Marlon Drops a Bombshell (The Real World Portland Episode 2 Recap)

MTV Real World 28 PortlandTime for another Real World Portland recap.  Generally I watch the episodes as they happen, and then re-watch them to help write the recap.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch last night, so this recap is my first time through, and may be missing some of my deep insight.  (This is a joke, for anyone who thinks I’m an a*hole now).

Last week we left off with Jordan and Anastasia fighting over the way he and Marlon treated some girls they brought home.  And this is essentially where we pick back up this week.  Jordan tries to make peace with the girls by denying he said “oh she’s not dead yet” after Anastasia had sworn on her grave during their fight.  Unfortunately for Jordan there is video tape of him saying this so denying it doesn’t do a ton of good.  I give credit to Anastasia for trying to walk away when they were clearly not going to find common ground.  Jordan pursued her and continued trying to get his point across before finally giving up and going for a run.

The other big story from the first episode was the burgeoning romance between Averey and Johnny, and we get right back into that storyline as well.  Averey’s grandmother shows she is one of those really hip grandmothers,  because all she does is laugh when Averey tells her “I told him straight up, I’m not going to f*ck him.”  (This seems like some classic Real World trickery where a person says one thing and then shortly thereafter the exact opposite happens).

Next up, Jessica decides she needs to open up to Jordan as a way of finding out “why he is the way he is.”  Jessica says she’s been through a lot, and that her only friend back home is her mother (but doesn’t give any specifics on what she went through).  Jordan stares at her with a vacant expression, and then says during his interview that he feels she just wants sympathy from the other housemates.  Jordan also says his father used to spank, whip, and throw things at him as forms of discipline, but feels this wasn’t abuse, (as Jessica says it was) but was rather just good old country life.  Jordan continues to not feel the emotional connection with Jessica when she is upset after receiving an email from her ex-boyfriend.  Jordan certainly isn’t rushing in with any comforting hugs, (the girls don’t seem to feel super bad for her either, but are stuck consoling her) and says in cutaway that it was obvious she was crying over a boy, and she should shut up.

Now that we’ve gotten through the petty drama of this episode we get to the bombshell.  The roommates are casually talking about anal sex and who has tried it (Averey and Marlon say they have).  Then Marlon decides to drop the bomb by saying “mine was with a guy though.”  Everyone waits for him to say just kidding, but he is being serious.  He says after football ended he went through a period where he didn’t have any friends or a place to belong, and the gay community in Austin was very accepting. He also says it was a one time thing, and says he doesn’t call himself bisexual because people will say he’s gay if he does. This is definitely a bizarre story, and one of the most surprising things I can remember hearing on the Real World. Unfortunately details are kept to a minimum, as the other roommates don’t want to make Marlon uncomfortable.  (It will be interesting to see Jordan’s reaction to this news.  He just sits with a weird smile on his face while Marlon is talking, but this certainly seems to go against his country boy values).

On second thought, I may be entirely wrong about Jordan and his feelings towards the LGBT community.  Some random lesbians show up outside the house, and invite them out to a gay bar, only Jordan and Marlon accept the invitation though.  After arriving Jordan seems kind of in his element, letting a tranny like salt off his hand, and calling Marlon babe at one point.

Honestly not  a ton of other stuff happens in this episode.  Jordan and Jessica fight some more over completely idiotic things (I’m losing interest in both of them quick).  Marlon’s sexuality is covered some more, the guy was a cheerleader from Texas Tech, (where he went to school) and he hasn’t had a girlfriend since 7th grade (which is a little suspect).  The episode closes out with some more Johnny and Averey.  They do the deed, and apparently it was pretty good (good job Averey, you managed to hold out till the second episode, grandma will be proud).  The episode closes out with Johnny having a celebratory breakfast, while Averey frets in the confessional about if Johnny just used her or not.  (I’m hoping he did, that would be better for the drama department).  Either way, see you next Thursday for another recap.

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