It’s Draft Combine Week, Oops, I Mean Fantasy Suite Week (The Bachelor Week 8 Recap)


We’re down to the final three ladies and gentlemen.  This week Sean sweeps the ladies off to Thailand on his quest to find his future wife (or on his quest to sleep with three women in three days, either way).  The show opens with Sean reflecting on his relationship with each woman.  As Sean talks about each of his relationships, he says he never thought it would be so hard to make a decision at this point.  (Umm…you were on this show before, how could you be so surprised).  After Sean completes his reflection, it’s time for the dates which will culminate in a “magical” night in the fantasy suite.  First up for the dates this week is Lindsay.


To start the date Sean and Lindsay are whisked away in a lazy man’s rickshaw to the local market.  (Nothing proves you love someone more than taking care of them after they get food poisoning, so going to sample local asian delicacies is a great choice for this date).  Sean mentions that Lindsay said she would do anything but eat bugs, so naturally one of their stops in the market is to chow down on some insects.  Lindsay looks like she might cry while she’s doing it, but she manages to get the bugs down.  The rest of the date consists of Sean and Lindsay feeding some monkeys and having a romantic dinner, while Lindsay struggles with finally telling Sean she loves him.  After several awkward attempts, and one interruption by some Thai dancers, Lindsay finally mumbles ‘I love you’ after they arrive in the fantasy suite.  (I appreciate Lindsay’s restraint with the ‘I love you.’  It can’t be an easy thing to say when you’re pretty sure you aren’t getting a ‘I love you’ return.  Unless of course you’re AshLee, who’s been yelling it from the rooftops for the last few episodes).


Second up for the dates tonight is AshLee.  AshLee seems to have fallen harder than the other two women at this point in the game.  She mentions as they are headed out on their date that Sean may be her one true love, and that she’s never laid her heart out this much before (that’s a bummer).  Sean and AshLee start out with a boat ride before Sean reveals they will have to swim through a cave to reach the private beach their date will be taking place on.  Sean chooses this trip through the cave to push AshLee out of her comfort zone, and he is quite successful, as she is freaking out the whole time they work their way through.  (Sean doesn’t give much reassurance in the voice over when he says: “AshLee is a bit freaked out, and there’s a point where I’m pretty scared because I’m thinking there’s no way I’m gonna be able to make it through here without killing both of us.” Good thing he didn’t mention that to AshLee).  Later on in the date, Sean and AshLee are discussing getting engaged and agree it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  (Since she’s already been married, I guess AshLee is an expert on this one).  Sean also says if he gets down on one knee at the end of this he knows it will mean forever.  (Guess that means we can rule out a proposal at the end of this season).  Towards the end of the date, AshLee expresses concern over the fantasy suite.  She states she doesn’t want to put herself out there morally when she knows things are happening with the two other girls.  Sean puts her at ease by saying he would love to just stay up talking all night (I’m sure that’s exactly what he had in mind).  After confirming that they have the same “expectations” for the evening, AshLee joins Sean in the fantasy suite, and then proceeds to describe the exact engagement ring she would like.  (I probably wouldn’t go with: ‘I’m not going to sleep with you, but here’s my ring size,’ as my method for really winning Sean over, but I guess it’s one way to go).  On a side note, I really enjoy the tweeter comments The Bachelor has chosen to include during these last few episodes.  These are some of my favorites from tonight’s episode: 1. “If I went to the fantasy suite with Sean Lowe there would only be heave petting.”-From abbythefatcat, don’t think this person (or maybe it’s an actual cat) has to worry about being in a fantasy suite with Sean too much, but still good to know.  2. “The fantasy suite is the combine before the draft.”-From TheMovemaker, excellent analogy here, to continue I would say AshLee ran the 40 yard dash in about 20 seconds.  (which is beyond horrible for any non football fans).


It’s Catherine’s turn as we head out on the final date before Sean will narrow the group down to just two remaining women.  Catherine and Sean ride around on a boat, and then go snorkeling for the daytime portion of their date.  (Apparently Sean didn’t feel the need to test Catherine like he did the other women).  They discuss if Catherine is ready to settle down, and she gives a fairly unconvincing answer about being ready, but it seems to make Sean happy.  The dinner portion of the date is dominated by talk of the fantasy suite.  Like AshLee, Catherine expresses concerns over expectations for what is going to happen, and says that coming into the show she was confident she wouldn’t be doing “that” if she reached this point in the show.  Catherine then says the knows the fantasy suite is really just about spending time together, (which is sort of true) and accepts the invitation.  We never get an “I love you” out of Catherine on this date, but in an outtake at the end of the episode she and Sean both express their love of multiplying, so that should count for something.  (Also props to Sean for doing math with the asian girl, very original).

I’ve spent most of this season feeling like it was really unnecessary for every episode to be two hours long, and this week apparently the producers agreed with me, because we get a preview of Oz: The Great and Powerful, in the middle of the episode.


Finally, it’s time for the rose ceremony (I think the picture above sums up what happens nicely).  Before he hands out the roses, Sean watches video messages from each of the remaining women.  Lindsay and Catherine both leave fairly light, happy messages.  AshLee’s message, on the other hand,  includes a solid amount of crying, and some more “I love you’s.” (Another bummer).  We get some footage of Sean looking sad and lost in thought, and then it’s finally time to get down to business with the rose ceremony.  Sean gives Lindsay the first rose, and then takes an extremely long dramatic pause before giving the second rose to Catherine, leaving AshLee as the woman going home this week.  And as Lindsay states it: she is pissed!  This statement is quite accurate as AshLee walks out without saying anything to either woman, and barely stops to hear Sean’s explanation before heading off.  Sean’s reasoning seems to come down to their relationship being too intense.  This isn’t a good sign for those hoping to get a long-term relationship or marriage out of a season of The Bachelor.  Sean ends up deciding to keep the two younger, more fun women, and sends home the serious, older woman.  Translation- Sean really just wants to have fun.  As she is driving away, AshLee says “this wasn’t a silly game to me” (umm, you’re on a game show where the prize is a husband, of course this is a silly game).  Next week will be the “The Women Tell All” special, and then in two weeks it will be time for Sean to choose between Lindsay and Catherine to determine which woman he wants to break up with a month after the show ends.  I want to leave you with an important lesson from Seinfeld that I think could have saved AshLee.  See you next Tuesday for a recap of “The Women Tell All,” or as I’m calling it, the Tierra show.

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