Revenge is a Dish Best not Served (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 6 Recap)



Opening up this week’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II, Theresa is still feeling a little miffed by Diem.  Theresa still seems to think that Diem should have saved her ass, and not voted for Leroy and Ty after Theresa foolishly voted for them first.  This is all causing a lot of tension between the girls in the house, as Theresa and Jasmine are forced to realize they have even fewer friends in the game than they thought.  While drama like this is par for the course on this show, the real highlight of this week’s episode was this week’s challenge.

The challenge this week is called “frenemies” and is a trivia game about how well the players know their partners.  The players are all asked a series of questions, and their answers have to match the answer their partner gave.  If you give a wrong answer you get a strike, after your second wrong answer the teammate that is hanging above the water is dropped, and your team is out of the game.  This is a girls elimination week, and there is a lot of pressure on Theresa and Jasmine, who, lucky for them, get to pick this week’s order. Theresa decides to stop playing both sides, and make it clear she is siding with the “rookies,” when she puts Aneesa and Diem and Emily and Paula first.  Some of the questions and answers in this game are really classic, and since I’m a nice person, I’m going to share the best response’s with you here.

Girls Question #1: What did your partner say your best body part was?

Best answer: Jasmine say’s Theresa’s best body part is her hair, which TJ helpfully pointed out typically isn’t considered a body part (For the record Theresa said legs).

Runner up: Jonna shocked Nany by saying smile instead of booty.

Girls Question #2: Who is the most fake person left in the house?

Best answer:  Nany guesses correctly that Jonna feels the most fake person left is Jemmye.  This is only really a great answer because of Jemmye’s reaction afterwards.  Jemmye apparently thought she and Jonna were friends, and she lashes out saying she’d call Jonna into the jungle if she could.

Guys question #2: Who is the trashiest girl left in the house?

Best answer: CT show’s his matured by writing RIP Wes (this was their second strike) rather than naming any of the girls.  Wes also showed he hasn’t matured by calling out Theresa.

(On a side note, this whole challenge was really funny, I highly recommend watching this episode just for this part if nothing else).

The winners on the girl’s side are Emily and Paula, who completed dominated this challenge, like they have basically every other one so far this season.  The guy winners are a little more surprising, it’s Leroy and Ty who apparently know each other better than it seems.  The losing girls team heading in to the jungle is Jemmye and Camila.  I guess the fact that those two basically never speak to each other really came back to bite them on the ass in this one.

Following the challenge, Theresa is hearing rumors that Jemmye and Camila want to face her in the jungle, and she isn’t too happy about it.  She attempts to round-up some people to vote for Aneesa and Diem in an effort to flip the power in the house.  Theresa thinks she has Jordan convinced, unfortunately for her, Jordan decides to discuss this strategy with Marlon while Johnny Banana’s is about five feet away pumping some iron.

photo (28)

Johnny and Frank let Jordan and Marlon know that this would be a bad move for them, but after the two sides exchange words it’s not entirely clear what the rookies have decided.  The guys finally stray from their strategy to just send in Cooke and Cara Maria every time.  Diem and Aneesa, Cooke and Cara, and Jonna and Nany all receive votes, but ultimately Jordan and Marlon avoid the classic rookie mistake of trying to make waves, and stick to their original alliance, casting the deciding vote to send in Theresa and Jasmine.

On a side note, this season has officially smashed all challenge records for number of times a cast member is seen running randomly in the background of a shot.  I counted three times in this episode alone where the camera captured some random exercise, couldn’t MTV have sprung for a couple treadmills or something?

photo (27)

This week’s elimination challenge consists of the teammates throwing balls to each other while running on treadmills (there they are).  There are three rounds and the team with the most balls at the end of each round wins.  Also if a player falls off the treadmill their team is out for that round.

photo (26)

Theresa and Jasmine start out surprisingly strong, but predictably things end up falling apart for them, and Jemmye and Camila prove that they can be strong in a challenge that doesn’t involve them speaking to each other.  With Theresa and Jasmine heading home, this marks the second week in a row that the rest of the house isn’t too sad to see the jungle losers sent packing.  The departure of Theresa and Jasmine also signifies the end of weak female teams in this game.  While Emily and Paula are still clearly the team to beat, the other remaining female teams all have their strengths, and figuring out who to face in the jungle won’t be easy for the ladies going forward.

We get stuck with the “coming up on this season of the challenge” preview instead of an actual preview of next week’s episode, but there is still a lot of drama to come, so the episode’s should start picking up in intensity as we get closer to the final.  I’m planning on doing an updated power rankings sometime in the next day or two, and then I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

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