Forced Friendships are the Best Kind of Friendships – or not (The Real World Portland Episode 8 and After Show Recap)

MTV Real World 28 Portland

So first things first, totally my bad on saying there probably wasn’t going to be an episode this week, clearly I was wrong.  Hopefully no one just took my word for it, but if you did you’re in luck since MTV replays each episode about a dozen times, and you can watch online, but once again sorry about the bad info.

Now that I’ve gotten the apology out-of-the-way lets move on to new business.  This weeks episode continued to be a step in the right direction for this season in the drama department.  Johnny, Averey, and Anastasia, who have mostly been trying to stay out of the drama in the house thus far were thrust into the action this week. (And judging by the preview for the rest of the season it looks like they’ll be staying in it).

The drama gets started this week when they group heads out to the motocross track to take in one of Jessica’s favorite pastimes.  While they’re at the track (and throughout this episode in general) Averey and Anastasia spend a lot of quality time together.  Averey and Anastasia being friends is upsetting for Jessica who laments that girls always clique up around her, but she never gets to be part of the clique.  Most people could accept that someone just doesn’t like them that much and move on, but in Jessica’s mind Averey and Ana are mean “fake b*tches,” and that is why they aren’t spending time with her.  During the after show Averey says she just didn’t have anything in common with Jessica, and that made it hard to want to spend time with her.  That answer is also not good enough for Jessica however, she thinks the only reason they didn’t want to hang out was because they hated her and were too fake to admit it.  (Personally I don’t think I’d have much trouble letting Jessica know I hated her.  She’s moving up the “most annoying cast member in history” scale at a record pace, and her appearance on the after show this week certainly didn’t do anything to help her, but we’ll get to that later).  Jessica can’t get over Averey and Ana excluding her while they were at the track and decides to confront Anastasia about it while they are at work the next day.  Ana says she thinks it’s a good thing to get to know the roommates one on one.  Jessica disagrees and says when you’re in a group setting you need to include everyone. (I’ve never seen someone try to force people who obviously don’t like them to be their friends more than Jessica).  Ana finally just has to say “I’m all talked out about this” to get Jessica to drop the topic for a minute. (It would have been much better if she’d said “bitch just shut up” like she did in her interview during this segment, but she was too diplomatic for that).

Outside of the girl drama, the other bit of drama from this episode is a confrontation between Brett (the manager of Pizza Schmizza) and Nia, which results in the inevitable ending to Nia’s career at the pizza place.  To give Nia a little bit of credit the girl on the phone did say she wasn’t on the schedule.  But she never calls back to double-check with Brett, and then decides to try to make Brett look bad, claiming she is looking for her 15 minutes of fame.  I feel like the people at Pizza Schmizza may regret letting the Real World cast work there, but I guess all the free publicity is probably worth putting up with the crap the cast members pulled.

For those looking for some more light-hearted subject matter in this weeks episode, we have Nia’s adventure with the kegel ball.  Much to the entertainment of the roommates, (especially Anastasia) Nia forgets she inserted the ball, and when she tries to get it out later realizes she can’t do so.  Luckily for Nia, Averey is a sexual savant, and comes to her rescue, allowing the roommates to avoid a trip to the ER.

Now back to the drama.  Jessica is upset with Averey and Anastasia once again for not including her, and decides to confront them.  However, they hold strong with their position that they just want to spend time together, and that it is nothing personal against Jessica.  Jessica see’s through them though and goes on a rant in the confessional saying that she isn’t stupid,(which is pretty debatable) and that she isn’t going to let people go behind her back and be mean to her.  Things come to a head when the group gets to the bar.  Jessica and Averey have a confrontation in the bathroom, mostly due to the fact that Nia is blocking the door and won’t let Averey leave. (Nia is pretending to help Jessica because she likes her, but I think it has more to do with providing entertainment than with Jessica’s feelings).  Jessica says it hurt her feelings when Averey and Ana left her out of their group the day before, and that she doesn’t think Averey cared that her feelings were hurt.  Averey admits that she doesn’t care about anyone but Johnny, Jordan and Anastasia, but this isn’t good enough for Jessica who still calls her a fake b*tch after Nia finally lets her out of the bathroom.  Johnny enters the fray when Averey comes out and tells him about the confrontation that just went down in the bathroom.  Johnny’s portion of the fight essentially consists of him calling Jessica fat, and Nia calling him a nobody with a small d*ck.  Fat comments are clearly the weak spot for Jessica who runs to the confessional crying, leaving Nia to take up the reigns.  Johnny pulls down his pants to argue with Nia, which doesn’t seem to affect her much, but provides some solid entertainment for the viewers.  The episode ends with Averey trying to talk Johnny down after the argument, and providing some words of wisdom by saying that Nia is a nobody just like the rest of them.  And now let’s move on to the after show.

The After Show

The after show is essentially just a continuation of the fight between Jessica and the Averey/Anastasia “clique.”  Jessica still insists that the other girls should have been “brutally honest,” and just told her they thought she was annoying, instead of saying they just wanted time together.  (Personally I think Jessica was looking to play the victim card, and it was hard to do without people being openly mean to her).  Moving on, I feel like Nia should stop coming on these after shows, because they generally just make her look immature and childish.  She has a confrontation with Coral about whether or not she locked Averey in the bathroom.  Nia insists she didn’t despite Coral pointing out that when someone tries to leave and you don’t let them that’s essentially locking them in.  Jessica joins her in the immature department by basically refusing to answer any of the questions Coral asks.  Jessica’s response to every topic she’s asked to give an opinion on is “I don’t care about that,” or “that doesn’t concern me.”  Jessica wants us to believe that even though she lived in this house for months she has no feelings on any issues that came up that didn’t directly involve her, and implies that people who do have opinions need to get a life.  (You can tell Coral is frustrated and really wanted to go after her, but unfortunately she decided to take the high road and move on to another topic).

Next up, we get some more bs from Nia when the topic of her book comes up.  First she is forced to admit that her claim of an offer for 2.3 million from a publisher was not accurate.  (She says the number was actually 1.3, but even Jessica doesn’t believe she ever had an actual offer for the book).  Next up she claims that she “speaks things into existence,” when Coral brings up the fact that she can’t call herself a bestselling author when the book hasn’t even been published.  Nia insists that she says things before they happen and then makes them come true (Coral points out this is also known as lying).

Final note from the after show.  I may have some more apologizing to do, because at least from the looks of things on set, Johnny and Averey appeared to very much so still be a couple.  I had mentioned in last weeks post that I didn’t really see their relationship working out long-term.  I’m not sure when exactly the after shows are filmed, but clearly it is after the season ends, so we know they at least made it that far.   I still think they could have trouble keeping things going, based on how far apart they live when not on the show, (Boston and Phoenix unless one of them is willing to move) but I guess time and reunion episodes/future challenges will tell.  Next week looks like we’ll be tackling the shortest boyfriend visit in Real World history when Anastasia’s boyfriend comes a callin’.  See you next Thursday to go over what went wrong during that visit, and cover all the other drama from next weeks episode.

Here’s the link to this week’s episode from (Link) and the after show (Link).

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