Well That Was Awkward (The Bachelor: The Women Tell All Recap)


We’re in the home stretch for this season of The Bachelor.  But before we can get to next weeks heart stopping 3 hour finale, (or 15 minute heart stopping finale, plus two hours of filler and 45 minutes of commercials) it’s time for the “The Women Tell All” special.  Before we get to the women, Chris Harrison shows footage of when he and Sean went to visit viewing parties for the show.  These visits culminate in a trip to a UCLA sorority house where Sean takes his shirt off for his mass of adoring fans (all armed with iphone’s to capture the memory forever).  Back in the studio, Chris Harrison calls this the most dramatic season ever, (I’d like to, for once, see a reality show reunion where the host says: “and now lets talk to the cast members from our most boring season ever.” Actually they may have said that during The Real World London reunion, I can’t remember) and then proceeds to show highlights of the drama.  The real stand out from this footage is multiple girls talking trash about AshLee.  I can’t remember seeing any of these clips during the season, and I’ve watched every episode twice, so I’d be surprised if they got past me.  The producers made it seem like there was one villain/unpopular girl in the house the whole season, but maybe there was actually two.

Tierra Time

Chris Harrison doesn’t waste time, and gets right into the subject of Tierra as the first topic to cover with the women.  Selma takes time in this segment to again point out being offended by Tierra not responding to Selma telling her “good morning.” (This good morning thing was really a sticking point for a lot of the women, a lot of morning people in the house apparently).  Most of the women say Tierra had a negative impact on their relationship with Sean, with Robyn admitting she was so caught up in the drama she couldn’t focus on Sean.  After the women had their say, it was time for Tierra to come out and face the crowd.  Chris Harrison asks Tierra if she thought she would end up being the girl everyone talked about on the show, and we are reminded that Tierra has a sparkle.  Tierra says it’s difficult for her because she, ‘lights up in a room, and when she walks into a room she brings joy, but only around people she’s comfortable with.  Tierra points out she had a target on her back from the minute she received that first rose, and to be fair to her, I think she’s right here.  If you go back and watch the first episode there are definitely a lot of stink-eyes being thrown her way as soon as she walks into the room. I think her personality, and her decision to close herself off hurt her the most with the other women, but that first rose certainly didn’t do her any favors.  Honestly, I think this segment went pretty well for Tierra.  She set the tone in the beginning, but despite their denials, I do think the other women ganged up on her in some instances, and that just helped to solidify her position as an outcast.  The Tierra portion of the show ends with Chris Harrison pointing out the large engagement ring on her finger. (I finally figured out what her sparkle is).  She is apparently engaged to someone she was dating before she came on the show.  (This is just another fact about Tierra that makes me really sad she didn’t get a hometown date).

America’s Sweetheart, Sarah

Next to join Chris Harrison in the hot seat is America’s sweetheart, aka Sarah.  (This show is determined to make me feel bad for making fun of her in the beginning, and I did feel bad for her when she got sent home,  but I still think she’s pretty annoying, sorry Sarah).  Sarah tells us she shared things with Sean she hadn’t even shared with her closest friends from home.  (This seems like a poor decision to me, I always knew she was a little desperate, glad Sean took my advice and sent her home (even though he may have waited a little too long)).  I think my biggest problem with Sarah is how much attention she draws to the fact she only has one arm.  I was reminded of this again when she says in her sit down with Chris, that the only reason she can think of for why all her relationships don’t work out is that she only has one arm.  Maybe she’s right, but I think it has more to do with her lack of confidence, (as a result of having only one arm) than her actual disability.  But anyways, this segment was pretty short and not super exciting so lets move on to the next one.

The Next Bachelorette, Desiree

I have no idea if she’ll actually be the next bachelorette, probably not if her brother has anything to say about it.  But based on the selection formula, and her status as a fan favorite, I think she has a good chance, if she wanted to do another show.  Desiree says she loves her brother, but admits that his confrontation with Sean certainly didn’t help her any.  She also says she didn’t expect to fall for Sean before she came on the show.  (Umm…why would you come on this show then.  I never understand when cast members say things like this).  This segment is also fairly short, but we get some more Desiree when Sean comes out to talk to the women.

She’s Still Pissed, it’s AshLee time

AshLee says she was blindsided by Sean’s decision to send her home, and that’s why she didn’t say anything to him before leaving the show.  She also says she isn’t in love with him anymore, but leaves a nice dramatic pause before answering to let the viewer question if she’s telling the truth.  Finally, it seems like AshLee may have spent some time hanging out with Desiree’s brother, because she claims Sean acted differently around her than with the other women.  She says with her Sean was a southern gentlemen, but after watching the show, he seemed like kind of a “frat boy” with the other women.  (Not exactly the same as a “playboy” but close enough).  With those closing remarks, Chris Harrison decides it’s time to bring out Sean to face the women.

Sean Faces the Ladies

AshLee is the first woman to talk to Sean.  She opens with a broad question, asking Sean simply, “what happened?”  Sean responds by saying he wanted to build a family full of fun and laughter, and that at times he couldn’t find the laughter with AshLee.  (Fair assessment, she is pretty f*cking intense).  AshLee lives up to her reputation for being intense by confronting Sean about not coming to check on her, and brushing off his similar experience with Emily by saying it’s different and he should be the man in the situation.  Their conversation gets more intense and awkward when AshLee says Sean told her he had no feelings for the other two women during their time in the fantasy suite.  (This segment also provided my favorite tweet of the night: “Warning: What is said in the fantasy suite is valid for a limited time only.”-daniels_BVI_NYC).  Sean insists he never would have told her anything like that, and AshLee insists he said it.  Finally after debating back and forth through the commercial break, Sean and AshLee essentially have to agree to disagree, and AshLee heads back to her seat.  Desiree is the only other women from the cast Sean interacts with on camera, and it’s much more cordial to say the least.  Sean says he thought Desiree didn’t let him all the way in and hid behind her smile, and says that he ultimately made the right decision for both of them.  Desiree seems to agree with both statements, and to keep everyone’s spirits moving in the right direction Chris Harrison announces its time for bloopers.

The special ends in classic bachelor fashion, with filler material.  The last 10 minutes is a recap of Sean’s time with Catherine and Lindsay, a preview of next weeks finale, and a depressing montage of photographs of the dead dog belonging to one of the producers.  Overall a decent reunion show, certainly not the best I’ve seen.  Only a small handful of women actually talked, (even though this is probably at least partially due to editing) not sure why you would bother coming on a reunion to sit and smile.  I was disappointed we didn’t get to hear from Daniella or Kristy, I thought they both would have been good for a funny soundbite.  I also would have liked to cover Amanda a little more, she was almost as crazy as Tierra, and it would have been fun to see a possible confrontation between her and the other women.  Unfortunately, (for me anyways) no one asked what I wanted to see, guess I’ll just have to move on and focus on next weeks three-hour monstrosity.  Next week we get elephants, Sean’s family, and that mysterious later they’ve been previewing all season (which is almost definitely not as exciting as they are making it seem).  Even though I don’t think the letter will be all it’s cracked up to be, I do give this season of The Bachelor credit for suspense on who the “winner” will be.  Lindsay and Catherine seem to posses a lot of the same qualities, so it will be interesting to see who comes out on top, and gets to date Sean for a couple of months.  See you next Tuesday for a recap after all is revealed on The Bachelor season finale.

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