Who Could have Predicted Cheerios Would be Involved in so Many Conflicts this Year (The Real World Portland Episode 6 Recap)

MTV Real World 28 Portland

After a little break last week, we get to dive back into the Nia/Jordan drama with this weeks episode.  Things start out testy between these two right from the beginning this week, and by the end of the episode we get to the all out battle that was teased at the end of the last episode.  This week’s episode is definitely a step up in the drama department from last week, so let’s get started with recapping all the action.

The episode opens with Nia discussing the book she is writing, “How to Play the Game,” a book about finding, dating, and keeping professional athletes.  Nia said she has dated and befriended various athletes, and that is the major source of her research for the book.  When Jordan finds out what the book is about he quickly labels Nia as a gold-digger, a name he will repeat several times this episode is regards to Nia and his view of her work ethic.  And to give some credit to Jordan, Nia’s work performance at Pizza Schmizza is pretty sub par.  But in Nia’s defense she say’s she made a lot of money modeling, and has “friends in high places” who will give her money, and honestly how many people would work in a pizza place if you didn’t need money.

Next up, Jordan has a date with a girl named Molli (spelled with an I because her parents were super creative).  Unfortunately, Molli is running very late, and after failing to get in touch with her on his last two attempts, Jordan announces she is “cut from the team,” and goes out with the roommates.  The Jordan hating contingent in the house (Nia, Jessica, and Anastasia) is positively gleeful that he was stood up for a date, (even though it turns out he wasn’t really) and after relishing in their victory they go to join the other roommates at Pizza Schmizza.  (On a side note, who drinks this much at their job.  Jordan, Marlon, Averey and Johnny regularly hang out after they get off work and get smashed with their boss.  Seems like not such as great idea in the actual real world, but this is TV so it’s all good).  On the walk back home Nia goes back to her “mind-f*ck” strategy with Jordan, but her efforts seem to have more effect on the other roommates, who become annoyed with Nia, than they do on her intended target.

Later on the roommates decide to go go-kart racing, and they bring a lot Paul Bunyan, and Vanessa, (a pretty average looking blonde chick Jordan picked up the night before) to add to the fun.  Jordan dominates on the track, (of course) and the anti-Jordan crew takes the opportunity while he is away to tell Vanessa about some of his less desirable personality traits.  Jordan works on winning Vanessa over when they get back to the house by showing a softer side, and telling her about his insecurities in regards to his hand.  Despite Vanessa appearing to be DTF, (down to f*ck, for anyone who hasn’t seen Jersey Shore) Jordan chooses to end the night with a hug, much to the chagrin of Marlon who is trying to have sex vicariously through Jordan.  (I was under the impression Marlon had rejected the religious background he came from, guess not though because he says he can’t have sex.  Bet the discussion about him having sex with a dude went over well in that household).  Jordan claims it’s just more fun to say no to girls, but no one is really buying that answer (maybe Nia was right about where Jordan’s insecurities lie).

Now it’s time for the drama to begin.  After another night of overindulging at their work place, the roommates head back home and Jordan and Nia begin some aggressive foreplay that turns into an all out war.  During all this poor Anastasia is trying to sleep in the living room, (in the middle of the fight) because Jessica’s no boy in the bed policy has totally gone to shit.  (And no one wants to be in the room for that awkward of a hook up).  Jordan attempts to go to sleep, but Nia keeps things going by going into his room repeatedly, pouring a shot of vodka on his face, (maybe by accident) and shoving Cheerios in his mouth.  Jordan then retaliates by spitting the Cheerios back into Nia’s face. (Side note, excellent job of hiding the Cheerios label by the crew, no one can tell what those are).  Things turn especially nasty between those two when Nia makes some remarks about Jordan’s hand, (which she later apologized for on Twitter) and Jordan jumps around like a monkey, and says “you ’bout to see some black shit right now, you ’bout to see some n*gga shit.”  Things also take a physical turn with Jordan apparently choking Nia on his bed, (not shown on camera) and Nia threatening Jordan with a lamp and slapping him across the face when he refuses to leave her room after she has tried to go to sleep.  A worn out Marlon finally gets the pair to settle down and go to bed, but the fight between these two is clearly far from over.  Nia seems torn between wanting to get Jordan kicked out of the house, and wanting to keep him around so she can make his life miserable.  The problem with these two, (particularly Jordan) is that they have no off switch when it comes to conflict.  They both follow the strategy of “I’ll just keep escalating  things until I win,” which makes things difficult on the other roommates who have to try to get the situation under control.

Next week it looks like we will be dealing with the aftermath of the fight between Jordan and Nia, including  some racial tension between Jordan and the black roommates.  The mind-f*ck game plan by Nia doesn’t seem to be working out to well, but the battles between her and Jordan are far more interesting than anything else happening this season.  So I say keep up the good work!  See you next Thursday for another recap.  (Also for those who have no idea what I’m talking about with the Cheerios thing, these was a conflict earlier this season between the Celtics and Knicks involving Cheerios (honey nut to be exact).  Here is a video discussing the event for anyone who missed it:

And finally, to anyone who missed this weeks episode, you can watch online on MTV.com (link).

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