Tierra-ist Spotted In Canada (The Bachelor Week 5 Recap, Part 2)



And we’re back with part 2 of the super special Monday AND Tuesday bachelor extravaganza.  Sean and the ladies have left exotic Montana, and have now moved on to Lake Louise in the Canadian rocky mountains.  As a result of all the drama (between the women and Tierra) that occurred in Montana, Sean is feeling a little down about this whole process.  Sean was left thinking his wife might not be in this group at the end of Monday nights episode. (She’s actually definitely not here but Sean apparently isn’t ready to accept that just yet).  Following the dreaded two on one date during Monday’s episode, we head back to the regular format for tonight’s show with two one on one dates and a group date.  First up the first one on one date with Catherine.



For their date Sean takes Catherine to play on a glacier.  As it turns out it’s not that much fun to play on a glacier, especially when it’s snowing and windy.  I’m going to skip this part of the date like I’m sure Sean and Catherine wish they could have, and head right for the evening portion.  (The only interesting thing we learned in this part of the date was that Catherine hasn’t had hot chocolate since she was like 4, not winning any points with that tidbit).  During the evening portion of the date Sean takes Catherine on a carriage ride to an ice castle.  While they are riding over Catherine says, (in voice over) “I’ve realized you can’t go any day without experiencing life to the fullest.” ( I just want to pause for a moment to take issue with this statement.  I know from personal experience you can definitely not experience life to the fullest on any given day, I do it all the time.  For example to write this blog I watch every episode of The Bachelor twice, if that’s not living life to the fullest I don’t know what is.)  Later in the evening Sean asks Catherine to tell him something he doesn’t know about her, this leads Catherine to come out with a fascinating story.  A girl was killed by a tree falling on her right in front of Catherine when she was 12 years old (while she was at summer camp).  She says this taught her things can be taken from you very quickly (ok got that part).  The part Catherine loses my with is this experience teaching her she wanted a family, and a partner to share her life with.  I feel like this story is like when you’re writing a research paper and you have some supporting evidence that doesn’t quite fit your thesis but you try to just use it anyways.  Props to Catherine for trying though, Sean seemed happy with her sharing the story, and it gets her a rose.



Group date time!  We start out with some more canoes, three to be exact.  Lesley shows she’s the brains of the group by realizing there is an uneven number of girls and quickly volunteers herself to be the one to ride in Sean’s canoe.  After the canoe ride Sean lets the girls know the next portion of the date will consist of attempting a ‘polar bear plunge’ into Lake Louise.  The girls are not overly excited about this news, with the exception of Lindsay who is stoked.  However, despite their apprehension the only woman who doesn’t participate is Selma who goes a little Mealoaf on us saying she would do anything for a rose but she won’t do this.  (She says she doesn’t think it’s necessary, but ends up going home at the end of the episode, guess she was wrong).  Tierra says she’s scared how she is going to react afterwards, she’s feeling like she might end up faking hypothermia if she does this, but she goes through with it anyways. And then she fakes hypothermia (or not depending on who you choose to believe, either way her make-up really ended up looking like shit and really that’s suffering enough).  Back at the hotel Desiree and Catherine are worried when they can’t tell who it is from the group that’s injured.  Lucky for them it’s Tierra, and they feel much better after they find out.  Tierra is once again the focus of the other women during the cocktail party portion of the date.  The women are generally discussing Tierra’s attention grabbing ways when Lindsay decides to remark that Tierra is too young to get married and start a family (no one mention to Lindsay that she and Tierra are the same age).  Tierra is feeling confident she will be receiving the group date rose as a reward for all her suffering, unfortunately things don’t go her way and Lesley gets the rose to end the night.  Following the group date, Sean surprises the women by showing up at the hotel and asking to speak with Sarah.  She knows this is bad right away even though Sean tries to deny it, but once he gets her alone Sean tells Sarah he doesn’t feel the connection with her, and is sending her home now rather than making her wait for the rose ceremony.  During their one on one time on the group date Sarah showed Sean old family pictures, and talked about wanting him to meet her family.  Sean talks about being a family guy all the time, but apparently he wasn’t impressed with the pictures because he gives her the boot.



The second one on one date is also the second one on one date Desiree has had with Sean this season.  For some reason the one on one dates with Desiree always seem sort of boring, but we were treated to one interesting new detail about Desiree: she lived in a tent at times growing up.  Sean just seems perplexed by this bit of info initially, but ultimately they both feel it brings them closer together leading Desiree to say she used to live in a tent and now she’s falling in love in a teepee (this show is so profound).

Alright that’s enough with that date, let’s head into the last cocktail party/rose ceremony for this week.  Selma is the first woman to take one on one time with Sean at the cocktail party.  Selma says she is breaking up the big guns tonight and decides to kiss Sean, even though it goes against her Muslim background, and according to her is a huge shame to her family.  Unfortunately Selma chooses to reenact the Twilight kiss, telling Sean he can’t move (and not doing much moving herself).  This ends up being too little, too late for Sean apparently because Selma is one of the women left rose less at the end of the night (additionally Selma’s family has now disowned her, this really turned out poorly).  This cocktail party had a lot less drama than the last few, but some of the highlights outside of Selma were: 1.  Lindsay trying and failing to have one and one time with Sean without kissing him, and telling him she sleeps naked when asked to share something he doesn’t know about her (she is really working the slutty angle to her advantage).  2.  The return of a girl named Ashlee with a blindfold.  Only this time it’s not crazy 50 Shades of Gray Ashley who was sent home in the first episode, its foster home Ashlee doing a boring trust exercise.  Based on how much trouble she has giving up control I don’t see this experience on The Bachelor working out great for Ashlee in the end.  Finally, we get to the rose ceremony and Chris Harrison lets us know that two more girls will be going home tonight.  It’s fairly obvious how things are going to turn out, and despite the shows best efforts to make it look like she could be going home, Tierra gets the final rose leaving Daniella and Selma as the women going home.  It’s also pretty obvious that despite what the other women might want, the show would be crazy to let Tierra go home any sooner than she has to.  Even though it would be interesting to see the other women turn on each other if they didn’t have Tierra to gang up on.  So that’s it for The Bachelor extravaganza, we lost five women this week, (Jackie, Robyn, Sarah, Daniella, and Selma) and have six still standing heading into a trip to St. Croix next week.  The preview shows even more drama between Tierra and the women featuring a show down with Tierra and Ashlee after more complaining to Sean.  My real life job is interfering some next week so the recap probably won’t be up until Wednesday, see you then.

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