Going Out with a Bang (it was really more of a whimper) The Real World Portland Finale and Reunion Show Recap

MTV Real World 28 Portland


The end is upon us folks.  It’s been  long ride, sometimes boring, sometimes crazy, but overall I’ve enjoyed my return to Real World fandom after a couple of years off.  I’m going to go over this week’s episode, the reunion, (which was a little disappointing) and then give some final feelings about this season and the cast members.

This week’s episode starts out pretty strong for a finale, with Averey and Nia continuing their fight from the last episode.



Unfortunately the fighting is diffused pretty quickly this week.  Nia gets in the slap to the back of the head, Averey lands a few good blows, and then before Nia can really settle into the overhead pounding method of punching she seems to favor, the fight is over.  Johnny manages to pull Averey away, and then uses an interesting combination of coping a feel/trying to make out to distract her.  (You’ll have to watch the video, or just trust me, but his method for restraining/calming her down is really weird.  I think he may have been hoping to just distract her with sex and finally end the fight that way).

In the aftermath of the fight, Johnny and Averey go for a walk and decide that they need to have the roommates vote on if Nia will be kicked out of the house.  This may be the lamest vote in the show’s history as only Jordan has the guts to even give an opinion, the other three all refuse to choose sides, and with their decision made for them, Johnny and Averey announce they are leaving.  It seems kind of silly they couldn’t stick it out for three more days, but given Nia’s track record for not letting a fight end, I don’t entirely blame them.  The departure of Johnny and Averey is great news for Nia, as she is now sure she’s won this fight, and she can focus her energy on Jordan and his attempt to vote her out.  I also want to take time out to praise Jessica (for once) for having the guts to admit she didn’t vote Nia out because she was afraid of her temper, and didn’t want to face her wraith if she went against her.

With Johnny and Averey out of the way, Nia turns her focus to Jordan, and turns to her friend Dom (the personal trainer) for help.  Nia tells Dom her version of events, in which Jordan was holding her back and letting Averey get shots in while he cheered her on.  Now, looking at the tape, it is  true that Jordan is the person primarily holding Nia, while Johnny holds back Averey and Marlon kind of works in the middle (before he just gives up and leaves).  However, unless there was some really selective editing, there’s no evidence Jordan was cheering Averey on, and Nia certainly isn’t the only one being held back by the guys.  Dom believes Nia’s version of events, (at first) and agrees they need to confront Jordan.

Next up, Nia tells Marlon about the plan for Dom and his boys to confront Jordan and beat him up.  It seems like Nia was thinking Marlon would be totally down with this plan, but he’s not really feeling so great about it.  After this news comes out, the roommates (minus Johnny, Averey and Daisy) have the most awkward last dinner in Real World history, and then it’s time to see Marlon make his debut performance at Splash Bar.  Despite Nia’s best attempt to get Jordan beat up, Marlon manages to get to Dom before his set and talk him down, telling him a fight with Jordan wouldn’t be worth it for either him or Nia.  Things just continue to fall apart for Nia in her battle with Jordan, she’s lost Dom and after talking with the roommates Marlon finally decides he can’t believe the things Nia has been telling him.  With her team breaking down, Nia decides she has to take drastic action, and with Dom serving as a mediator, she and Jordan finally make peace with each other.

And with peace reigning over all the (remaining) roommates, all that’s left is the crying.  Johnny and Averey stop by from their hotel to say their goodbyes, and Nia leaves shortly after them.  Jessica is next to go and has my favorite quote from this episode, she says “I didn’t think I was going to care, I thought I’d just be like peace out.”  Really?  You lived with these people for 3-4 months, and you didn’t think you were going to care when it was time to leave?  I take back the credit I gave her earlier in the episode for admitting she was afraid of Nia.  The episode closes out with one last beautiful song for Johnny in the airport, and then we head right into reunion time.

The Reunion Show


(I’m happy anytime I can include a totally random picture in this blog, and this felt like a good opportunity).

So, overall the reunion show wasn’t quite as exciting as what I anticipated.  The only real drama was, somewhat surprisingly, between Anastasia and Jordan, but I’m going to cover the highlights anyways.

-The reunion show opens up basically where we left of this season, with the fight between Averey and Nia.  Nothing new really comes out here, Coral eventually forces out some half-hearted apologies, but it’s essentially all things we’ve heard before.  Nia and Averey have made peace with the fact that they don’t like each other and probably never will.  The only really interesting thing to come out of this discussion was Nia’s claim that she had no idea Averey and Johnny still had a problem with/didn’t like her prior to this fight.  Umm, really? You had no idea? You probably should have asked someone then, pretty sure they could have tipped you off that you guys weren’t all best buddies.  But anyways, enough with this fight, it was a classic but I’m bored with it now, so let’s move on.

-The next segment deal with Jordan, and the roommates feelings about his attitude and behavior in the house.  During the reunion we learn that virtually all of the roommates have come to appreciate Jordan, and no longer view him as the villain he was made out to be at one point on this show.  The exception to this point of view is Anastasia, who was originally a Jordan supporter.  Ana feels that she supported Jordan throughout the season, and that instead of returning that support he was overly critical of her and things happening in her life.  Anastasia also admits she was attracted to Jordan when they first arrived in the house.  (She also cries during this segment, and in basically every other segment that follows).  Anastasia continues to claim she defended Jordan as they discuss the fight between Nia and Jordan, and Jordan continues to say she didn’t really do anything to defend him.  Ana eventually gets so upset with Jordan that she throws her gum at him and storms off the stage.  (She comes back like a minute later though, don’t worry).  The only person who should really be upset with Jordan is Jordan, for letting himself have this clump of hair in the middle of his forehead for the whole show.


-Final note on Jordan, Nia admitted his d*ck is bigger than the french fry she compared it to on the show.

-The roommates discuss Tyler and Jessica’s relationship, and in an interview Johnny says they always told Tyler he could do way better than Jess.  Jordan also mentions they were trying to figure out how to keep Tyler and get rid of Jessica instead when they broke up.  (I like knowing I’m on the same page as the roommates when it comes to Jessica).  Jessica say’s Tyler told her he liked the pictures all over her room, and claims they didn’t freak him out.  (You have a picture of the guy in a frame with the word family underneath it, of course his not going to tell you you’re freaking him out, the guy was probably terrified).

-In Marlon’s segment he say’s that he loves beautiful people, and can’t say he would never be with a man again.  I give Marlon a lot of credit, in the world he’s living in (athlete, rapper world) admitting something like that is not easy to do, and I know he gets a lot of flack for it from Twitter, etc.

-We also get a brief visit from Joi during this reunion special, and learn once and for all why she left the show.  Apparently she had (and still has a boyfriend) who suffered and that played a major role in her deciding to leave.  Important fact about this, her boyfriend plays in the NFL, and didn’t want to be associated with the show.  (I got this info via the MTV Remote Control blog, link here).  I really can’t say I blame her for leaving.  I still like Joi, but it seems like she clearly had a better thing going on at home, and as she said during the reunion if she had stayed we would have missed out on a lot of the drama that came with the arrival of Hurricane Nia.

Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got for the reunion, let’s move on to my final thoughts/feelings on this season of The Real World and it’s cast members.

Jessica – Pretty close to being my least favorite cast member of all time.  (I’m thinking about making a post about my favorite/least favorite cast members of all time, haven’t decided yet).  My feelings on her really never changed throughout the season, I thought she was immature and annoying in the beginning and that’s still how I feel now.  Also, in the little video packages aired during the reunion where we learn what the cast is doing with their lives now, Jessica tells us she’s interested in becoming a dietitian while cutting up a block of cheese.  (Something about this made both no sense at all, and perfect sense for Jessica at the same time).

Jordan – I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cast member on this show have their edit changed so much from the opening episodes to the end.  In the beginning the producer’s paint Jordan as a loud, arrogant a*hole, and following the big fight with Nia we get to see a totally different side of Jordan.  (He also seems to be around a lot less later in the season).  Everyone seems to agree Jordan has that good side to him that we get to see later in the season.  So maybe the producer’s realized they were being unfair, and decided they needed to show Jordan as the dynamic guy he really is.  Ultimately, I like Jordan for the most part, and as I’ve mentioned before, I think he should be a beast in the challenges.  (I feel like he and Marlon were kind of dropping hints they did pretty well this time around, but we’ll have to wait and see).

Anastasia – In terms of real, regular life, I think she seems like a cool interesting chick.  She was good to have around to lighten things up at times this season when the fighting was getting out of control, but overall I don’t see her as someone who will stand out in my mind when I think about past cast members.  (Of course she does slap CT across the face in The Challenge preview, so maybe there is hope for her yet).

Averey – I like Averey, I’ve never been able to understand how Nia can claim she is fake, because she seems pretty honest in everything we see on camera.  I view Averey as the Metta World Peace/Ron Artest of this show.  The girl has had a pretty hard life, and has had to do plenty of fighting in her past.  I think she’s just past the point of wanting to fight anymore, if you start something she’s going to fight back, (like she did with Nia) but she’s too tired to bring the fight to people anymore. Also according to the Remote Control blog, (link) she apparently hates living in Boston.  We also learn during the reunion that she’s working on getting into modeling, so I doubt she’s going to be in Boston for much longer.  Johnny better start loading up the Uhaul.

Johnny – Johnny will really only be remembered for two things: 1. Landing a girlfriend that’s way out of his league.  2.  Pooping with the door open while talking to roommates.  (Hey, at least that’s one good thing.  At least until they break up, then he’s just got the pooping).  I’m going to go on a little bit of a tangent here to say that while Johnny isn’t the greatest cast member ever, I do appreciate him for one reason: he didn’t come on the show to promote himself.  Let me explain, obviously everyone who’s on this show is promoting themselves, but I feel in the last decade-ish the people who come on have really changed.  It seems like now every season at least half the cast is people trying to become singers/actors/models/clothing designers.  (On this season alone we can put everyone but Johnny and Jessica in that group).  Obviously this show provides the cast members with a lot of free publicity, and I don’t want to discourage anyone from chasing their dreams, I just think it’s nice when there is a cast member every once in a while like Johnny who isn’t planning on being famous when the show is over.  (He said during the reunion he plans to be a firefighter/athletic trainer).  Anyways, sorry for that little rant, let’s move on.

Marlon – On the flip side of Jessica we have Marlon, who is quickly moving up my favorite cast member rankings.  Marlon just seems like a really good guy who went on the show when he wasn’t sure where his life was going, and ended up getting stuck playing peace maker for a bunch of crazy people.  Even though he is part of the group of people I was just ranting against, (with his rap career) I really hope good things happen for Marlon.

Nia – I love Nia, she completely saved this season, and everyone else from this cast should be thanking her for that.  While I don’t agree with her stance in a lot of the fights she started in the house, I think she mostly started them out of boredom rather than malice, and they certainly made the season more interesting, so I won’t hold anything against her.  I think she’s the best “characters” this show has had in a long time, and I hope we get to see some more of her in the future on challenges and such.  (I would love to see her and Coral on Rivals 3, don’t really expect it to happen though).  I’m even kind of interested in her book, maybe not enough to pay money for it, but still interested.

The Season – Overall one of the weaker seasons in the show’s history.  Aside from the two big fights, not a lot of exciting stuff went down, but I didn’t hate it.  Definitely better than St. Thomas, (I only made it through like two episodes of that one) and London, (the original stinker, this season could have been very similar if we’d kept Joi) and some other seasons too, I just can’t think of them right now.  I liked the dog in the house, and she certainly helped the drama in the end, I think they should have a pet on every season now.  (On a side note, when did they stop having the fish tank.  Somehow I missed they don’t have this anymore, and it kind of bummed me out – even if the fish did always die around the third episode).

Ok, time to wrap this up.  I’ll see you on Tuesday’s for my bachelorette recap, and I’ll be back in July for The Challenge: Rivals II. See you then!

As always, if you missed the episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

And to help you get ready, here’s the trailer for The Challenge: Rivals II if you haven’t gotten to see that yet (Link).

Thoughts/Questions/Comments? – You can reach me via email – SHMcG223@gmail.com or on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev

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