The Arrival of Tropical Storm Nia (We really haven’t reached hurricane stage yet) – The Real World Portland Episode 4 Recap

MTV Real World 28 Portland


“It’s time to stop being polite and start getting real.”  Following one of the most boring exits in Real World history last week, this week promises to bring in one of the more anticipated arrivals in the shows run.  This weeks episode is all about new cast member Nia Moore, and while she doesn’t seem quite as crazy as she was made out to be, (and it’s really too early to tell) she does seem like someone who will add some excitement to a season that’s been pretty dull thus far.

The roommates seem a little unsure about how they feel about Nia at first (except for daisy – the dog, who seems pretty set on hating her).  She makes Averey and Anastasia so uncomfortable that they have to pretend Daisy needs a walk so they can talk trash behind her back.  Also, on a side note, Anastasia continuously claims she is outspoken and opinionated, but the boldest statement I’ve seen her make on this show is the red beanie she wears later on in this episode.  So either she’s not as outspoken as she thinks or the producers are doing a lot of editing.  Back to Nia, the general consensus seems to be that she has a big personality and could possibly cause drama (which seems like a fair assessment).  I think Marlon summed things up best when he said: “we exchanged one nice booty for another,” Marlon always has his mind on the big picture.

Nia starts her first possible bit of drama when she claims a “ghost” has stolen a pair of jeans off her bed.  (Did anyone else get flashbacks of Road Rules Semester at Sea when Veronica stole a shirt from another cast member).  Averey (who Nia is rooming with) quickly picks up on the implication that she may have stolen the jeans, and she is not very pleased.  The two make peace later after Nia praises Averey maturity after hearing about her rough adolescence, but it will be exciting later on if it turns out Averey really did steal those jeans.

Later in the episode Marlon and Nia (who have been doing some quality bonding) are talking about gay marriage and Marlon decides it’s a good time to let out the “I had sex with a guy before” secret.  Nia decides to reciprocate by telling Marlon the story of how she was drugged and raped when she was 18.  (Only on The Real World do people share stories like this after knowing someone for a day).  Nia goes on to explain that the rape and the aftermath (there was a trial in which the man was found not guilty) have made her a self-described “hard ass,” especially around men.  Nia closes out this segment by giving some insight into her character saying in any situation she wants to have the upper hand, be the winner, and be the person with the least amount of pain in the end.

Nia’s statement’s about wanting the upper hand are good foreshadowing for her relationship and interactions with Jordan (who wants the same thing).  The girls have all filled Nia in on Jordan and how he can be condescending and antagonistic towards them.  Nia gets to see this first hand when Jordan gives Jessica a hard time for eating her own food instead of the group meal with the other roommates.  (On a side note, while Jordan is a douche, Jessica is rapidly climbing my list of the most annoying cast members in history which makes it hard to blame him for being mean to her).  A little later on, Nia see’s this attitude from Jordan directed at her, when she complains about her burrito being thrown away and Jordan decides to refer to her as “little girl.”  Nia takes offense to his statement and decides it’s time to see how Jordan reacts when put in an uncomfortable situation.  Nia has a theory that Jordan is compensating for having a small d*ck, and decides to try to find out if this is true, and create an uncomfortable situation all at the same time.  Nia say’s she wants to suck his d*ck, but also insists on having an audience (which seems to make the other house members way more uncomfortable than her intended target Jordan).  (On yet another side note, poor Marlon, dude can’t catch a break, he seems pretty confused and bummed out by this whole turn of events).  Jordan and Nia are still locked in a bj power struggle as the episode comes to an end, and we are left with them down to their underwear making out on the pool table.  (Nia may actually be wearing shorts it’s hard to tell).  My money is on things not going much further than where we left off this week, but maybe the quest for dominance will push Nia over the top.

In addition to the conclusion of the Jordan/Nia tryst, there looks to be some Johnny and Averey drama headed our way next week.  Johnny apparently has a girl back home, at least that’s the claim from an email that is discovered next week.  Positives out of this are that Johnny and Averey are pretty boring, and Averey said in an earlier episode she’d go f*cking crazy if it turned out she was getting played, so we’ll have that to look forward to.  The letter/call from the “girlfriend” back home is a Real World staple, and frequently doesn’t end up being as exciting as the previews promise, but maybe this time there will be an exception.  So looks like next week holds a lot of promise for drama, definitely excited Nia is here, this cast needed someone so shake things up, and she seems like just the person to do it, especially when she reaches “Hurricane Nia” status.  See you next Thursday for another recap.

Finally, in case you missed this weeks episode, or just want to watch it again, here is the link to watch on (you can also watch several past seasons of the show online).

And if that isn’t enough Real World for you, I’ve decided to include the official Twitter handles for the cast members here, in case you are feeling separation anxiety about being away from them for a whole week.

Nia – @TheRealNiaMoore

Marlon – @JDeezyMTV

Jordan – @JordanWiseley

Averey – @ave_tress

Jessica – @MtvJess

Anastasia – @QueenBirdness

Johnny – @JohnnyReilly_

Joi – @PeaceLoveJoi

And in case you start feeling separation anxiety from me, here is my Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev and email –  Feel free to drop me a line at either place or on here with any thoughts/feelings/opinions you have, see you next week.



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