Jim Boeheim Celebrates 900th Victory with Call for Gun Control

Jim Boeheim has never been great at endearing himself to outsiders.  The public persona attributed to him is generally one of a cranky, whiny nerd who plays with his nose too much.  Fans of Syracuse and Boeheim know however that this view of him is not accurate.  While he can be slightly crabby, fans know Boeheim as a man who has raised over four million dollars for cancer research, a man he has continuously given back to his community, and a man who through consistency and loyalty has won 900 basketball games at his alma mater.  Last night after Boeheim somewhat begrudgingly spoke with reporters about his accomplishment, he went on to talk about a different topic in his post game press conference.  Boeheim stepped up to call for a ban on assault rifles following the school shooting in Newtown Connecticut this past Friday.  This makes Boeheim one of the few public figures brave enough to directly call for action following the events of last week.  His call was met both with applause and criticism, some in the comments section of ESPN.com stated they had now lost all respect for the coach following his post game comments.   Luckily for Boeheim and his fans, public opinion doesn’t seem to have much effect on his personality or his coaching style.  So while some will judge that he’s not a big game coach, or that he should play less zone,  or that he whines too much, or that he should keep his feelings on the issues to himself, Boeheim will keep on doing what he’s always done, and keep on winning.

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