How to Make a Road Trip Playlist

I’ve taken quite a few road trips recently, if you read my previous posts you would know I just made a trip from Maine to Cleveland earlier this fall. With the most travelled day of the year coming up this week I decided I would lend out some of my wisdom about road trips. The number one thing I’ve learned about making a long road trip by yourself is that your playlist is crucial.  Obviously you’re going to include your current favorite songs, that’s a given, but at some point those songs get boring and you need something different to keep you going.  That’s what this post is all about, finding the random songs to add to your playlist that will make the journey more enjoyable.

Hall and Oates is always a strong choice to start your trip with, you’re feeling good and so are they.  Also I always like to include songs from road trips we went on as a trip, even though those trips left something to be desired.

You also always want to include some songs you can sing along with loudly, I recommend Tina Turner or Queen, but the choice is up to you.

Uh-oh, someone cut you off, no time for singing now, it’s time for some road rage, I tend to go with some old school grunge here but rap can work as well.

Alright we’ve gotten over our road rage, stopped for lunch and are feeling good again, time for our favorite songs from middle school.

Sadly I really bought this album by The Cardigans, I’m so ashamed.

It’s also a good idea to always include some Madonna and Steely Dan, just because, not new Madonna though, don’t make that mistake.  Luckily there is no new Steely Dan so there won’t be any confusion.

It’s also always nice if you can find a song with your destination as part of the lyrics.

Sometimes you can’t find a song with your specific destination and have to settle for something more generic, like home.

An hour and a half to go still and energy is running low, time is listen to some mellow jams and feel bummed, I’d go with some Radiohead or Elliot Smith if you’re extra worn out.

Ok, time to snap out of it, thank God Kelly Clarkson and Tupac are here to help.

Ok, you made it to your destination, time to celebrate your victory.

Finally if anyone else out there knows what an ‘Oldsmobile tape’ is, you should probably just listen to the songs from that over and over the whole way, they are classics. (My family once did this the whole way from New York to West Virginia, actually I don’t know what I was talking about those childhood trips were great).

Alright everyone, good luck on your road trips, I’m sure I will see some of you out there is week, just remember not to cut me off, I wasn’t kidding about the road rage thing.

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