almost won her one previous challenge,(The Duel, she lost to Jodi) and her epic ‘push-me’ battle victory against an overly confident Beth is one of my favorite moments for the challenges.

Prediction:  This team should make it pretty far, one possible hang up being that Svetlana really doesn’t need the money (her family is loaded and her 21st birthday was sort of bizarrely on ‘My Super Sweet 16’).  If things start to get tough she might decide she’d rather head home than stick around and deal with the drama.

Real World Season 18: Denver

Male: Stephen.  We haven’t seen him since his run in Denver ended, but at the time he was a devoutly religious conservative who liked expressing his views.  Seems like he could be good for stirring up some drama in the house, and every other guy from this season has been pathetically bad in past challenges.

Female: Brooke.  One of the craziest/most entertaining cast members ever.  It should be mandatory for her to be on every challenge.

Prediction: This team will be a total train wreck, and probably the first team to go. But here’s to hoping they get to stick around long enough to help up the unintentional comedy scale on the show.

Real World Season 19: Sydney

Male: Isaac.  His claim to fame in his previous challenge (The Duel II) was having really long toenails (which were viciously cut while he was asleep).  As a bonus fact, I read in his cast bio he used to do a lot of LSD and still has hallucinations of birds, that feels like a good reason to include him to me.

Female: Shauvon.  Another cast member who should be on every challenge to up the unintentional comedy scale.  Plus was caused one of the greatest fights ever by having sex with C.T. on the roof, (also The Duel II) which ultimately lead to C.T. almost killing Adam King.

Prediction: No team with Shauvon is getting far, definitely a bottom half finish for this team.

Real World Season 20: Hollywood

Male: Greg.  None of the guys from this season have performed well on challenges in the past.  So I decided to pick Greg, he’s never been on a challenge, and his cast hated him so much apparently he wasn’t allowed in the group picture (here he is in case you don’t remember).  He liked go call other people ‘peasants,’ and only lasted 8 episodes before being kicked off for not going to their job.

Female:  Kimberly or Brittini.  It doesn’t really matter this team is going home.

Prediction:  Kimberly and Brittini have both been sort of surprisingly good at challenges in the past, too bad for them I don’t see the same thing happening for Greg.  I see Greg’s second run on the MTV show being even shorter than his last.

Real World Season 21: Brooklyn

Male: Scott.  The man has the ‘best abs on the east coast‘ what more could you want from a challenge competitor.

Female: Katelynn.  Yet another cast member who should always be on challenges for unintentional comedy alone.  On a side not does anyone else think it’s weird no other cast members ever bring up the fact she used to be a dude on these challenges.  It’s seems like something that would come up with a big group of drunk assholes (not everyone) stuck in a house together.  Does MTV not let them talk about it, or edit it out before airing the episodes? These are the things that keep me up at night.

Prediction: Scott seems like he should be good but we’ve never seen him compete before, and Katelynn is generally terrible at everything.  I think a middle of the pack finish is the best this team can hope for.

Real World Season 22: Cancun

Male: CJ. Nothing like a guy who’s living out his failed NFL dreams (as a punter) by totally kicking ass in MTV shows.  Do people understand how shitty you have to be to end up as the punter on the football team, it’s one of the least skilled/most replaceable positions in sports.

Female: Jasmine.  She has a crazy alter ego (Rashida) that comes out when she’s drunk.  This is like a 3 person team which seems unfair but I’m sticking with it anyways.

Prediction:  CJ is sort of benefiting in the current season from their being very few other really strong male competitors.  I think in a season with tougher competition this team will make it to the later rounds, but be eliminated before the final challenge.

Real World Season 23: Washington D.C.

Male: Ty.  He finally showed up in Battle of the Ex’s after looking like a fool in his previous challenge performances.  He also loves to fight with pretty much everyone, which is probably why MTV keeps inviting him back.

Female: Emily. I think Emily is in the top 2-3 female competitor’s in challenge history based on physical performance.  And other than a very unfortunate ‘black face’ incident on Battle of the Ex’s (for which she seemed genuinely sorry) she’s always seemed like one of the nicer more level-headed people in the house.

Prediction: I think we might have seen the best this team can do with their third place finish in Battle of the Ex’s.  How far this team goes really depends on Ty and which version of his personality decides to show up for this season.

Real World Season 24: New Orleans

Male: Eric.  Ok so this pick is just because I thought he was a cool/funny guy who didn’t get enough air time during his season.

Female: Ashlee.  Ok so all my picks for this season are just for people who I liked, and thought didn’t get enough air time.  This season seemed to be dedicated almost entirely to Knight/Jemmye relationship issues, and the feud between Ryan and Preston.

Prediction:  I actually think they could do ok.  Ashlee played division one basketball (at Northeastern) and Eric seemed fairly athletic, and they were both easy to get along with.  I think their problem is being ‘new kids’ who might end up as early elimination round fodder.

Real World Season 25: Las Vegas

Male: Leroy.  So New Orleans is the last season I actually watched, for these last few seasons I’m going based on what I’ve seen in previous challenges alone.  And in previous challenges Leroy has proven to be good in competition and funny, which seems to be my standard criteria if I don’t have a good reason for picking a guy.

Female: Naomi.  Unlike all the other people I picked just because they were involved during their season Naomi actually seemed to still be interested in Leroy which is a big plus in the potential drama department.

Prediction: We’ve seen them as a team before, Leroy is good in competitions, Naomi isn’t.  I say upper half based on Leroy’s athletic ability and his having some friends in the game, but they could go sooner if they ended up in a tough elimination round.

Real World Season 26: San Diego

Male: Nate. So here’s another season I didn’t watch and based on the current Battle of the Season’s I’m glad I missed it.  Nate was pretty pathetically bad during his brief stint on Battle of the Ex’s, but I’d still much rather watch him than sit through another season with Frank or Zach.

Female: Any of them.  None of the female cast member’s from this season really stands out to me.  If forced Priscilla seemed the most entertaining so I guess I’d take her.

Prediction: They went home first during Battle of the Ex’s that’s about where I see them ending up here too.  I say we just skip San Diego or bring back more people from the first San Diego cast.

Real World Season 27: St. Thomas

Male: Trey.  Other cast member’s on the current Battle of the Season’s seem to think he’s an asshole.  I haven’t seen any behavior that seems overly asshole-ish to me (other than liking Wes) but maybe if we give him some more time he’ll show us something.

Female: Marie.  She seems like a crazy bitch who thinks she’s much better at challenges than she actually is.  She and Trey also hate each other which can only lead to good television.

Prediction: I’m still confused about how this team has lasted so long on the current challenge, it won’t happen in my version.

And that brings us to the end of The Real World teams, I’ll be picking up with the Road Rules teams sometime next week (I’m going to lump Fresh Meat in with them just because I feel like it).  Once again feel free to comment with your opinions on my very biased selections to this point, see you next week.

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