A Very Late Recap of The Bachelorette Hometown Dates Episode



Sadly my vacation is over, the good news is that I’m back in time for the “Men Tell All” special episode of The Bachelorette.  To prepare myself for all the excitement that I’m sure will be going down in tonight’s episode, I’m going to share some thoughts from last week’s hometown date’s show.  I’m not going to get into a full on recap because frankly I don’t really feel like it, and the episode was a week ago, and you guys probably don’t feel like reading a long recap at this point anyways.  So I’m just going to touch on some of my major takeaways from Desiree’s dating tour of America, and then let myself rest up for tonight’s big show.

Hometown Date #1: Zak


-Zak has totally won me over during the course of this show, but it’s been pretty clear he hasn’t totally won over Desiree, and being up first on this week’s episode just helped to make that fact more obvious.

-Zak decides to open the date by telling Des about a super random dream he has where they melt on the beach, and then eat little pieces of ice that fall from the sky.  (I think this dream was supposed to tie into his families snow-cone business, but this dream was just weird as shit.  It was the kind of dream you should just keep to yourself, not share with a national television audience).

-Basically the whole segment with Zak’s family is just a bummer.  There’s a lot of talk about how they thought he’d never find love again, and how long he’s been waiting for the right person.  Unfortunately for Zak things aren’t going to work out with Des, and despite her practically spelling it out for them, he and his family can’t see it.  The good news for Zak, and all the other rejected guys, is that they’ll have plenty of groupies to find love with after the show ends.

Hometown Date #2: Drew

-Drew is screwed too, I don’t even want to talk about these dates anymore. (Really everyone but Brooks is screwed, they should just end this season early).

-I don’t really have a ton to say about this date.  Drew’s family seems kind of dull just like him, so I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

-Before this date Drew had told Des that he had fallen in love with her, but hadn’t specifically said the words “I love you.”  He feels it’s important he gets the words out in that exact order, and does so repeatedly at the end of the night.  Unfortunately for Drew, it doesn’t matter what order he puts the words in, he’s not going to win in the end.  (At least I’m pretty sure he doesn’t, if he does some how pull off a victory I’m just going to delete what I just said and pretend it never happened).

Hometown Date #3: Chris


-This is the date where I started hated Des.  Not only does she break Zak’s heart later in the episode, she steals his idea, and shows Chris drawings of their time together on the show.  I think Zak should confront her about it during the “Men Tell All” special tonight.

-Chris gets a nose adjustment from his dad while they discuss his feelings for Des.  I’m not totally sure I believe this is a real thing, I think it may have been a ploy by Chris’s dad to get more screen time.

-The best part of this hometown date with Chris…no poetry!  I guess even a couple of prolific poets like Des and Chris get burnt out after a while.

Hometown Date #4: Brooks



-Brook’s family is so huge they have to wear name tags so Des can remember them.  Seeing as how this is the only group she’s probably going to be spending more time with this seems like a solid idea.

-The best part of this date – at the end of their talk Brooks’ mother tells him “you’re my favorite.” (That could be a little awkward.  I hope the family didn’t decide to all sit down and watch this episode together).

-The big news from this date is that Brooks finally says he and Des are on the same page in terms of their feelings for one another.  I guess he decided it was time to stop playing hard to get.



-We got the return of Desiree’s brother Nate in this episode as well.  Despite the producer’s best attempts to make it look like he was going to step in and try to ruin things once again, there really wasn’t much excitement in the segment.  In fact, at the end Nate basically gives her his blessing, even though he does say in an interview that he thinks she’ll end up getting her heart-broken again.

-Finally, Des is still really trying to ruin this show.  She says again during her sit down interview with Chris Harrison that she is in love with Brooks, and this time even says she hopes to have a proposal from him.  She does mention Chris again to leave that little smidge of doubt in people’s minds, but this season will go down as the least suspenseful in history (probably why the ratings are so bad).

Well, that’s all I’ve got from last episode.  There is a teeny, tiny chance I’ll do a live blog about the “Men Tell All” special tonight, but right now it looks like that recap won’t be up until Wednesday due to an unfavorable work schedule tomorrow.  So I’ll see you later this week for another recap, and next week we finally get to everyone’s favorite: fantasy suite week! See you then.

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