The Bachelor Week 3 Recap (or how many episodes does it take for every contestant to cry in one show)



Ok so not everyone cried, but it was pretty damn close.  The episode even featured Taryn, who I don’t think ever even talked to Sean shedding some tears during her exit interview.  (Taryn also became my favorite contestant when she said maybe she wasn’t sweet enough for Sean, this connected back to my post from last week and made me much more sad to see her go).  Anyways, that’s enough talking about people who have gotten less than 2 minutes of screen time this season, let’s get on with the dates.



The first date of the episode is an individual date for Lesley M. (poor Leslie H. looked so hopeful for a minute, I think everyone on these shows should have the same name, it would make the date announcements way more interesting).  Sean and Lesley go to the Guinness Museum, and we learn that Sean’s date apparently loves traveling but not sight-seeing, as he holds the record for fastest time driving the 48 contiguous states (I guess that’s something to be proud of).  Sean and Lesley then attempt to set their own Guinness World Record for longest time spent awkwardly pressing your lips together on-screen (oops, I mean on-screen kiss).  I’m fairly certain there’s a reason on-screen kisses don’t usually last this long, (they had to go 3 minutes and 16 seconds) and that reason is because it’s awkward and boring to watch someone kiss for this long.  (Even the camera man got bored and started filming some other people in the crowd kissing for a while).  Outside of setting the record this date doesn’t offer too many exciting tidbits.  Lesley seems too intelligent to spout off any quality lines the other girls come up with during their time with Sean.  Overall, I like Lesley, so provides a little break from some of the more typical girls on the show even if she doesn’t provide the comedy factor of her competitors.



Next we get to go on the group date, a fun day at the beach.  The date features the sloppiest beach volleyball game in history with the losers going home from the date early.  The game also seems to be tied the entire time with the teams taking turns serving it out-of-bounds to each other.  This date also features our first tears of the episode, as both Kristy and Leslie H. break down after their team loses the game.  (on a side note basically everything I said about Kristy last week is wrong, she’s way less fun this week and spends most of the episode crying before going home after the rose ceremony).  While the winning team is spending time with Sean the final date card of the episode arrives at the house.  Tierra retrieves the card and announces the date is for Ashlee and Selma before cracking up and admitting the date is just Ashlee.  (I thought this was actually pretty funny but Sarah quickly corrected by saying it was ‘so not cool’ guess I was wrong).  Back on the group date Sean is sitting down with multiple personality Amanda for some one-on-one time.  Amanda tells Sean she has something super serious to tell him and then says, “when you were kind of describing what you’re looking for in a woman, (indicates self) well you’re looking at her.” (Sean laughs right after she says this, she said she’s super serious damn it, don’t laugh).  Amanda then says she would bring a light, airy, fun atmosphere if they were to get married (that’s what strong marriages are built on right there).  After Amanda comes back from her talk with Sean, she and Desiree get into a little spat which Kacie immediately picks up on, and as the wily veteran of the bunch, decides to try to use to her advantage.  Unfortunately for Kacie it turns out Sean really doesn’t like tattle-tales and shuts her down when she tries to bring up the drama between Amanda and Desiree.  Sean ends by saying he wants her to be Kacie and not the crazy person he is seeing, foreshadowing her exit at the end of the episode.



Before we get to the one on one date with Ashlee we get the Tierra fall they’ve been previewing all season.  Tierra has mentioned she is smart (wink, wink) but the other women may be smarter as many of them see through her apparent injury when she refuses to go to the hospital.  Tierra’s plan is successful though as Sean then goes and sits with her for a while, causing her to say “this kind of worked out for me” (how convenient).  Sean and Ashlee’s date is shared with two teenage girls with mitochondrial disorder and features a trip to Six Flags.  Ashlee  really impressed me on this date.  Many women wouldn’t be so accepting of having two strangers along for their individual date, but Ashlee seems genuine in her acceptance of the girls, and doesn’t seem remotely put off by their presence.  During their alone time at the end of the date, Ashlee tells Sean about her difficult childhood (she was abused in a foster home and wasn’t adopted until age 6).  Ashlee goes on to tell Sean about the first meeting with her adopted father which brings him to tears (I told you everyone cries in this episode).

And now on to the cocktail party.  At the start of the party Sean takes Sarah out to the front of the house to give her a surprise reunion with her dog Leo (not named after Leonardo DiCaprio for those of you who forgot).  Unfortunately the reunion doesn’t go so great at first as Sarah starts to freak out thinking she is being sent home when she sees a car pulling up.  I don’t like being mean to her, but Sarah is just incredibly annoying, I guess she is kind of sweet though so Sean will keep her around.  Tierra continues to gain hateful looks from the other girls in the house when she takes Sean back from Desiree to talk to him again after already having time with him earlier in the evening.  The rest of the cocktail party consists of the women competing to see who can take Sean away from the person he is talking to the fastest.  While this is happening an increasingly depressed looking Desiree is sitting on the couch waiting for Sean to return. (Desiree finally gives up and complains to the other girls that she ‘doesn’t play these games,’ another person who had never seen the show before they came on it, amazing!)  Kacie learns the extent to which her plan back fired when Sean sends her home right before the rose ceremony.  Sean tells her they are better off staying in friend territory, and then can’t even give her a limo, instead sending her home in the mini van of shame.  At the conclusion of the rose ceremony Kristy and Taryn are left without roses.  Jackie somehow manages to get a rose again despite having no on-screen time with Sean, her under the radar game may be better than the games some other girls are playing.  The preview for next weeks episode shows Selma and Leslie H. getting one on one dates, (nice to see Sean giving everyone a far shot) and much more drama between Tierra and the other girls.  The preview ends with a very upset Tierra exclaiming to Sean, “I can’t be tortured like this!”  Sounds like we’ll be in for a good time, see you next Tuesday.

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