An Escape to Exotic Montana (The Bachelor Week 5 Recap)


The Bachelor two night extravaganza kicked off last night with Sean taking the eleven remaining ladies on a get away to exotic Montana.  Did Sean mention any of his interests to the producers before the show started, because this isn’t the group of girls I would take on a trip to the wilderness.  This just helps to solidify my theory that Sean has a fetish for dates that make the girls uncomfortable.  This weeks episodes will feature a one on one date, a group date, and the dreaded two on one date where the girl who doesn’t receive a rose is sent home immediately.  First up is a one on one date with Lindsay.


Lindsay starts to cry when she finds out she got the one on one date, I think you’re supposed to wait until you don’t receive a rose to cry, but these girls love crying so much they can’t help themselves.  Lindsay has a really solid strategy for this show as she has proven herself to be the sluttiest cast member.  Sean and Lindsay go on a helicopter tour of Glacier National Park, and briefly talk about being outdoorsy (Lindsay wore her flannel to look the part) before getting to what they do best, making out.  The date generally sticks to this pattern, Sean asks Lindsay a question, and after she responds they make out for an extended period of time.  Finally Sean surprises Lindsay with a Sarah Darling concert (I can’t decide if Sean has boring taste in music or if ABC just can’t get anyone else to come perform on The Bachelor).  Sean and Lindsay dance on a tiny platform in the town square, (and make out some more) and we get a voice over of Sean saying he could see Lindsay being “the one” (she already received a rose earlier in the evening).


Next up is the group date.  Sean leads the girls out into the wilderness where Chris Harrison is waiting to tell them that they will be competing in The Bachelor Montana Wilderness Rely Race.  The girls are divided up into two teams of four (red team= Sarah, Desiree, Selma and Robyn, blue team= Lesley, Daniella, Ashlee and Catherine).  Chris informs the ladies the competition will consist of a canoe race, bucking hay, sawing a 12 inch log, milking a goat, and then having one member of the team drink the goat’s milk.  Chris also lets the girls know that, like with the volleyball game group date, the losing group of girls goes back to the house immediately after the competition. A few of my favorite things from this date before the contest even starts: 1.  One of the girls asks if those are dogs when they see the goats (not clear who, voice is off camera).  2. Selma seems to be wearing some sort of turban, probably to help remind Sean she is from a strict Muslim family and still can’t kiss him. 3.  These girls had to be provided with flannel, they didn’t come prepared like Lindsay.  The blue teams hay bails were sabotaged and fell apart, allowing the red team to claim victory despite spending most of the canoe portion of the race in some bushes. (Personally I would have protested the outcome if I were the blue team, between the hay bails and Desiree clearly having prior experience milking a goat this challenge was very uneven).  Sean must have also felt the challenge was unfair because he sends Chris Harrison over to invite the blue team to the cocktail party portion of the date.  The red team is less than impressed by Sean’s decision to include the “losers,” its fun to look at the contrast between the two teams faces after the blue team arrives.  Shortly after the blue team arrives Tierra decides she needs to see Sean as well and decides to crash the party.  Tierra tells Sean she isn’t happy about being on the two on one date after coming all the way to Montana to spend time with him.  (I’m not sure coming to Montana was a big hardship for her, I’m pretty sure the show covered it, but nice attempt at a guilt trip anyways).  Sean says he’s worried about Tierra, but I think he may actually be worried about having a stalker on his hands if she doesn’t get the final rose.  Tierra goes back to the lodge after a brief visit feeling confident she got a leg up prior to the two on one.  The one on one’s with Sean during the cocktail party portion of the date are significantly influenced by which team the women were on for the competition.  The red team members spend time complaining to Sean about the blue team being invited back, while the blue team members use the time to canoodle.  This results in Daniella receiving the group date rose (she cried and kissed Sean, so really how could he not give her the rose).


Finally we head out for the two on one date with Tierra and Jackie.  The threesome goes horseback riding, and Jackie becomes a third wheel as she is saddled with a slow horse and is constantly a good distance behind Tierra and Sean.  (Tierra has referred to Sean as her husband and then let out a maniacal laugh during multiple interviews in this episode, Sean really better watch himself).  The two women take different approaches during their one on one time with Sean during the date.  Jackie uses most of her time (that we are shown anyways) attempting to warn Sean off Tierra, and mentions that she was flirting with a guy at the airport.   Tierra uses her time with Sean to reveal some more of her past.   She tells Sean she was dating someone for five years who was in and out of rehab while they were together, and that the person passed away in 2009, while they were still dating.  Tierra says this relationship causes her to be the way she is, because she is so afraid of losing someone again.  Assuming this story is true, it does help explain her behavior somewhat, and that is enough to get her the rose and send Jackie home.

Finally, it’s cocktail party/rose ceremony time.  This cocktail party features the recurring theme of Tierra vs. the rest of the women in the house.  Robyn decides to confront Tierra about being one way with the girls in the house, (bitchy) while being another way with Sean and when the camera’s are on (a combination of bubbly and crazy).  Tierra becomes upset and states she is “over this” and could easily get engaged to a guy if she wanted to (probably not Sean but someone).  A little while later, Sean happens to walk through the room just as Tierra is tellings Robyn she “will bite” if she needs to.  Sean is surprised to see Tierra act so angry and decides he needs to get to the bottom of things.  He takes Tierra outside to find out what is happening, and Tierra once again blames all the other girls for attacking her.  (This may be true, but I’m not sure Tierra is going to be able to convince Sean that she’s “such a nice girl” for much longer if things continue this way).  Sean wants specific examples of what Tierra is doing to upset the other girls in the house, and selects Lesley as the spokesperson to fill him in.  Lesley doesn’t do a great job, simply stating that Tierra is “cold” to the women in the house.  Sean leaves his discussion with Lesley as the only person on the planet still unsure about what type of person Tierra really is.  Sean set a new Bachelor record tonight by realizing his future wife isn’t in this group of women in episode five, most take 7 or 8 episodes to get there.  He gives out roses anyways though, at the end of the night Robyn is left as the one going home (in addition to Jackie who left after the two on one).  Robyn was fun when the season started, but she’s seemed more focused on the drama between her and Tierra than on Sean for the past couple of episodes.  The second episode of The Bachelor extravaganza airs tonight, and will feature Tierra being injured again (or faking another injury, depending on how you want to look at things).  Based on the preview for the remainder of the season it looks like we’ve still got a ways to go with the Tierra vs. the rest of the women theme, or maybe like one more episode and they just played a lot of it to trick us.  Either way see you tomorrow for a recap of the latest exciting developments.

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