Two Become One (The Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap)



Things are looking up for the current season of The Bachelorette, at least in the drama department.  (Not in the finding love/getting married department, that’s never going to happen).  This week Des and the guys are in Munich Germany on their continuing quest for love.  The producer’s decided to spice things up this week (in a show that badly needed some spice) by adding a dreaded two on one date to go with the regular one on one date and group date.  We also have our first contender to take himself out of the game this season.  So clearly we have lots of exciting things to talk about, let’s get started with the one on one date which belongs to Chris.



For their date Des and Chris will just be exploring the city of Munich on foot (the producers are really getting lazy with these date plans).  The couple is having a great time eating sausages, and trying on traditional german clothing, when Chris decides to give the date the kiss of death by saying he doesn’t think anything could go wrong.  (That’s some classic reality tv foreshadowing right there).  While Chris and Des are enjoying their date, Bryden tells James that he still really isn’t feeling a connection with Des, and that he needs to go home.  Bryden mentioned his concerns to Des last week, and she talked him off the ledge, but he says the feelings came back once they got to Munich.  Bryden decides he can’t wait until Chris and Des return to leave, and so he sets out on a mission around Munich to find Des and give her the bad news.  Bryden finally catches up with the pair just as they are finishing dancing a jig in front of a group of people who look really unhappy to be watching some random tourists dance a jig for a tv show.  Luckily for Chris, Des had already prepared herself for Bryden to potentially go home early, and she doesn’t let it affect her date with him.  After Chris assures Des that he is in this “for the long haul,” they head off to dinner where Chris shares some more of his lovely poetry.  The date closes out with a private concert/dance session, (aka the most awkward part of every episode) and then it’s time for the group date.



The activity portion of the group date features yodeling and sledding on the highest peak in Germany.  Later on in the date, during some one on one time with Zak, we learn that he was planning to be a priest when he was younger.  Germany is apparently very important to Zak because he visited 10 years ago, and learned during his trip that he didn’t want to stay on the path to priesthood.  (It’s hard to picture Zak being a priest.  I usually picture someone wearing a lot of clothes whenever I picture someone religious, so he probably made the right decision).   The other big revelation to come out during the group date is that James may not be here for the “right reasons.”  Apparently James has been tossing around the idea of doing well on the show, and ending up as the next bachelor, and the other guys aren’t too happy about it.  I really can’t see James as the next bachelor, but at this point no one from this group really stands out, maybe it’s time to get a fresh start to pick someone new instead of someone from a previous season.  Brooks takes home the rose on a group date that was pretty boring, so let’s move on to something more exciting: the two on one date.  (Also is it just me, or does a two on one date sound kind of risqué for The Bachelorette).

And now for the date we’ve all been waiting for.  (On a side note before we get started, I think this show would be much better if all the dates were two on one dates where someone goes home.  The producers should look into this idea for the future).  The animosity between Michael and Ben has been well documented throughout the season thus far, it’s been the only real drama, and they needed something to focus on besides how boring Des is.  Des knows this date has the potential to be awkward, and decides to defuse the situation by taking the guys out in a hot “tug” ( a tug boat, hot tub hybrid) around a lake.  The date remains relatively civil, at least for these two, until the dinner portion when Michael goes into prosecutor mode and starts hammering away at inconsistencies in Ben’s story.  Michael confronts Ben about his lack of communication with his son since the first night of the show, and also calls him out on not going to church on Easter when he portrays himself as a “good christian man.”  Ben folds almost immediately under Michael’s questioning, and asks to be excused for a moment to compose himself.  While Ben is outside, Des let’s Michael know that she isn’t pleased with how hard he questioned Ben, and tells him that the situation is making her uncomfortable.  Following Ben’s exit from dinner, Des spends some one on one time with each of the guys.  During their time together Michael continues to hammer away at Ben, telling Des about how he frequently mentions what good publicity the show can be for someone with their own business.  At the end of the date Michael wins the case against Ben, and he is rewarded with the rose, while Ben treats us to one of the more interesting limo rides in recent memory.  While in the limo Ben states that he thinks Des made the wrong choice.  He then goes on to say that the show better be careful or they aren’t going to have a bachelor, and says they missed out on the single dad from Texas.  Ben then seems to show the side the other guys in the house have mentioned, he waves into the camera, smiles, and says “hey Hollywood,”  then he requests to go out and get drunk somewhere for his last night in Munich, and finally he asks “how long do I have to wait before I’m seen out in public with someone, because I don’t want to wait.”  (he chuckles after he says this).  So in the end it looks like maybe the guys were right, and Ben really is the villain they’ve been making him out to be all season.  Either way the Ben versus the guys story-line was getting a little old, I’m ready to start on the James versus the guys story.

After Michael got a rose for “exposing” Ben, the guys, particularly Drew and Kasey, are eager to fill Des in on the fact that James is also not around for the “right reasons.”  Unfortunately for the guys Des has decided to skip the cocktail party this week, stating she has already made up her mind on who is going home, and so the opportunity to expose James is delayed.  There is only one guy left rose less this week after the ceremony, (with the early exits of Ben and Bryden) and that unlucky sap is Mikey (this feels long overdue).  At this point in the game it looks like Brooks and Chris are the leading contenders to date Des for a couple of months, but based on the preview for next week, it looks like James might not be far behind.

The preview for next week shows the guys confronting James about his desire to be the next bachelor, he denies their claims, but he doesn’t seem very convincing.  We then see Des in tears, and looking distraught over the idea that another one of these guys might not really be here for her.  I think with James, Ben and Brian we have a new record for contestants on one of these shows who were clearly not there for the “right reasons.”  Add to that the fact that Bryden decided to leave on his own, and this process really isn’t going that great for Des.  Maybe the guys are like the rest of America, and they also like Des a lot less now that she’s on her own show.  I think this increased amount of screen time has shown the country that Des just kind of a boring, average girl.  If they’d made Tierra the bachelorette we wouldn’t be having any of these problems right now.  Anyways, that’s enough talking sh*t about Des for this week, I’ll see you Thursday for a recap of The Challenge: Rivals II preview, and next Tuesday for a recap of next weeks episode of The Bachelorette.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online, here’s the link.

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