Real World/Road Rules Ultimate Battle of the Seasons Part 3

And we’re back with our third, and final (depending on how tired I get) Real World/Road Rules Ultimate Battle of the Seasons super-biased cast selection post.  I’ve already covered every season of The Real World in the first two posts, here I’ll be covering Road Rules and the Fresh Meat shows.  As always feel free to comment on my selections, unless you think I’m wrong then keep that to your self, (just kidding) let’s get started.

Road Rules Season 1: USA First Adventure

Male: Mark. Well there’s only two so that helps make the choice a little easier.  I’ve tried to stay away from people who’ve done a ton of these challenges (kind of) but come on everyone loves Mark, that’s part of why he does so well in these shows.  Also I had a huge crush on him during this season, possibly shaky reasoning but that’s what I’m going with.

Female: Kit. She’s funny and she had a decent run on ESPN, and she works with the ‘had a relationship with the other cast member selection during their season’ criteria so she’s in.

Prediction: I can see these two getting to the final challenge but not winning.  Mark is good at challenges and is friends with pretty much everyone which will help this team go far.  Plus both Mark and Kit have been the host of shows on the TV Guide channel since their season which I think should count for something.

Road Rules Season 2: USA Second Adventure

Male: Timmy. He’s also always been good for a laugh, and he used to be good at challenges, until injuries sadly limited his challenge career.

Female: Effie. I remember her being openly crazy/bitchy, Emily was also this way but in a more secretive shitty way so she loses. She also served in the Israeli military which could help with something.

Prediction: I can’t see this team getting far beyond the half way point of the season.  Timmy was pretty popular, but might suffer from younger people not knowing who he is.  That plus his injury issues and Effie’s general craziness hurt this teams chances.

Road Rules Season 3: Europe

Male: Antoine.  So for some reason I never watched this season (I don’t think anyone really did) so I have no real opinions for the males on this cast.  However I read on Wikipedia that follow cast member Belou tried to stab him with a butter knife at breakfast, and he tried to push her into a Venetian canal, and those feel like good reasons to include him.

Female: Belou.  In addition to the points mentioned above about her feud with Antoine, she also brought her infant with her to the original Battle of the Seasons which lead to a lot of judgement from follow cast members.

Prediction:  Belou is crazy and I’m going to say they still hate each other so things don’t look too good for this team.  Feels like one of the first teams to go home to me.

Road Rules Season 4: Islands

Male: Jake. Since his time on Road Rules he’s worked for FHM, documented his sex life for Glamour, and been involved in a variety of publicity stunts (one of which was trying to drink a full bottle of maple syrup on CBS Sunday Morning to set a world record, I’m pretty sure I can do this I’ve got some phone calls to make).

Female: Kalle.  I remember both the girls in this season being sort of boring, but she was in a relationship with Jake during filming so she gets in based on that.

Prediction: Kalle won the only season of The Challenge she was on previously, (Real World/Road Rules Challenge) but I just can’t see Jake taking the challenges too seriously, I think they are in the first half to go home.

Road Rules Season 5: Northern Trail

Male: Jon. Seasons four and five of Road Rules both featured situations where cast members paired up into couples leaving one of two cast members as odd man/woman out.  In season four it was Oscar, and in season 5 it was Jon and Roni. I always thought it was shitty so I’m not inviting the ‘cool couples club’ to my show.

Female: Roni.  Same reason as Jon, plus she’s won both of the previous challenges she’s been on.

Prediction: These two seem like they might stay outcasts during the challenge and that won’t help them get very far in the game.

Road Rules Season 6: Down Under

Male: Shayne.  No real reason other than I liked him and we need more people from Canada on the show.

Female: Piggy.  Another former cast member they should bring back more often. She’s comically bad at most things and adds a nice dose of drama.

Prediction: Piggy will most likely end up dragging this team down.  I think the best possible result for them is somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Road Rules Season 7: Latin America

Male: Abe.  I wasn’t a big fan of this season, and don’t remember a ton about it, but I do remember him being kind of a douche so I’ll bring him along for the drama factor.

Female: Holly.  She was a good competitor (won Real World/Road Rules Challenge and The Inferno) and a nice person.  I can’t have all the cast members be assholes.

Prediction: I think they could do alright.  It’s mostly just going to come down to how well they can get along and work together.  I think they’ll finish in the top half but miss the final challenge.

Road Rules Season 8: Semester at Sea

Male: Yes.  The male cast members in this season were kind of boring.  I’ll take Yes as I remember him being the least boring out of the bunch.

Female: Veronica.  Unlike most people I love Veronica.  I think she always makes the challenges more interesting, and was excited when she started turning up again after a hiatus.  She started her career on MTV by stealing Ayanna’s term paper during their season, and the last time we saw her she was enticing Tonya into slapping her and sleeping around to get ahead in the game (classic Veronica).

Prediction: If Veronica can get them into a strong alliance this team could be around until the end.  The real risk to this team is that Veronica isn’t always the easiest person to like and some cast members may gun for this team.

Road Rules Season 9: Maximum Velocity Tour

Male: Theo.  No guys really stand out in this season, so I’ll take Theo. He’s been good at challenges in the past, and he’s working on a career in comedy now.  It’s always good to mix some laughs with the drama on the show.

Female: Msaada. I just like saying Msaada.

Prediction: Theo has won a few of these in the past.  This really all comes down to how good Msaada is as a competitor, and if Theo has slipped any since we last saw him on one of these shows (the original Fresh Meat).  I see a finish in the top half and maybe in the finals if Msaada is better than I remember. (On a side note this weird black and white picture of the cast is the only one I could find online, and I found a topless picture of Katie Doyle during my google image search, just thought you should know.)

Road Rules Season 10: The Quest

Male: Adam.  He’s pretty good at causing drama and pretty good in competition.  He’s also the only guy from this cast that really stands out so he’ll he my pick.

Female: Katie.  Another cast member who is always entertaining when they come on these shows.  In a way I feel like she and Tonya she just punishing themselves when they appear because of all the abuse they take from fellow cast members, but it always leads to some quality television.

Prediction:  I always root for Katie as the underdog, even though it’s not as much fun when you know the underdog is going to lose.  These two have never gotten along very well, and I don’t see that changing for this show.  They might stick around for a while because people like to keep weak competitors on the show, but I don’t see them making it past the half way point.

Road Rules Season 11: Campus Crawl

Male: Darrell.  One of my all time favorite cast member’s.  Great at competitions (he’s won four previous challenges) and at delivering some classic quotes (my personal favorite when speaking to Wes about his then girlfriend KellyAnne, ‘you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife).

Female: Rachel.  One of the best athlete’s to ever be on these shows (she even beat most of the guys during the final race in The Duel II).  Also I’ve missed the Rachel and Veronica team that dominated the social game in these challenges for a few years, and hope we can get back to that in this show as it provided some classic moments in challenge history.

Prediction:  This is my winner, just a stacked team.  The only way I see them losing is if they are constantly targeted for elimination and get upset.

Road Rules Season 12: South Pacific

Male: Abram.  He’s not really that good at challenges anymore but he is still crazy.  And I’m not planning to put his on-again/off-again love interest Cara Maria on the show so maybe he can have another threesome with Veronica and Rachel during this season.

Female: Tina.  Even though she had a sad showing in her return to challenges as the special opponent during the gulag in Cutthroat, she is a decent competitor.  She also loves to fight both verbally and physically (she got thrown out of The Duel for punching Beth).

Prediction:  I think they both might be a little past their prime competition wise, and I see them spending a lot of time fighting with each other.  I think just past the midway point is where we’ll see this team go home.

Road Rules Season 13: X-Treme

Male: Derrick.  This season had like a billion people in it as a result of a cast member being voted off any time they lost a challenge.  (This was the third season Road Rules used this format, and I think the greatest downfall of the show).  Derrick is one of three cast member’s (Jodi and Patrick being the others) to make it through this entire season.  He is also one of the more likeable cast members in Road Rules history, and unlike Katie is an underdog who actually comes out on top a fair amount of the time.

Female: Ibis.  For her amazing capacity to eat sticks of butter during Battle of the Sexes 2.  If eating butter is ever part of a challenge again Ibis will totally dominate.

Prediction:  I think they’ll finish just outside the final mission.  They are both solid competitors but this is kind of the underdog team and I don’t see them betting out some of the strong ones.

Road Rules Season 14: Viewer’s Revenge

Male: Dan.  This was supposed to be the return of Road Rules after a several years long hiatus.  I wasn’t a fan of this format at all, and it seems not too many other people were either as this is the last we’ve seen of Road Rules.  Most of the ‘pit crew’ members were pretty forgettable.  I’m selecting Dan here in hopes he’s turned back into ‘falling down drunk’ Dan so he can at least add to the entertainment factor.

Female: Susie.  The only new female cast member from this season that’s really memorable is Tori, former Miss Teen Virginia , and winner of my award for ‘cast member who has won the most challenges while doing nothing to earn it.’  So I’m not taking her here, I’m going with Susie from the Down Under season instead.  Susie is generally pretty entertaining, and she’s pretty crafty at ‘the game’ part of these shows (she play’s the ‘I’ll throw the mission’ card better than anyone else in challenge history).  I’d take her on my show over Tori any day.

Prediction:  People like Dan but he’s not great in competition.  Susie is good in competition but the way she plays the game doesn’t always win her a ton of fans in the house.  I think somewhere in the middle of the pack looks right for this team too.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat I

(For some reason there are no group pictures from this season)

Male: Kenny.  He can be funny. even though his humor sometimes gets old after a while, and  he’s generally solid in the challenges.  He also pulled off a surprising come back in Fresh Meat II when he was stuck without any of his buddies, and was able to somehow able to defeat a Wes/Ev alliance and make it to the final.

Female: Ev.  She’s definitely a strong competitor, and she’s gotten a little better at the social game than she used to be, but there she’s still a little too intense for these shows in my opinion.

Prediction:  I see this team making it to the final challenge, but not winning.  Both Kenny and Ev are strong competitors, but not quite as good as they think they are.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II

Male: Vinny.  Unlike the first Fresh Meat this season didn’t produce a lot of great competitor’s.  At the time this show aired Vinny seemed to be a little slow mentally but a great athlete.  When we last saw Vinny on Battle of the Ex’s it seemed his physical abilities and mental abilities were now equal as he’d ballooned out unlike any other cast member in history.  He was also kicked off Battle of the Ex’s after ripping Mandi’s top off in a bar for no apparent reason. All these more recent developments make Vinny the obvious pick from this season.

Female: Laurel.  She’s good in competition, and it doesn’t take much for her to completely unload on someone verbally when she’s intoxicated (her verbal tirade’s against Big Easy and Paula are both challenge classics).

Prediction:  Unless Vinny show’s up looking like he did during the season and not like he did in Battle of the Ex’s I don’t think there’s much hope for this team getting too far.  I do however feel very hopeful for another classic verbal assault from Laurel (most likely aimed at Vinny).

So that’s it my pick for an Ultimate Battle of the Season’s with cast members from every Real World and Road Rules season.  When I first started out writing this I felt like I would regret taking this project, and I’m pleased to admit that I was totally correct in that feeling.  But it has brought back some good memories for me and hopefully for some of you, and as always feel free to let me know anything you think I got wrong, or right, in my posts.

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