Challenge Mania: The Road to Rivals II Recap

rivals II

We’re still two week’s out from the debut of The Challenge: Rivals II, but that doesn’t stop MTV from helping us get ready by showing us some clips from past challenges.  This week we had Kenny and Snooki as our hosts for a look back at some of the best moments from previous seasons.  I’ve got to say I was disappointed MTV went with Snooki instead of another former challenge cast member.  I thought the country voted and decided we’d had enough of Snooki, they should have had Jenn on, she’s been MIA from all challenge related shows for too long.  We didn’t get a ton of new, exciting stuff this week, but I’ll still cover some of the highlights to get us through until the new season starts.

-During the “best fight” portion of the show, they aired footage of the fight between Katie and a topless Veronica.  This was a good reminder that any fight with Katie is great, because she’s just f*cking crazy.  It also served as a reminder of how great Veronica was in her prime.  I think she needs to make another come back to these shows, we haven’t had a good “mean girls” group on this series in years.

-I also want to point out the nice Johnny Banana’s promo piece that aired during this show, celebrating his triumphant return to the challenge.  Even though I’m not his biggest fan, I am happy Bananas will be returning this season, it’s always good to have someone to root against.

-Another highlight from this clip show was The Miz giving Brad a wedgie.  Brad is one of my all time favorite cast members, but this is probably one of the lowlights from his MTV career, along with the fight with Darrell, and marrying Tori.  (Most people probably wouldn’t view that last one as a bad thing, but I can’t stand Tori, so it’s going on the list).

-Another random tidbit from this show, Wes looked like he lost weight.  Wes was on giving commentary on some of the past events, and maybe the camera was just extra slimming, but he looked more like the Wes that was in Austin than the bulked up one we’ve seen in the challenges.

That’s really all I’ve got from this show.  The good news is that despite this show being a little boring, the preview for the new season of the challenge looked insane, which is a definite plus. If you want to study up some before the new season starts, MTV is airing a marathon of the first season of rivals all day tomorrow (Friday).  I’ll see you tomorrow to recap the NBA Draft, and on Tuesday for the weekly recap of The Bachelorette, see you then.

If you missed this show and want to watch online here’s the link (the new sneak peek from the new season is at the end of this video).

Thoughts/Questions/Comments? You can reach me via email – or on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev

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