Bird’s the Word (The Real World Portland Episode 9 Recap)

MTV Real World 28 Portland

After a couple of episodes full of drama, mostly between Nia and other various roommates, it’s time to tone things down this week.  This week’s episode is all about Anastasia, (aka Bird) and unfortunately it’s a little on the dull side.  There is a decent fight with her boyfriend who is in town visiting though, so let’s get down to business.

This week we open up on the day after the major blow out between Jessica, Nia, Averey and Johnny.  In confessional Jessica downplays the bathroom argument she and Averey had, and complains about Johnny being mean to her by calling her names.  She also expresses to Nia that she is still upset about the fight, but Nia is more interested in checking her email than in Jessica’s feelings, much like the majority of the viewing audience.  Ana is also still upset about the fight, and wishes the roommates would stop attacking each other, and would instead spend their time getting to know one another.  (Apparently she’s never seen the show before).   But after Marlon appears clueless about who they are discussing when Ana’s boyfriend comes up, Ana is forced to admit she may be expecting too much out of people.

And now it’s time for one of the shortest boyfriend visits in Real World history.  Ana’s boyfriend Mark arrives for what is supposed to be a five-day visit, and things are super great for about half a day.  When the roommates go out that night Mark decides it’s a good opportunity to get slammered, which makes Anastasia very upset.  Apparently there is a back story here that the producer’s didn’t know about involving Mark and a history of substance abuse, and Ana got so upset because he was using again during their visit.  (Ana mentioned this fact on Twitter and discusses it further in the online after show – link).  Ana and Mark fight at the house, and she tells him to leave, but then seems strangely confused when he isn’t there anymore.  Lucky for Ana, Nia is there to come to the rescue and helps her track down Mark at his hotel.  (Nia is a weird mix of a protective momma bear and a crazy chick who likes to mess with people’s heads).    Unfortunately for Ana, when she finally gets to talk to Mark at his hotel he acts like a total douche.  It seems that in addition to a substance abuse problem, (which he has apparently gotten over now) Mark also has a big problem with Ana being on the show.  The next day Mark finally agrees to let Ana come over so they can talk things out (after scolding her for getting mad at him).  The two love birds seem to be on the same page after talking, and Ana decides she needs to go back home with her boyfriend.  Luckily the roommates put a little more effort into convincing Ana to stay than they did for Joi, and ultimately she agrees to stick things out in Portland.  Personally I’m glad Ana decided to stay, (most other people seem to feel that way too) she seems like a cool, nice person.  She might not be made for the Real World experience, but I think staying in the house was a better decision for her than going back home with her boyfriend (ex-boyfriend now apparently).

One good thing to come from Anastasia threatening to go home is that the roommates all decide to apologize for their recent altercations.  I’m not totally sure how sincere these apologies were, but still a nice gesture on the part of the roommates.  (Except for Jordan, who has yet to really apologize for anything this season).  Nia even declares that she is done fighting with the other cast members because according to her, “the war has been won,” and she knows how stressful the fighting is for Ana.  Of course we know Nia’s declaration to not fight anymore is a lie because we haven’t gotten to the Averey head slap fight yet.

This week’s episode closes out with a final apology, this time between Johnny and Jessica, and with a little more drama for Ana and Mark.  Ana calls now that Mark has arrived back at home, and he continues to act like an a*hole saying they have a ton of things to talk about when she gets home.  (I’d like to take this time to give credit to Anastasia for being in a very select group of Real World cast members who have stayed faithful to their significant other while they were on the show).

Next week’s episode looks like it will feature another Johnny/Averey fight (which will probably be resolved before the end of the episode like all their fights).  Next week also features the return of Tyler, (aka Paul Bunyan) who will apparently be breaking up with Jessica via the lamest route of all, an email.  (An emailed break up seems pretty perfect for this couple in my opinion though).  Finally next week it looks like Marlon may be facing some temptation in the form of a local named Ashley he picks up at Splash Bar.  In the sneak peek the girl tells him she had to move back home from Los Angeles because she got arrested.  Later she also tells him she’s bisexual, which is the signal it’s time to take her back to the house.  (No word on if Marlon shared his bisexual past with her or not).  I’ll be posting a recap of The Bachelorette season premiere on Tuesday, and then I’ll see you next Thursday for a recap of next weeks episode of The Real World.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

Thoughts/Comments/Questions – Feel free to contact me on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev or by email –  See you next week!

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