Sean Tells Us Very Little (A Recap of The Bachelor: Sean Tells All)



Last night ABC aired a special Sean Tells All episode of The Bachelor.  Sticking with his reputation as “the boring bachelor” there were no real bombshells in this special.  In fact I think the highlight for me was all the tweets they aired in the opening segment requesting Sean to appear shirtless (stay classy bachelor producers).  So not a ton of new stuff to share from this special, but I’ll recap some of the parts that stood out to me.

Desiree’s Departure:

They decide to start with the most recent events, discussing the ouster of Desiree from this past Monday night.  The only really interesting tidbit from this segment was the airing of a clip of Sean and Desiree’s brother speaking at the beginning of the night.  In the clip Desiree’s brother is friendly and tells Sean he can tell he’s a good dude.  Their second interaction is a huge departure from these early pleasantries, and after seeing both videos it looks like Desiree’s parents will have to deal with a bipolar son in addition to a heartbroken daughter.

Sending Sarah Home:

Sean says he decided to send Sarah home after they shared a kiss during the trip to Canada.  Sean said he felt no passion and realized he didn’t feel the connection with Sarah that he did with the other women.  So basically she got home for being a shitty kisser, you should really practice this stuff before you come on The Bachelor so these situations can be avoided.

Tierra Time:

Sean reaffirms that he was duped by Tierra, and if he had seen what the other women saw he would have sent her home much earlier.  It’s still not clear how he missed it when all the other women kept telling him what she was doing, and he walked in on one of the fights.  Apparently Sean really just tries to see the best in people, or he just really wanted to sleep with Tierra still, either way.  The highlight of this segment is Tierra admitting to the other women that she was flirting with a guy in the airport, and not understanding what’s wrong with that.

Bonus Footage:

-In addition to telling Sean more than once she wanted to tie him up, Ashley P. (50 Shades of Gray) also told him the same story about her mother being in love with him three times.  I really wish Sean had kept her longer, it’s always fun to have a drunk in the house.

-We learn why Sean is so fond of Catherine: She’s very flexible.  During their date in Canada Catherine displays her flexibility by squeezing into the wheel well of the snow bus.  Always a good skill to show a potential husband.

The special ends with footage of Sean taking a shower while porno-ish music plays in the background.  Props to The Bachelor producers for knowing their audience.  Sure this also pleased all the fans who’s tweets were shown at the beginning of the special with requests for Sean to take his shirt off.  See you tomorrow for a recap of this weeks episode of Survivor, and next Tuesday to go over what goes down when Sean gets the women in the fantasy suite.

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