The Challenge: Rivals II Updated Power Rankings



Seeing as how we just officially hit the half way mark for this season of the challenge, I decided it was time to do an update on the team power rankings.

Girls Teams

1. Emily and Paula (Previous ranking: 1)

Environmental Portraiture On The Set Of MTV's "The Challenge" - Phuket, Thailand

I’ve been having a hard time trying to come up with a more dominant team in the history of this show.  They “kill it” so often that TJ is practically beside himself, and we’re only half way through the season.  They’ve only lost one challenge this season, and that was because they decided to just let another team win.  I just wish there were some better girls (Rachel, Ev, Laurel) here to help judge how good Emily really is physically, because right now she looks like Michael Jordan playing against a junior high team.  I still can’t see anyway this team doesn’t win for the girls, so they’re staying at number one in the rankings.

2. Camila and Jemmye (Previous ranking: 5)


(This is my favorite picture of Camila and Jemmye from this season)

Camila and Jemmye finally looked like a strong team this week during the elimination challenge, and they looked strong in last week’s regular weekly challenge before bombing this week in the “frenemies” game.  The problem for these two is communication, and the fact that unlike most of the other teams, they really don’t like each other very much.  I could see this team finishing as high as second place, but based on the preview of the rest of the season it looks like we’ve still got a couple of Camila explosions to come.  So I could see them in second, and I could also see them blowing it and going home before the final.

3. Diem and Aneesa (Previous ranking: 2)


(This challenge provided some really great pictures)

Based on the preview it looks like there is some drama ahead for these two, or at least for Diem.  I don’t blame Diem for the whole Ty and Leroy going into the jungle thing, she made the right decision for her team, but it didn’t earn her many friends in the house, and now they have a men’s team gunning for them.  I think ultimately their alliances will get these two through to the final, but I can’t see them possibly finishing higher than third.  I love Aneesa, but we  all know these super athletic finals aren’t her forte.

4. Cara Maria and Cooke (Previous ranking: 4)

Physically these two are pretty clearly the second best team in the house, just look at how ripped Cara Maria’s arms are:


Unfortunately they have basically no friends which makes their run to a final much harder than some other teams.  Also, on a side note, I’ve never totally understood why people don’t like Cara Maria.  The only reason people ever seem to be able to give is that she is “annoying.”  But after watching this week’s challenge, and seeing that Cara apparently has some sort of “fake-ness” beef with Emily, I’m done feeling sorry for her.  You don’t like Emily?! Everyone likes her, she seems like one of the nicest people to ever be on these shows.  (Aside from that unfortunate black face incident, but I blame that mostly on Camila).  I can see these two getting to the finals and doing pretty well there, but I definitely see some more trips to the jungle in their future as well.

5. Jonna and Nany (Previous ranking: 3)

Environmental Portraiture On The Set Of MTV's "The Challenge" - Phuket, Thailand

These two are both tough, and they should have a couple of guys teams on their side with Jonna hooking up with Jordan and Nany being friends with Leroy.  The key word there is should, as this team joined in on the “throw Leroy under the bus” party with Theresa last week, and the preview shows Leroy telling them off for not having his back.  It also seems like their partnership might be starting to unravel, based on some parts of this weeks episode and the preview for the remainder of the season.  Ultimately I don’t see them being strong enough to beat Emily and Paula in the weekly challenge, or having enough friends to stay out of the jungle, and I think that will spell disaster for this team.

Guys Teams

1. Johnny and Frank (Previous ranking: 1)


So far this has been a very predictable Johnny Banana’s season. (Although he does seem to be a somewhat kinder, gentler Banana’s than in season’s past).  Johnny is running the house, and has plenty of alliances to keep him and Frank out of an elimination rounds.  The only possible hiccup I see to yet another Johnny Banana’s victory is the preview that seems to show him struggling during a challenge that looks like the final.  I don’t see any chance of this team not making the final, just not sure how high they will finish if that video is accurate.

2. Marlon and Jordan (Previous ranking: 3)


(It’s important to have a partner that can stop CT from killing you)

They seem to be getting stronger as the challenge goes forward.  I said at the beginning that I thought Jordan was made for competition like this, and so far he is proving me right with a couple of the moves he’s pulled off in challenges.  Based on this week’s episode and the preview it looks like things get a little testy between them and Johnny and Frank, so I see some jungles in their futures, but they have some solid alliances, and they did tease before the season started that they made it far, so I can still see them making the final.

3. CT and Wes (Previous ranking: 4)

Environmental Portraiture On The Set Of MTV's "The Challenge" - Phuket, Thailand

These two have been working surprisingly well together so far this season.  They’ve also both stayed pretty calm (at least by their standards) and seem to be flying a little under the radar at this point.  Additionally, no other guys team is going to want to face them in an elimination round, so they could have a fairly easy path to the final.  Of course, it’s CT and Wes and the preview shows plenty of drama ahead for CT, so they might get thrown into a jungle just for good measure.  I see this team in the final right now, but there’s always the possibly CT will kill someone and get sent home, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

4. Leroy and Ty (Previous ranking: 5)


It seems like they should be in a better position in this game, but it’s like the missed the alliance boat and they are the odd men out right now.  One possible issue could be that Leroy is basically playing the game alone, as Ty seems to only show up for challenges, and apparently spent the whole season sleeping because it was too hot.  With even their friends and hook up’s voting to send this team into the jungle I don’t see them sticking around too much longer.  (which is unfortunate because Leroy is good for at least a couple of laughs every episode).

5. Knight and Preston (Previous ranking: 6)


Clearly the worst team left in the house, I think they would lose to Emily and Paula at most challenges.  The only way they stick around past this coming week is if Johnny Banana’s and the power in the house decide they want to eliminate a strong team from the game.

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