Kind of Exciting Reality TV News Update



So this weekend I’ve come across a couple of pieces of reality tv news that were just too good (or bad depending on how you want to look at it) to wait to share with all of you.  The first piece of news come courtesy of The Bachelorette.  For those of you who just can’t get enough of Chris Siegfried’s poetry there is great news – his poems are now available for purchase on! The book of poetry is called “Diamonds and Hearts – A Poetic Memoir,” (how appropriate) and right now is only available via digital download, but don’t worry, hard copies will be available soon.  Also, for any of you who really preferred Desiree’s poetry, and are feeling disappointed right now, don’t worry, there are two bonus poems from Des included in the compilation.   I just have a few more thought’s I want to share on this literary masterpiece:

1.  It’s 182 pages.  I couldn’t figure out how Chris possibly came up with 182 pages of poetry someone agreed to publish until I took a look at the free sneak peek Amazon provides.  Not only do you get  a type written version of each poem, you also get a synopsis from Chris, (in case it was so deep it just went over your head) and a photo copy picture of the original handwritten poem.  The synopsis portion was my personal favorite, and I’d like to share one of them with you here.  This is Chris’ synopsis of his first poem in the book, entitled “Observations:”

“I wrote this poem on a whim one day while I was sitting enjoying an Americano coffee at Starbucks one day after work.  Enjoy the randomness of the poetry here and imagine yourself sitting and people watching.”

God, Chris really set the scene for me there, this poem had so much more meaning for me after reading his synopsis.  (A part of me feels bad for tearing this book apart, but it’s just so silly I can’t help myself).

2. The most shocking take away from discovery this book on Amazon – it’s getting great reviews! Not a single person has trashed it yet, and it’s currently ranked #1 on Amazon for books of love poetry.  I’m pretty sure this says something about people who buy books of love poems, but I don’t want someone to write an angry sonnet in response to this, so I’ll let you guys fill in what you think it says about them.

Finally, I’m going to include the link here so you guys can check out this piece of art for yourselves, just make sure you set aside enough time to get through all 182 pages.



The next bit of news I have to share comes courtesy of The Challenge: Rivals II aka the best show ever even though none of the teammates this season are actually rivals.  Despite the fact that there are no real rivals amongst the teammates this season, a new legit rivalry has been emerging within this cast.  That being the rivalry between Emily and Cara Maria.  We first saw the feud on the show when Emily said she felt Cara was the “fakest” person left in the house, and the fighting has spilled over onto Twitter where the two had a nasty exchange yesterday.  (Unfortunately the tweets have now been deleted).  I mentioned this in my regular challenge post this week, but Emily seems like a horrible person to feud with.  Everyone, myself included, already loves her, while Cara on the other hand is one of the least popular cast members, this just isn’t a fight she’s going to win.  I really hope we get into this feud some more, either on the reunion show, or through some more banter on Twitter.  While I’m still totally baffled by how anyone could hate Emily, unless Cara is just jealous she’s not the most jacked girl in the house, this does provide us with a real rivalry for when rivals III rolls around in a few years.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’ll see you later this week for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II, and possibly a post about Dexter if this season ever gets to the point that it’s worth talking about.

Thoughts/Questions/Comments – you can reach me via email – or on Twitter – @NoOneGoesToClev

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