The A-Nia-Lation Proclaimation (The Real World Portland Episode 7 and After Show Recap)

MTV Real World 28 Portland

To open this week’s episode we’re in the midst of hour 97 (at least that’s what it’s starting to feel like) of the Nia/Jordan battle royal.  It’s the next morning and people are still heated.  The girls didn’t even have time to get dolled up before the fighting, and the debate over who’s more to blame, started up again.  Nia has a solid morning after game plan, she gets to the roommates first and starts to spread her side of the story around.  Nia’s side of things is aided by the fact that Jordan almost instantly starts screaming and becoming aggressive when confronted by Nia and Marlon about his actions (specifically the monkey stuff) from the night before.  Luckily for Jordan there was a witness to all the events that took place the night before who can vouch for things not being all his fault.  Anastasia speaks up and points out that Nia repeatedly went into Jordan’s room and egged him on, causing things to escalate before the explosion with the lamp and the monkey noises that many of the roommates witnessed.  Anastasia even manages to understand where Jordan is coming from regarding the monkey/n*gga situation.  Jordan agrees when Anna says he was just trying to make a point after Nia used the word first.  However, since it’s generally fairly accepted in society that a white person should never use the “n word” regardless of the situation, it’s hard to side with Jordan and Anastasia on this one.  Things end up remaining fairly unresolved with Jordan and Anastasia on one side, and Nia, Marlon and Jessica (she loves a good bandwagon) on the other side, with Johnny and Averey attempting to stay clear of the situation.

Despite the tension in the house, most of the roommates agree to go on a hike together to see some waterfalls.  (Nia and Jessica, the main members of the anti-Jordan club stay home to avoid causing drama).  After they get back to the house, Jordan decides to call his dad and get his view on the previous nights events.  After even his own dad can’t back him up on the monkey noises thing, Jordan decides it’s time to “get real,” and sit down and talk to the roommates about what happened.  Jordan admits he shouldn’t have made the monkey noises, and should have left Nia’s room when she told him to, but says everything he did was a result of being provoked.  (Which is fairly accurate).  Marlon appreciates Jordan accepting he was wrong, but Nia says she doesn’t believe Jordan is really taking responsibility for his actions, and says she can’t accept his apology.  She also fails to take responsibility for any of the things she did to provoke Jordan, saying he was ok with everything (the alcohol pouring alcohol and Cheerios in his face and hitting him with an alarm clock).  She also says she was trying to make a “mockery” of Jordan because he was so drunk, and generally seems pretty pleased with herself.  (This is the point where it started to become really hard to support Nia in her quest for dominance over Jordan).

Following the fight and all the anti-Jordan sentiment in the house, the guy needs a little support from home, which comes in the form of three of his friends from Oklahoma City.  The roommates decide to use this time with Jordan’s friends to get some insight into what he is like away from the Real World house.  They learn from one friend that they should call Jordan “Larry” (his dad’s name) whenever he is acting like an a*hole, because Jordan desperately doesn’t want to be like his dad even though he acts just like him.

Next up, Marlon and Johnny decide to stick with their daily ritual and head over to their workplace to get trashed.  A problem in this routine arises because the boys were supposed to be bringing back pizza to a hungry Averey and Anastasia who are  waiting back at the house.  When they boys finally do get back to the house, (after Averey called the bar to complain) Johnny turns into an angry, drunken mess, slurring his words and starting imaginary arguments.  This ends up leading to a typical Johnny/Averey fight where they both just kind of ignore each other, and then eventually just move on and make up.  I can’t really see those two working out away from the Real World house, but every season needs a roommate hook-up/romance and this is what we got this season.

Finally, the episode closes out with Nia seeking advice on how to co-exist with Jordan from Taylor, Jordan’s best friend from back home. (Taylor is also a female who seems hopelessly in love with Jordan despite her claims to the contrary).  Taylor attempts to offer some advice, but Jordan show’s no interest in meeting Nia half way in regards to ever being friends in the house. Taylor leaves telling Jordan that maybe he just needs to ton it down some for these people who don’t know him that well, but says she will always be on his side.  After Taylor leaves, Jordan laments not having a support system that he can turn to in the house.  The good news for Jordan is that despite their early confrontations, Anastasia seems to be willing to become his support in the Real World house.  The two go out to lunch together, and Jordan opens up admitting he is too much like his father, and that he doesn’t like himself very much, but he doesn’t know how to change.  Jordan also confesses that he had considered suicide at one point when he was younger, and was in counseling briefly after a note was found by his family. He say’s it got to the point where his father was just so degrading towards him that he was ready to “check out.” (In an earlier episode Nia says she’s going to kill Jordan, and he responded by saying “do you know how many times I’ve tried to kill me?”  I thought I may have heard wrong at the time, but knowing this was in fact correct provides some interesting insight into Jordan’s personality).  It is nice to see this other side of Jordan after spending so much time seeing the loud, confident, aggressive persona he had previously been sharing with the cameras this season.  (However as soon as we get to the after show it’s back to the same old Jordan from before).

The After Show

Because we haven’t spent enough time on the epic fight between Nia and Jordan, MTV decided we’d go over it some more by having it be the topic of the first after show of this season.  The good news it Coral is hosting this shindig, who better to mediate a fight between an outspoken black chick, and an ignorant (more so on Mike’s part than Jordan’s) white dude. (On a side note, Jordan is showing how hip he is by wearing red pants, think he might be a little behind on that trend though).  The whole after show just served as a reminder of how great Coral is, MTV really needs to bring her back more often.  She totally dominates both Nia and Jordan, who both came across as immature kids who had no real explanation or remorse for their actions in the fight.  Not a lot of new info really came out during this show.  Jordan and Nia are both still as stubborn as ever, and hold strong to their feelings on who was right and wrong.  All this show really accomplished for me was making me want to sit down and watch The Real World Back to New York.

At the end of this weeks episode, instead of getting a preview for just the next week, we got a preview of what’s to come for the rest of this season, and it looks pretty promising.  Seems like there will be a lot more fighting in the future, and Averey, who has stayed on the perimeter of the drama in the house seems to be taking a much more central role (fighting with Jessica and Nia).  There also looks to be continued fighting between Nia and Jordan, a dispute between Marlon and Nia, and possibly the shortest boyfriend visit ever for Anastasia.  So overall it seems like things are looking up in the drama department.  Of course this could just be some clever editing by the producers to lure us in, they have been known to do it before.  Either way,  see you for another recap after the next episode.  (I feel like we may be skipping a week, as that is frequently the case when they show a “rest of the season” preview, so it might be two weeks before we get anymore action, but I don’t know that for sure so be sure to check in next Wednesday to find out).

Finally if you missed this week’s, or any of this seasons episodes and want to watch online, here is the link.

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