I’m Glad we Finally got to see Some People get Electrocuted this Season (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 7 Recap)



The number of teams left in the house is dwindling, and with that being the case the tension is really ratcheting up amongst the cast members.  This week’s episode features a challenge that finally involves some electrocution, (after TJ just teased us in that jungle) and the return of the overly dramatic Frank and Jordan we all know and love, so let’s get started.

This week’s episode opens with the further breaking down of the partnership between Diem and Aneesa.  Diem is frustrated because Aneesa doesn’t want to spend all her time running the little circuit around the house that everyone seems to enjoy.  After their fight Aneesa says she and Diem are rivals more now then when they first arrived in the house.  I really want these two to make it to the final just to see what a train wreck it will be.

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This week’s challenge is called “blind leading the blind,” and features the teammates being strapped together and blindfolded while they make their way through a maze.  This would be fairly difficult by itself, but to add an extra degree of difficulty, the teammates each have an electric dog collar strapped to their wrist.  The stronger the shock you receive from the collar, the closer you are to getting to the finish.  This challenge is pretty funny to watch, even though it seems wrong to laugh at people screaming because they are being electrocuted.  (I reasoned it was ok because all the people on the show were laughing too).  A lot of teams really struggle at this one, and we learned that Cara Maria doesn’t like electric shocks nearly as much as she claims to.  Another take away from this challenge, despite just missing out on the win, Camila and Jemmye look like they keep getting stronger all the time.  This is a guys elimination week, and despite having the advantage of making the order, Ty and Leroy end up doing horribly in this challenge and are sent straight to the jungle.  Johnny and Frank are the winners for the guys, while Diem and Aneesa are the first girls team to beat Emily and Paula without victory just being handed to them.  The worst team by far is Nany and Jonna who essentially end up curling up into a ball after getting shocked a few times, and barely manage to make it past the starting point.  Nany and Jonna basically get the opposite of “killing it” from TJ, when he tells them that was the most pitiful thing he’s ever seen.

Following the challenge the girls teams are deliberating and are feeling like just sending in Knight and Preston is their best move.  Everything seems to be decided until Johnny Banana’s shows up and drops a classic Banana’s line saying: “if you guys don’t send the rookies in it’ll be the f*cking dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”  Johnny tries to sell the girls on the idea that keeping the rookies around is dumb because they’ve already broken their word once, but in reality everyone knows that it’s just because he wants to send a strong team home and keep the “lay-up” there in case he ends up in an elimination round.

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Johnny and Frank convince the girls to vote for Jordan and Marlon, unfortunately Jordan overhears this conversation and is not happy about it.  The next morning Jordan asks Frank “how the campaign is going,” as in the campaign to get him thrown into the jungle.  This sets off an always volatile Frank, and leads to Frank and Jordan having a number of confrontation leading up to the jungle.  (On a side note, Jordan and Marlon couldn’t even get Cooke and Cara Maria to not vote for them which proves it really was their time to prove themselves).  I also want to give credit to Nany and Jonna for being the only team to not vote for Jordan and Marlon, marking the first time they’ve kept their word so far in this game.

Once it has been officially decided that Jordan and Marlon will be going into the jungle, Jordan decides he needs to fight about it some more.  Frank overhears Jordan talking to Camila about Johnny and Frank organizing the vote to get the rookies sent in.  Fights between Frank and Jordan are great because neither one of them will ever back down.  This house is finally getting to see some of the crazy/combative Jordan that we saw in the Portland house.  Before things can get too far out of hand a kinder, gentler Johnny Banana’s comes along to calm everyone down.  Johnny explains to Jordan that everyone wants Knight and Preston in the final, and tells him that the rookies are a great team, but it’s time for them to go into the jungle and prove themselves.

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Finally, we have our first repeat of a jungle this season, as the teams will be competing in the “last chance” game that saw Rob and Derek defeat Tyrie and Dunbar earlier in the season.  The game consists of two players being defenders in the middle of a narrow hallway, while their teammates try to run through the hallway and ring a bell at the opposite end.  This game is a best two out of three.  This is definitely the best elimination round so far this season.  Each team has scored once on close races to make the score 1-1 heading into the final, winner take all point.  It seems like Ty and Leroy have it in the bag as Ty gets through and is almost to the bell, while Leroy has Jordan pinned against the side of the hallway.  Unfortunately for Leroy and Ty, Marlon shows off his football skills and manages to hold Ty down long enough for Jordan to pull off an impressive spin move and get away from Leroy.  Jordan then sprints to the bell and gives the victory to the rookies.  (This was a classic Ty elimination round performance, very reminiscent of when he just laid down and refused to get up a couple of years ago during an elimination).

This week’s episode closes out with Jordan seemingly deciding to take the smart route by telling Preston he is done with the politicking, and that they will just have to win from here on out.  Frank on the other hand seems to be moving in the opposite direction, stating he’s going to start letting his “beast out of its cage.” (The kinder, gentler Banana’s doesn’t seem too keen on this idea).  The preview for next week makes it look like Frank will be making good on his word, as it appears he has some unkind words for Jemmye that set Camila off into beast mode.  I’m excited for next week, a feisty Frank and a crazy Camila (I love alliteration) definitely make for some quality challenge viewing.  I’ll see you back here next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.

(I’d just like to end this week’s post with my favorite part of this season of the challenge – random running.  Now if they make it to the final and do poorly no one can say Aneesa didn’t try).

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If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

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