It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Until your bracket is busted, your favorite team has lost and all your hopes and dreams have been shattered)


We’re roughly two hours from the start of the first game of this years NCAA tournament, (#3 Michigan St. vs. #14 Valparaiso) and my excitement level is almost at its peak.  (Side note, don’t pick Valpo just because of this shot in 1998, I know it’s tempting).  The NCAA tournament is by far my favorite sporting event of the year, and I happen to be blessed with a sort of shitty job, with the one perk of that job being that I can easily get the first two weekends of the tourney off.  So, while many are stuck at work trying to figure out how to watch the games and check the scores without their bosses notices, I’m just trying to figure out how to burn the next 2 hours of time before the games start.  I’ve got my brackets filled out, all 17 of them (I have absolutely no integrity).  So I have to come up with some other ways to burn time (and to try to distract myself from the fact that this is the second year in a row a major scandal has been broken on the eve of the tourney for my team, Syracuse.)  I’ll probably just do what I always do while I wait for the games to start, watch One Shining Moment videos while trying not to tear up, and get a jump start on my drinking.  (Here’s a few One Shining Moments in case you want to do the same.  Also does anyone know what happened to that horrible Jennifer Hudson One Shining Moment from a couple of years ago.  I feel like CBS is trying to pretend it never happened by destroying all copies of the video, and bringing back the Luther Vandross version).

(A compilation from the 27 seasons on CBS set to One Shining Moment)

(And the most shining moment of all, the 2003 version, following the Syracuse win)

For anyone who still has some time to burn, here’s a collection of the best buzzer beaters from the tourney.

For anyone still looking for help on filling out their brackets, here are all 68 teams ranked by the coolest person who went there.  (Link)

Or here’s some advice from ESPN on which teams are set to be this years Cinderella (Link)

Or you could just except that your bracket is probably screwed, (especially this year) and just pick whoever you want, or be super lame and let ESPN auto-fill your bracket.  (In 2011 I won Kevin Durant’s group on ESPN and got a pair of sneakers, I’ve kind of accepted this is the best I’ll ever do, but it never hurts to dream).

Well, it looks like the time just ticked over to beer o’clock.  Good luck to everyone with their brackets. I’ll be checking in on twitter throughout the weekend, and will probably update on here sometime early next week.

I’m leaving you with a video of Gus Johnson’s greatest calls, we miss you Gus, come back home to the tourney where you belong.

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