Des is “on cloud nine” now that she knows the remaining guys are here for the “right reasons” (The Bachelorette episode 7 recap)


I want to start out this week’s bachelorette post by apologizing for it being a little late.  My every changing work schedule made it impossible to get this out any earlier, but I just wanted to say sorry to anyone who’s been checking back here every 15 minutes to see if it’s up yet.  (I’m pretty sure no one is checking back here that often, but it would be cool if they did, I could go for an obsessed fan or two).  This week we find Des and the guys on the island of Madeira (which is another ideal place to fall in love according to Drew, who could have guessed that one).  After cleaning house last week and booting off three guys, (Kasey, James and Juan Pablo) Des finds herself on the cusp of hometown dates with only five guys remaining.  With only five guys left in competition for Desiree’s heart there will be three one on one dates, and a two on one date.  The producer’s didn’t want fans of the show to get too riled up though, so there will be no roses on the one on one dates, and no mandatory elimination on the two on one.  (So basically everything that would have made this week’s episode exciting and dramatic has been eliminated).  Before we can head off on the dates though the producers have a surprise for us, former cast members from Desiree’s season of The Bachelor are here to give her advice.  The show brought back Catherine and Lesley M., which makes sense as they both did well on Sean’s season, they also bring back Jackie because no one else would agree to come.  The girls gossip, and end up doing a high school year book style list of superlatives about the guys.  Drew does surprisingly well taking home best body and best kisser.  Michael on the other hand does predictably poorly, not earning a mention in any of the televised categories.  After finishing the segment where we pretend girls from The Bachelor remain friends after their season is over, it’s time to head out on the dates.


First up this week with a one on one date is Brooks.  For their date, Des and Brooks go to the top of a mountain that sits in the cloud line.  The date progresses, and Des is feeling so good about things with Brooks and the fact that he is indeed there for the “right reasons,”  she decides to declare she’s on “cloud nine.”  Being “on cloud nine” is mentioned several more times during the date because this show loves a good cliché.  Throughout the course of the date, it seems clear that Des is a little more solid in her feelings towards Brooks than he is towards her. This is confirmed during the dinner portion of the date when Desiree essentially tells Brooks she is falling in love with him, and he admits his feelings aren’t quite as strong as hers at this point (he admits this in an interview, not to Des).  Des has been drawn to Brooks from the beginning, and it seems her feelings towards him haven’t faltered any, but based on his statements during this date, and on some footage from the preview for the rest of the season, it seems like things might not work out for these two.  (Of course that may just be a trick by the producers to throw us off the trail of who will be left at the end).

photo (6)

The second one on one date this week belongs to Chris, who unlike Brooks isn’t having any problems with his feelings for Desiree.  For their date Chris and Des head out to a deserted island to have a picnic, and write some absolutely beautiful poetry together.  (If you’re lucky you might even find this masterpiece  someday, as they throw it out into the ocean in a bottle after completing it).  During the dinner portion of the date there is more poetry, and a very sweaty nervous Chris becomes the first guy to tell Des that he loves her.  Des obviously can’t return the sentiment yet at this point, but she does get a little teary eyed, and rewards him with a long make out session in the park afterwards.  (Apparently the show couldn’t afford to fly any no-name musicians to Madeira, so Des and Chris are left to just kind of sway together and make out with backing music added later in editing).  So far tonight we haven’t seen a lot of people who are completely on the same page feelings wise, but we’ve still got a ways to go, so let’s head out on the last one on one date.


And now continuing this week’s theme of dates where the two people’s feelings don’t really line up, we have our final one on one date with Michael.  This sort of feelings like a pity one on one date.  After getting this far, and helping to weed out all the guys who weren’t there for the “right reasons,” I think Des felt she had to give Michael a one on one date before sending him home.  It’s clear Des doesn’t have a lot of strong feelings for Michael when he says he feels he was meant to meet her, and she responds by saying “that’s nice.”  During the dinner portion of the date Michael tells Des that he went through a bad break up a few years ago, and says he wasn’t sure he would ever love again after that relationship.  (So he decided to come on The Bachelorette, because everyone finds love on this show).  Michael goes on to say that he’s finally having those feelings on being in love again with her.  Des responds to this admission from Michael by looking on with a cross between a grimace and a smile while he is talking, and by saying “thank you” at the end.  (Yea, “thank you for telling me you’re falling in love with me.  I don’t feel the same, at all, but thanks for opening up”).


The final date this week is a two on one featuring Drew and Zak doing some go-kart racing to try to win Desiree’s heart.  This date is different from a traditional two on one date in that neither guy is going home at the end, however this is the only date this week with a rose, and a guarantee of a hometown date next week.  Zak wins the race with Drew and earns the first one on one time with Des during the date.  During their time together Zak shares some drawings he’s made that chronicle their journey through the show together.  After looking at the drawings Zak say’s in voice over that he wants to tell Des he loves her, but doesn’t feel this is the right time, as Drew is also on the date, and he respects him and doesn’t want to make things awkward for Desiree.  Unfortunately for Zak, Drew doesn’t have any issues telling Des he’s fallen in love with her with another guy along for the date.  During their one on one time Drew tells Des he’s fallen in love, and that this is the first time he’s ever had these feelings.  We also get our first reciprocation of the night as Des responds by saying “I’ve fallen for you too.”  Following their admission it seems like Drew might be the guy to beat this season, and Des further’s that notion by giving Drew the rose at the end of the date, giving him a guaranteed hometown date next week.

Before we get to the rose ceremony we get a little time filler interview with Des and Chris Harrison.  During the interview, when asked why she gave Drew the only rose so far this week, Des responds by saying, “he’s the best looking guy I’ve ever met.”  (I think this logic still applying at this point in the show is a good reflection of why this series never results in marriage).  During the interview Des also admits she has “reached the finish line” with Brooks, and is in love with him.  (This is kind of a bummer since Brooks is the only guy left who hasn’t said they’re in love with Des).  When Chris asks if this is over because her feelings for Brooks are so strong, Des hesitates, but says it’s not over, and says she could also see herself having a life with Chris (if Brooks rejects her).

This week’s rose ceremony is about as predictable as they get.  Michael is sent home, leaving Brooks, Chris, Drew and Zak as the guys who will be introducing Des to their families.  Next week we will not only be getting the hometown dates, we’ll also be getting to spend some more time with Desiree’s brother, a fan favorite from her stint on The Bachelor.  After seemingly playing a large role in getting her eliminated from The Bachelor, it will be interesting to see how Desiree’s brother reacts to this new group of guys.  (My personal prediction would be not well). Finally before I say goodbye for this week, I have some bad news.  I’ll be on vacation next week, and won’t be posting any updates.  As of right now I’m planning to do “double episode super posts” for both The Bachelorette and The Challenge after I get back, but I’m not certain of that plan, you can check out Twitter for updates.  Don’t worry if you’re starting to miss me already though, I will be here on Thursday to recap the premiere of The Challenge: Rivals II, see you then!

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

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