The Guys Stole James Sparkle (The Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap)



It’s that time again, time for a recap of The Bachelorette! This week the guys and Des are continuing in their globe-trotting ways, as we find them in Barcelona Spain.  It’s mentioned several times during this week’s episode that Barcelona is the perfect place to fall in love, which begged the question, what city on this show isn’t the perfect place to fall in love?  Personally, I think LA is kind of a shitty place to fall in love, I think that’s why they don’t stick around in Cali for long anymore.  Atlantic City doesn’t really feel like a great place to fall in love either, even though it might be right for the kind of love people find on these shows.  Anyways, enough city talk, last week the guys get rid of this seasons original villain Ben, and this week they are working on villain number two, James.  Before we can get to the showdown with James we need to work our way through some dates, so let’s get started.  First up this week is Drew who is having his first one on one date with Des.



For their date, Drew and Desiree spend the day just exploring the city, this seems to be the signature date plan for this season.  Drew seems to be a genuinely nice guy, maybe a little lame, but still a nice guy.  During the date, Drew opens up to Des by telling her about his relationship with his father, the person he aspires to be.  He tells Des about how his father is a recovered alcoholic who plays a prominent role in the AA community helping other people.  Drew also tells Des that his dad was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I respect Drew for his timing with this information, there are few things I hate more in reality television than people who put out a sob story in the first episode just to help them advance.  I was also impressed by Drew’s timing about when to bring the James issue up to Des.  Drew waits till the end of the date, after he has already secured a rose to let Des know what he and Kasey heard James saying on the bus.  (For those who don’t remember they overheard James telling Mikey T. that if he could make the final four he could get a lot of exposure and possibly become the next bachelor).  Overall I think this date was very well-played by Drew, and he has certainly moved up the list of contenders for Desiree’s heart.



Next up is the group date which features a pathetically uncompetitive soccer game between the guys and members of a women’s professional team from Spain.  The guys get an early 2-0 lead and are feeling very confident, but things are all down hill from there as they end up losing 10-2.  James, who is selected to play in goal, and is already an outcast from the group, certainly doesn’t endear himself to the other guys any by cowering from the ball each time it comes towards him.  Also I feel like production may have had something to do with the way this soccer game turned out, especially since the guys team also had a former pro on its side in the form of Juan Pablo.  I could be wrong though, these guys may all just have reality tv show muscles with no actual athletic ability to back them up.  The evening portion of the date starts out pleasant enough.  Chris gets the first one on one time with Des, and finally gets to hear some poetry from her in response to the writing he has shared with her in previous episodes.  Things get ugly in a hurry though, following a dismal performance on the soccer field, things continue to go badly for James on this date.  After getting some encouragement from Michael, Kasey decides it’s time to confront James about the comments he made in the limo.  At first James just tries to downplay and deny the comments, but as Michael and Kasey continue to come after him, James starts to freak out.  Eventually, Kasey decides he’s had enough of listening to James tell him to f*ck off, and he leaves to go and confirm Drew’s story with Desiree.  After Desiree gets an even more damning version on the story from Kasey, she decides it’s time to send the other guys home and confront James one on one.  During his talk with Desiree, James claims that everything the guys have accused him of saying (about girls, boats, and being the bachelor) was actually said by Mikey T. and that he was just agreeing with him.  After hearing what he has to say, Des decides to not make a decision right away, and instead feels they should both sleep on it and see how they feel in the morning.  I’m not sure how I feel about James.  On on the one hand, he does have kind of a sleaze ball feel about him, but on the other hand he did manage to squeeze out some legitimate tears while talking to Des, a real rarity for this show.  Ultimately it doesn’t really matter how I feel about James, because he ends up going home at the end of the episode, so let’s move on from him and head on to the one on one date with Zak.

photo (3)

For the final date this week, Des and Zak are going on a date to an art studio to do some drawing.  Before we really get into this date, I just want to say that Zak is really growing on me.  I really view him as the Lindsay of this season, someone who seemed crazy in the first episode, but as time goes on emerges as a real contender.  Zak is one of the few guys on the season who has some real personality, and that makes him stand out from the rest of the cast that primarily consists of “business men who are hoping to become famous” drones.  Also, I’m not sure how Des could possibly end up with someone else after the amazing picture Zak drew of her during their date.

photo (2)


(On a side note, if this is how the guys see Des I think I understand why some of them aren’t really here for the “right reasons.”)  During the dinner portion of the date, Des and Zak discover a mutual love of travel and adventure that helps to bring them closer together.  At the end of the date Zak gets a rose, and becomes the first guy to say they’ve fallen in love with Desiree.  (Granted he says it in an interview, not to her face, but this is still a big step for Zak, and makes me root for him even harder).

photo (4)

At the start of this week’s episode Chris Harrison let the guys know there wouldn’t be a cocktail party again this week.  So, in order to fill the remaining time in the episode we get to see more of James trying to make his case to Desiree.  There were two things about this segment I really enjoyed: 1.  The other guys watching from the balcony, and sulking when it briefly seems like things might work out for James.  2.  These moob sweat stains James developed during the talk.

photo (5)


Following her talk with James, Des still needs more time to think, and the show still needs more filler, so we get more footage of James and the guys arguing.  Nothing new here really, James still insists its ok to think about what his like would be like if things don’t work out with Des (which seems fair) and the other guys still insist you shouldn’t be thinking about girls you might date in the future while you’re dating someone in the present (which is also fair).  The guys ultimately kind of agree to disagree after Michael pokes at James a few too many times and he storms off, and then it’s time for the rose ceremony.

This week’s rose ceremony is a big one, as we end up saying goodbye to three guys, Kasey, Juan Pablo and James.  Juan Pablo worked his exit very nicely, pulling off some tears, and mentioning his daughter, I don’t think he’ll be single for much longer.  James on the other hand, made an exit Tierra would be proud of.  As the car pulls away James complains about being bullied by the other guys, and insists that being sent home for his conversation with Mikey T. isn’t fair.  With the mass exodus this week we’re left with only five guys on this season of The Bachelorette (Zak, Brooks, Michael, Drew and Chris).

Finally, looking at the preview for the rest of the season, it seems like this may be the most boring season ever is turning into the most depressing season ever.  The preview features a lot of crying by pretty much everyone, and seems to hint at the idea that no one is selected at the end of this season.   After seeing this preview I’d say if you watch this show for drama, and to make fun of it, you’re in luck, but if you’re in the extremely small group of people who watches it in hopes of seeing two people fall in love, I’d probably give up on this season.  I’ll see you next Tuesday for another recap, and potentially sometime before that for another post about something.  (with a tease like that I’m sure you’ll all be back before Tuesday)

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

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