What the Phuket?! (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 5 Recap)


This week’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II featured hook ups, hurt feelings, surprise endings, and some of the worst throw away voting in history – in other words basically all the things that make this show great.  We’ve got a lot of ground to cover this week, so I’m not going to waste too much time with the set up, let’s get right into it.

This week we pick up with the blossoming romance between Leroy and Theresa that was hinted at towards the end of last week’s episode.  (After Knight ruined Leroy’s plans to hook up with Jemmye).  Leroy and Theresa are just trying to celebrate the fact that Theresa didn’t get electrocuted in the elimination round with a little coitus, when Wes has to go and ruin their fun.  Wes happens to be sleeping underneath them in the bunk beds, and isn’t enjoying their tryst as much as the other cast members who are watching through the windows.  Wes  thinks this has something to do with the fact that he and Theresa hooked up before on Fresh Meat II, but since Wes is the only person who even remembers that happened, I think he might be reaching a little bit.  Ultimately Wes decides he’s had it with Leroy’s disrespectful ways, and decides to move to a different room.  (But never fear, Johnny Banana’s helped build a Wes Dummy so he wouldn’t be missed too much).

photo (20)


Next up we get to see the disturbing side effects of the show’s PED problem courtesy of Zach.  (Just kidding, these people would never do any illegal drugs)  When we first see Zach he is showing his sensitive side after being brought to tears by the news that he is now an uncle, but just a few minutes later he is replaced by psycho Zach.  Psycho Zach is complaining of a stomach ache/tumor, and eventually explodes at the camera’s that won’t get out of his face.

photo (19)

Zach follows this up by turning into the hulk and smashing several items in his room, spurred on by the always helpful Knight.  (Even he admits encouraging Zach to break things makes him a horrible person).  Finally, after a visit from the medical staff Zach settles down, and it’s time to head into this week’s challenge.

photo (21)

This week’s challenge is called “frog smash,” and it consists of the players running across a 60 ft beam over the water while their opponents sit in “frog swings” and try to knock them off.  The loser is the team with the slowest time, or the team that makes it the smallest distance before getting knocked off.  Theresa and Jasmine benefit from having a lot of female friends in this game, as none of the other teams swing on them, and they are handed a clear path to victory, breaking Emily and Paula’s hot streak.  This is a guys elimination week, and things continue to go badly for Zach as he and Trey both get knocked off quick and end up being the time going directly to the jungle.  There is additional fall out from this challenge, as Johnny Banana’s showed his true colors by giving Knight and Preston a free pass, and thus help in beating Zach’s time, after he said he was going to try to get them out.  This leads to Zach being enraged again, and telling the girls he wants to take on Johnny and Frank in the elimination round.  (All serious business aside, my favorite part of this challenge was Nany being so afraid of being hit by Emily that she jumped off the beam to avoid it).

And now it’s time for some of the worst strategy in challenge history to come into play.  Zach told Theresa, who will be kicking off the voting since she and Jasmine won the day’s challenge, that he wants to face Frank and Johnny in the jungle.  Unfortunately for Zach, Johnny has tight alliances with a lot of the girls in the house, including Theresa and Jasmine, so they aren’t going to be giving Zach what he wants.  Theresa tells Zach she will vote in Preston and Knight so that Zach can be guaranteed to come back, but Zach doesn’t want to face his friend Knight in an elimination round.  Now it’s time for the sh*t strategy to play out.  Unclear on what they should do since their first plan was rejected, Theresa and Jasmine instead vote in Leroy and Ty calling it a “throw away” vote.  Then in a crazy turn of events Nany and Jonna vote for Leroy and Ty also, in an attempt to keep Jordan, Jonna’s latest hook up in the game.  Finally, earlier in the episode Wes told Diem that he thought Leroy would be voting for her next time, and Diem agreed that was probably true.  Keeping that in mind, and despite the fact that Leroy and Ty would be heading to the jungle if she voted for them, Diem casts the deciding vote that sends Leroy and Ty in against Zach and Trey.  (Diem claims in her interview that she doesn’t see why she should have been responsible to correct the mistakes of the two girls Leroy was supposed to be closest with in the house).  This turn of events left everyone shocked:

photo (22)

And also provided a great opportunity for Jemmye to pass on some of her wisdom:

Before we can get to the jungle, Theresa decides she needs to have a little chat with Diem about sending in Leroy and Ty.  She doesn’t get very far though, as Diem sticks to her story that Leroy going in is Theresa’s fault, and it wasn’t her job to correct a mistake.  Theresa ends up stalking out of the room after saying she doesn’t believe anything that comes out of Diem’s mouth.  After Theresa tells Leroy that she hopes the next challenge is physical so she can f*ck Diem up, it’s time to head into the jungle.

photo (23)

This week’s elimination challenge is called “breaking on through,” and features a three-story tower that each team will have to smash through to get to the bottom.  Once the teams get to the bottom they have to break through a steel door and ring a bell, the team that does it the fastest, as always, is the winner.  The one catch in this challenge that ends up playing a major role in its outcome, is that teammates have to alternate who breaks through each floor of the tower.  Initially it looks like Zach and Trey are the winners as they get to the bell first, but TJ keeps coming with the surprises, and reveals that Zach is actually did the first AND second floors, so they are eliminated for breaking the rules.  Zach refuses to admit he did the first floor, but video tape clearly shows his foot stomping the sheet rock, despite his claims that he only jumped through after Trey broke it.  Ultimately Zach and Trey get sent packing, and Theresa gets a do over after almost sending her hook up partner home.

This week’s episode was definitely a step up from last week, and based on the preview for the rest of the season, shown at the end of the after show, it looks like things will only get better from here.  I’m going to briefly discuss the after show, and then head out for this week because this is getting a little long, even for my tastes.

After Show

photo (24)

The after show kicks off with some drama between Frank and Zach, the enemies turned friends turned enemies again.  The two fight about Zach’s break down, and Frank throws out some low blows, saying Zach only dated Ashley and Jonna on previous seasons to make himself look better.  The highlight of this whole after show is a very dapper looking Leroy tossing in one liners while the people around him fight things out.  (How could anyone vote for Leroy? He’s the best).

The show gets a lot more interesting in the next segment when they bring out Theresa and Wes to discuss Theresa and Leroy’s show-mance.  Things have clearly turned sour between Theresa and Leroy, as she won’t even look at him, and it becomes apart that despite her claims to the contrary, Theresa is offended that she was Leroy’s #2 after Jemmye.  Theresa goes so far as to call Jemmye “Krusty,” which sparks some fun on Twitter between the two after the show ended.  Leroy denies that he tried to hook up with Jemmye first, but Wes comes out and claims that Leroy asked him to sneak Jemmye into the room, and Jemmye declined.  Also Wes’ transformation from roid-rager to skinny nerd is now officially complete:

photo (25)

Not much else really happens in this show.  Zach admits he cheated, but said it was an honest mistake.  Zach and Frank say they aren’t friends right now, and despite being encourage to hug it out say they aren’t at that stage yet.

The preview for the rest of the season looks great.  It looks like several girls in the house will be going after Diem, and notorious fighters who we haven’t seen much of yet, like Camila and Jordan, will finally be getting in on the action.  I’m definitely excited for the rest of this season and I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link, and here’s the link to the after show, the preview for the reminder of the season is at the end of this video.

If you’re interested in checking out the Twitter fight between Jemmye, and Theresa here’s their Twitter handles: @JemmyeMTV and @TheresaMTV.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments – you can reach me via email – SHMcG223@gmail.com or on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev.

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