I Wish Tierra was the Bachelorette (The Bachelorette Episode 4 Recap)



And we’re back for another week of ‘America’s least favorite dating show that still manages to stay on the air somehow’.  This week Des whisks the boys away to Atlantic City, the perfect place for a cheesy show like this.  This week we’re back to the standard format of two one-on-one dates and a group date.  Brad’s (single dad #2, and a domestic violence charge if that’s not enough to win you over) up first with a one-on-one date, so let’s get started.



As soon as Desiree and Brad take off for the boardwalk the guys start talking about how Brad isn’t the right guy for Des.  The general opinion is that he’s a nice guy, but too quite and reserved for Des, and that this date will probably not go well (and they’re right).  Brad has one thing really working for him on this show, he’s really good-looking.



So really who can blame Des for keeping him around this long.  Unfortunately for Brad, looks can only take you so far, and this date marks the end of the line for him.  Overall this date was just super awkward (I think editing may have played a part in that somewhat though, I can’t believe there was really that many awkward pauses in the conversation).  In the end Des forces Brad to climb to the top of a lighthouse before telling him that she doesn’t feel the connection with him, and doesn’t want to keep him away from his son any longer.  Overall I agree with the guys assessment that Brad wasn’t right for Des, (or this show) but I will miss looking at him.  Anyways, that’s enough mourning for Brad, time to move on to the group date.



This week for the group date we get our very own Mr. America competition.  The guys have to compete in a talent, interview, and of course swimsuit contest to see who is most worthy of being Desiree’s husband.  I’d actually probably just skip watching this and read these 18 fun facts about this years Miss USA contestants instead.  (I originally intended to write a post about the Miss USA competition from Sunday night, but I had some things to take care of yesterday and never got around to it, so I’m giving you this to read instead).  Kasey ends up taking home the title of Mr. America after he puts on a very impressive tap dance routine in the talent portion of the show.  The real surprise of this part of the episode was the continued emergence of Zak. W. (shirtless Zak) as a serious contender, and not just the clown he appeared to be on the first episode.  I can kind of see Zak making a Lindsay type run to the finale after a rough start, especially after getting the rose on the group date tonight.  The evening portion of the date features some poetry from Chris, some more singing from Zak W., and some more Ben hating from all the other guys, but the real highlight is the footage of James take a bubble bath and eating chocolate covered strawberries back at the hotel to prepare for his one-on-one date.



The final date of the evening features Des and James touring the jersey shore by helicopter, and taking in the destruction left behind by Hurricane Sandy.  After they finish their aerial tour of the damage, Des and James head into Seaside Heights on foot to see some of the effects of the hurricane up close.  While in Seaside Heights they meet a couple whose home was badly damaged in the storm, and decide to give them their date in Atlantic City.  This leaves Des and James on their own for dinner, while the hurricane survivors enjoy their meal at the swanky restaurant.  During dinner James inexplicably decides to tell Des that he cheated on an ex-girlfriend that he’d had a long-term relationship with.  (Why would you tell her this? She never would have known)  Des expresses some concerns about the fact that James has cheated in the past, but ultimately decides (at least for now) that she appreciates his honesty, and that this past mistake isn’t a deal breaker.

Let’s move on to the cocktail party.  The big story leading up to the rose ceremony is that Bryden is having some cold feet regarding his relationship with Des.  Bryden tells the guys he isn’t sure about his feelings, and doesn’t know if he’ll accept the rose if offered during the ceremony (he does).  On a side note, everyone was hating on Bryden for having no game because Des had to be the one to initiate a kiss between them every time, but maybe he has tons of game and just isn’t that into her (probably not though).  The week’s rose ceremony is kind of awkward, with Brad going home earlier in the episode on the one-on-one date, there is only one person not receiving a rose, (they’re really dragging shit out this season) and that unfortunate fellow is Zack K.  I was a little disappointed to see Zack go, he seemed like a good guy during his limited screen time, and I thought he had some potential, but I guess Des didn’t feel the same way.

There are 10 guys still competing for Desiree’s heart, and next week the battle picks back up in Germany.  Next week looks to be a nice step up in the drama department compared to this week’s snooze fest.  In addition to hating Ben, it appears the guys will also be turning on James, with the preview showing him being accused of trying to be the next bachelor rather than really being on the show for Des.  Ben shouldn’t feel bad though, the guys still hate him too.  The preview shows that Michael will continue his crusade against Ben, this time with Desiree present, and it looks like we might get the confrontation between Bryden and Ben that the show had teased earlier.  Hopefully next week brings some excitement, if not I’m starting a petition to have Tierra come in as a mid-season replacement.  See you next Tuesday for another recap of The Bachelorette.

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