Crazy Trishelle has Returned and All is Right with the World (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 3 Recap)


Last fall during Battle of the Season’s I wrote a post about how much Trishelle seemed to have matured since her season in Vegas (you can read it here).  I’m pleased to say that after watching her performance on this season of The Challenge (and later portions of Battle of the Seasons) that I was totally wrong, and the crazy ass Trishelle we all know and love is alive and well.  While it was a little sad to see Sarah get sent home early again, I wouldn’t trade a classic old school fight like that for anything, so sorry Sarah but as TJ say’s, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon.”  (Sarah did express some doubts about her return to The Challenge during the after show, but I’d be very surprised to see her sit out more than maybe one season).  I’m getting ahead of myself here though, before we can really talk about the fight between Trishelle and Aneesa we need to deal with the earlier drama from the episode, the fight between Knight and Marlon.

This week’s episode starts out innocently enough with a nice game of charades.  The form of charades the group is playing involves pulling out another challengers name, and doing an impression of them, then the other cast members have to guess whose name was picked.  Everything is going fine until Marlon’s name is picked out of the bowl.  Leroy, who originally selected the name say’s he doesn’t know what to do because he doesn’t know the person well enough.  Luckily Knight comes to the rescue, and say’s he can do something for Marlon, unfortunately he decides to simulate oral sex on a guy for his impression.  Marlon’s sexuality has been a hot topic in the house, and despite the fact that a lot of these people are kind of a*hole’s, the housemates generally agree that Knight’s impression was in bad taste.  The fight that breaks out between Marlon and Knight after this is kind of lame.  The fight involves a lot of shoving between random people, a lot of yelling, and very little time where it looks like Marlon or Knight will actually make physical contact with each other.  (Where is Nia with that hair dryer when you need her?)  This fight does produce one of the quotes of the night when Knight say’s “I’m going to melt my toothbrush down and stab him.”  Knight has always been tricky for me, on the one hand he can be a huge jerk, on the other hand he can be a decent guy sometimes, and his jokes can be funny, even though they are generally in bad taste.


The best part about the fight between Marlon and Jordan is that it leads to the fight between Aneesa and Trishelle.  Aneesa is talking to Marlon about being confused about your sexuality when Jemmye runs over to tell her that Trishelle is talking sh*t on the other side of the room.  Trishelle say’s Aneesa is black AND Jewish, (which everyone know’s impossible) and when Aneesa tries to determine what exactly Trishelle’s point is, she responds by saying:“That you are right now … going … and being like, ‘Oh, yeah yeah yeah. I’m here. I’m here …’ I cannot believe that you are like … it’s ridiculous.”  (Excellent point Trishelle).  I think Trishelle was trying to copy as argument Robin made against Aneesa several years ago in which she said something along the lines of, “you’re gay, you’re straight, you’re black, you’re white…”  Aneesa was very offended when Robin made those comments, as she felt they were a judgment on the fact that she didn’t fit in just “one box.”  Unfortunately Trishelle’s argument fails to really make this point, (it’s never a good thing if Robin is making more sense than you) and she ends up just yelling that Aneesa is a stripper over and over again.  (Black, Jewish, AND a stripper, now I know for sure that’s impossible, someone is lying here).  On a side note, is Aneesa seriously working as a stripper?  I hope not, can’t they get her a spot on the Real World lecture circuit or something.  Aneesa sums up her argument much more effectively by saying, “you are the trash-elle you were, and you’ll always be trash” (my favorite line of the season so far).  Trishelle then walks into Aneesa’s outstretched arm, and briefly gets put in a strong-arm hold effectively ending the fight.

The morning after this fight Trishelle wakes up and decides she wants to go home.  After a half-hearted effort by Sarah, and no effort by the other cast members, Trishelle packs her bags, and ships out of Thailand.  I think it’s strange Sarah didn’t make more effort, both when Trishelle said she was leaving, and the night before while the fight was happening.  Sarah should have stepped in as soon as Trishelle started running her mouth, and stopped things from escalating with Aneesa.  Maybe Sarah felt she was doomed with Trishelle as a partner, especially after they’d already received some votes for the jungle, and that’s why she didn’t put more effort in.  After Trishelle leaves, TJ arrives in the house to give Sarah the bad news, for the second time in the last three season’s, Sarah is being sent home early due to the actions of her partner.  Sarah seemed to know it was coming this time, and seemed a little less heart-broken than during Battle of the Exe’s.  I do feel bad for Sarah, and I hope that the next time she’s on one of these shows there’s a format that better suits her team wise.  (She should have fought with Emily on her way out, just in case next season is Rivals III).


After Sarah finishes saying her goodbyes, it’s challenge time.  This week’s challenge is pretty straight forward, you have to climb a rope ladder and then shimmy across two ropes to a platform on the other end of the course, the team with the fastest time is the winner.  This challenge is especially difficult for Wes and CT and Preston and Knight, as those teams refused to participate in the last challenge, and are giving a 30 second penalty, and the disadvantage of going first.  Things work out ok for Wes and CT, but not so much for Preston and Knight who end up being the only team to DQ which earns them a trip to the jungle.  On the guys side Johnny and Frank take home their first victory, and on the girl’s side Emily and Paula make it a three-peat, and continue to look like an unstoppable force in this game.

During deliberations for who will join Knight and Preston in the jungle several of the girls decide it’s best not to piss off too many people, and so you should just vote for the same team as last time.  This seems like a solid strategy, and it seems like an even better plan when the team they select, Derek and Robb, loses in the elimination round to Knight and Preston.


This week’s elimination challenge is called snapper and involves one person from each team being blind folded and given a large stick to try to break over their blind folded opponent.  The other two teammates are on the sidelines giving instructions, and the first team to break two sticks over their opponent wins.  Robb scores first for his team, but Knight wins the next two rounds, and saves his team from elimination.  This is a good sign for the majority alliance in the house, even if it does mean the girls will have to come up with a new sacrificial lamb for the next elimination.

After a rocky start to this week’s episode, things end on a high note for Marlon who gets an apology from Knight, and a hook up with Nany to close things out.  What more could a guy ask for?  Based on the preview for next week it looks like things aren’t going to smooth out for Knight quite so quickly.  It looks like Knight will be moving on from Marlon, and the focus of his beef next week will be ex-girlfriend Jemmye.  Apparently Knight isn’t too happy with Jemmye spending time with Leroy, and let’s her know about it.  Personally, I think Leroy is a huge upgrade over Knight, and she should go for it.  Jemmye has appeared to have a thing for black guys in the past, and the feelings generally seem to be mutual, so this could be an interesting situation to keep an eye on.  The fight between Jemmye and Knight also appears to involve her phobia of ketchup, this seems both bizarre and amazing.  I love this show.  Next week also feature’s the “scariest elimination challenge in history,” so overall it seems like there’s a lot to look forward to next week.

Updated Power Rankings

Before I let you go for this week I wanted to do an updated power rankings of the remaining teams.  Overall I still feel pretty please with my season preview, but losing Sarah and Trishelle this early was definitely a big blow, so let’s reevaluate some.

Girls Teams:

1. Emily and Paula (obviously)

2. Diem and Aneesa

-They have performed well physically up to this point, but the basis for this ranking is mostly political.  These two veterans have clearly aligned themselves with the power players in the house, and while there is no chance of them beating Emily and Paula in a final, I don’t see them going home anytime soon.

3. Jonna and Nany

-They have performed very well physically thus far, but losing Derek and Robb was a tough blow for them in terms of staying out of elimination rounds.  Nany hooking up with Marlon gives them some protection, and I still think they have a very good chance to make the final, but not without seeing an elimination round.

4. Cara Maria and Cooke

-If they had any friends in the house I would have ranked them a few spots higher.  After Emily and Paula this is the only female that can definitely run a whole final in my opinion.  Unfortunately Cara Maria doesn’t have a lot of fans, and it looks like this team could be the Derek and Robb of the female side of things.

5. Jemmye and Camila

-They have a lot of friends in the game, which could potentially get them all the way to the final.  The biggest obstacle for this team will be avoiding drama, which they don’t seem to be able to do based on the previews of this season.  These two also seem to be struggling to work together in competition, and even if they made the final I don’t see any chance of them winning it.

6. Jasmine and Theresa

-The team most likely to give Cooke and Cara Maria a break from the jungle.  They don’t really seem to have much of an alliance, and they aren’t good in challenges – not a good combination.  One positive for this team: I used to really dislike Theresa, and now I think she’s kind of funny, so congratulations on that.

Guys Teams:

1. Johnny and Frank

-They are controlling the game politically, and getting their first win this week solidifies that aspect for them as well.

2. Zach and Trey

-This team, Zach in particular, has proven they are definitely the one to beat in terms of physical ability.  Unfortunately for them the final always involves more than just physical dominance.  Another issue for this team, Zach and Frank weren’t on especially good terms during this challenge, (or now) so I wouldn’t be shocked to see them get thrown into an elimination or two before the final to try to take out a tough team.

3. Marlon and Jordan

-This is based on physical performance, and the fact that they made it seem like they made it far during the Real World Portland reunion show.

4. Wes and CT

-These guys are working together much better than I expected heading into this challenge.  That being said, this slimmed down version of Wes isn’t performing in challenges the way the old version did, and I think it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves in elimination rounds.

5. Ty and Leroy

-I would put these guys higher, but I’m not positive from watching the show that Ty is even in Thailand, so they slipped in the rankings some for me.  Leroy is very well liked, and Ty apparently just slept for the entire season, so I could see these guys making the finals, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ty craps out like he has in the past once they get there.

6. Knight and Preston

-They definitely look like the weakest team physically, and Knight getting under people’s skin isn’t going to help them any in the political game.  I don’t see this team being around much longer, and I’m sure they couldn’t run a final even if they did make it, so they might as well go ahead and pack their bags.

I’ll see you Tuesday for a recap of The Bachelorette and next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.  Also keep an eye out, starting next week I will be working significantly less, and will be focusing on posting more, improving this site overall, and finding someone to give me a new job.  (If anyone is interested let me know).  So there should be a lot of exciting things to look for on here in the near future, have a good weekend everyone, see you on Tuesday.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link and here is the link to the after show that aired after this week’s episode.

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