It’s All Over But the Dancing (with the stars!) (The Bachelor Finale Recap)



(Quick side note before I start this post on the final episode of this very exciting season of The Bachelor.  I’ve been up since 2:30 am due to work commitments, and am feeling pretty sleepy, so this may be even less coherent and grammatically correct than normal.  I just wanted to apologize in advance before we get started).

We pick up this week still in Thailand, but now Sean’s family is there to help him choose between Catherine and Lindsay.  Sean sits down to chat with his family before they meet their first potential daughter/sister-in-law, and Sean’s nephew adorably mentions Emily didn’t pick him.  (I wonder how many times they had to rehearse this before he got the line right.  Also his name was Smith, which is an excellent example of rich, white people attempting to give their kids a creative name).

Time to meet Catherine.  I’m not sure why they bother to serve food on this show.  It’s basically impossible to eat while your possible future in-laws take turns firing questions at you.  Sean’s parents both seem very sweet, and generally only seem interested in establishing that Catherine is in love with Sean, and would say yes to a proposal.  (She says she is “on board” if there’s a proposal.  Personally I think it would be a lot more exciting if the woman said “no” for once, doesn’t look like it’ll happen this season though).

And now it’s Lindsay’s turn to meet the family.  Honestly, watching the Lindsay part is just a bummer when you know she’s the loser.  She seems so happy and hopeful talking to Sean’s parents, too bad she’s going to get crushed in like an hour and a half.  I like Lindsay a lot, and she seems to really fit the “sweet girl” mold Sean was looking for.  I do think she showed her age a little while meeting Sean’s parents, more so than in any other episode this season, I thought she came across as a little young and inexperienced, and I think they may have hurt her in the end.

Following the family time with Catherine and Lindsay, Sean sits down with his family to try to get some guidance on which woman to pick.  Sean claims to be split down the middle, and his family loves them both (so no help there).  Sean’s mother is very concerned about Sean proposing to someone  if he isn’t certain about his feelings.  (So, in other words, she doesn’t want this to turn out like every other season of The Bachelor).  Sean’s family ends up leaving after providing very little advice.  The only family member to provide any sort of guidance was his mother, who felt he shouldn’t propose to either woman if he was in love with both of them.

With his family gone and his heart still (apparently) split down the middle, it’s time for Sean’s final dates with Lindsay and Catherine.  Lindsay is up first for the dates, which means more time to feel bad for her.  Every time she says that she’s so in love with Sean, or that she knows him so well it’s just like a kick to the gut.  This date consists of Sean and Lindsay taking a trip down a river on a raft, and then having a romantic evening together, culminating in the sending off of traditional Thai lanterns representing the dreams of family, happiness and love. (It would have been really appropriate if the lantern representing love just crashed and burned, guess that couldn’t be arraigned).  Lindsay reaffirms her feelings for Sean repeatedly throughout the date, while Sean tactfully avoids saying what he’s thinking by saying, “you look really pretty.”  After the dates conclusion, Sean says he thinks Lindsay might be “the one,” he’s lying, but it was nice of him to say it anyways.

Sean proves he likes Catherine more by choosing elephants as the mode of transportation for their date instead of some crappy raft.  Following their time with the abused elephants, (you kick their ears to make them walk, how do you think they learned that) Catherine and Sean head over to her hotel room for another romantic evening.  Catherine says she struggles to express her feelings because of negative experiences in the past, but feels she must put everything out there on this final night with Sean.  Catherine finally manages to tell Sean she loves him as they are saying goodnight, unfortunately things don’t go as she planned.  Catherine says she wanted to see something in Sean’s eyes that says “I could spend the rest of my life with you,” and when she feels she doesn’t see that glimmer she gets very upset.  (He can’t be glimmering at your Catherine, he has to build up the suspense for the end of the show).

Heading into the final rose/proposal ceremony, we get a lot of gratuitous shots of shirtless Sean/Sean in a towel.  We also get to spend some more time with Neil Lane, who The Bachelor has flown to Thailand to help Sean select the perfect ring.  Then we get an emotional Lindsay saying she can’t believe how happy and in love she is (she probably won’t be able to believe how sad and heart-broken she is in a little while, so those two things should balance out).  (On another side note, do you think it’s intentional that they had Catherine wear a gold dress, and Lindsay wear silver.  Nice subliminal message producers).  It’s time for some filler content.  Chris Harrison is hosting a live viewing party of the finale in the studio, and has been giving commentary and talking to the audience at various points throughout.  Before we get to the decision, Chris has some of the other woman from the cast give their opinion on who they feel Sean will choose.  Most of the women say Lindsay, (the blows just keep coming) with Lesley M. being the lone Catherine supporter (she always was the brains of the group).  AshLee doesn’t offer an opinion on who Sean will pick, but does say she can see both women’s connection to Sean.



Lindsay says “today is the best day of my life” (no it’s not) as she heads down the path to meet Sean and find out his decision.  I’m actually really impressed with Lindsay’s response to Sean’s rejection.  She even manages to say she is happy for him, despite this being her personal nightmare.  She holds herself together very well, even as Sean continues to insist on telling her how much she means to him, while she is just trying to get away to have a nice cry by herself.  In the end Sean and Lindsay say goodbye, and she rides off in the Pontiac of sorrow, while he prepares to propose to Catherine.  Actually, before he can propose Sean has to read that super suspenseful letter they’ve been teasing all season.  (Really, who didn’t know it was from Catherine expressing her feelings.  Feels pretty obvious with both her history of giving Sean letters, and her struggle to express her feelings with words on their final night together).  After  he reads the letter, Catherine joins Sean to accept his proposal, and the lovely Neil Lane ring (with his name written on the inside of the box, just in case you forgot where it came from).  After getting the ring, and the final rose, and exchanging several kisses, all that’s left for Sean and Catherine is to ride off into the sunset, on the back of an elephant.

I saw a spoiler right at the start of the season that said Catherine was the winner.  After watching the first few episodes, and barely even seeing any interaction between Catherine and Sean I decided that person must have been wrong.  So I just want to take this time to say props to that person, you were totally right (sorry I can’t remember where I read it).  Even though I’m pretty cynical when it comes to this show, seeing how happy Sean and Catherine were at the end did warm my cold, bitter heart a little bit.  They both seem like nice people and I hope things work out for them (even though I’m pretty sure they won’t, sorry I can’t help myself).  The other big news for Sean, other than getting engaged, is that he will be competing on Dancing with the Stars (article link).  So if anyone was worried they were going to be missing their Sean Lowe time, don’t worry, you won’t be missing him anymore.  I haven’t watched the “After the Final Rose” special yet, and to be honest, I’m exhausted, but I’ll recap that tomorrow if anything exciting happened.  Otherwise this is the end of our journey together watching The Bachelor.  I hope everyone has enjoyed these recaps, and that I haven’t offended anyone too much.  Not sure where I’m going with television blogging from here.  I might try to pick Survivor up again, my work schedule changed and made it really difficult to keep up for a while.  The new show “Splash” that starts next week looks like it has some promise, I’m also thinking about blogging the new Real World season that starts in a couple of weeks.  Also looking to pick back up with the sports blogging with the NCAA tourney and baseball season around the corner, so lots of exciting things on the horizon.  Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, or as always feel free to give an opinion of what I’ve done so far.  I think I’m done now though, time to nap, see you all soon.

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