The Return of Old School Johnny Banana’s (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 7 Recap)



I finally feel like we’re getting somewhere after this week’s episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.  We got a taste of the old Camila and Johnny Banana’s, and we got to see Frank make good on his promise from last week to start letting his “beast” out of its cage.  There is a lot to cover this week, so let’s get started.

This week’s episode opens with Frank talking some sh*t about the “new kids” (aka the people who have done the same number of shows as him).  Frank is talking to Jonna and is focusing most of his trash talk on Jemmye, who Frank is clearly not a big fan of, based on some interviews he’s done.  Frank says Jemmye and the new kids would throw themselves under the bus if it meant winning some money.  This is an interesting quote from Frank, since the whole conversation started out as Jonna wanting to know if Frank had her back, and in the end of the episode Frank votes her into the jungle.  (So I guess even Frank isn’t above throwing people under the bus for some money).

When we get back to the house Jemmye is berating Knight for not defending her while Frank was talking trash in the club.  Knight is being about as supportive as you’d expect an ex-boyfriend to be, saying he doesn’t care about Frank, and that Jemmye is acting like an idiot.  It’s clear Jemmye isn’t going to be getting any help from Knight, but don’t worry because Camila is here to save the day.  Camila breaks up the fight between Knight and Jemmye by screaming “Hey, wake the f*ck up!” while banging on the table.  Camila explains that she does this because Knight knows how to push Jemmye’s buttons and she doesn’t want her partner to start going crazy for some stupid reason. (That’s Camila’s job not yours, get it straight Jemmye).

Jemmye walks away, and it seems like the fighting might be ending for the night, but not so fast!  Johnny Banana’s notices that Camila is all wound up and decides this is a perfect opportunity to poke at her.

photo (36)


(Just look how evil he looks in this picture, this is classic old school Banana’s)

Johnny calls Camila crazy repeatedly, and gets her so wound up that is takes basically all the other girls in the house to hold her back.

photo (35)


(the hat Paula is wearing really adds a lot to this picture)

The best part about this is that it’s the return of the classic Banana’s we really haven’t been seeing much of this season, as he tries to proclaim his innocence after provoking Camila for most of the night.  (At one point it looked like Camila was getting ready to zombie walk into the pool again, that would have been the best part of this episode, but sadly it didn’t happen).

The biggest take away from these fights is how similar Jemmye and Camila actually are.  They are both loud and crazy and have ex’s in this house that love to provoke them.  They’ve really had a lot of common this whole time, (they’re even both lifeguards, who would’ve thought) but it took this night of fighting to make them realize their similarities and bring them closer together.

Now that Jemmye and Camila have bonded it’s time for this week’s challenge.  This week’s challenge is called “swingers,” and consists of the players swinging from a trapeze bar, and then dropping into the water for a long swim.  This was an interesting challenge to watch as it taught us a lot about which players can swim and which one’s can’t.  First up in the can’t category is Cara Maria.  Cara seemingly gets the wind knocked out of her when she hits the water which definitely effects their time, but she also admits she’s just not a very good swimmer.  Cara struggles mightily and she and Cooke end up finishing with the slowest time and a direct trip to the jungle.  Two guys teams end up quitting this challenge, as both Marlon and Preston get sucked out to sea in a rip current and bow out of the event.  (Kind of sad these guys weren’t strong enough to swim against the current, since even a small girl like Jonna manged to pull it off and finish).  This challenge also taught us that two of the strongest competitor’s, Emily and Johnny, are not strong swimmers, something that could come back to bite them in a final.  In the end their past experience as lifeguards pays off for Jemmye and Camila as they take home the win and are safe from elimination.  On the guys side, another team that is continuing to gel as a unit, Wes and CT come out as the winners.

Following the challenge there really isn’t even much point in having any deliberations because it’s clear who will be facing Cooke and Cara Maria in the jungle.  Jonna and Nany are pretty much out of friends in this game, and it’s obvious Frank’s friendship with Jonna isn’t going to be strong enough to sway Johnny into voting for someone that’s in his alliance.

photo (33)

It looks like we’ve seen all the elimination games for this season, as this week features the second time for “snappers.”  This is the game where one person from each team is blindfolded, and has to depend on direction from their teammate to help them break a stick over their opponent.  The first team to break two sticks wins.  This is not the most exciting elimination round I’ve ever seen, and despite having a fire lit under them by Franks betrayal, Nany and Jonna are defeated 2-0, meaning Cooke and Cara Maria are headed back to the house (and back to the jungle in the next elimination round).

photo (34)


(Frank attempted to smooth things over with Jonna by wearing a headband to support her.  I guess it worked because during last night’s episode Frank said on Twitter that he was on his way to have dinner with Jonna).

This week’s episode closes out with Frank complaining to Diem that he hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back this season, and yet still can’t shake his bad guy reputation.  I guess Frank did kind of stab Jonna in the front, he let her know that they had to vote for her, but that still doesn’t really make him a great guy.  Frank’s problem is that he has a tendency to act like a bully and then can’t understand why people don’t like him.

Anyways, that’s enough for this week.  It looks like things are going to continue to ramp up next week, as we will be seeing the challenge where Johnny Banana’s shows some weakness, and has to get help from the medical staff.  (A lot of people thought that footage was from the final, but guess not).  We’ll also be getting increased aggression between Johnny and CT and Wes, and increased sexual tension between CT and Diem.  The whole CT and Diem thing seems a little silly to me, and word on the street is that they only put on this show to get camera time, but we’ll see how things play out.  (Also, does anyone else feel like Diem’s hair is a lot longer than it was when she first stopped wearing the wigs.  Maybe it’s just styled differently, but it looked like she had a lot more hair to me).  Finally, as I mentioned in the opening of this week’s post, this episode featured the return of the old Johnny Banana’s.  He wasn’t really in true Banana’s form for the whole episode, but don’t worry, he threw out plenty of gems on Twitter last night during the episode.  Some were pretty harmless, such as this barb at his partner Frank:

or this one at Preston:

or even this one at Jonna:

But he really went after Camila hard, in one tweet he said that the life jacket was the only time Camila has ever used protection, and in another he said that this isn’t the only time Camila was left wet, and on her stomach.  Johnny has since deleted these tweets, probably when some good sense kicked in, and he realized he crossed the line somewhere in there.  These tweets just serve as proof that you shouldn’t worry about Banana’s going soft in his old age.  That’s all I’ve got for this week, just wanted to share these gems with you before I left.  I’ll probably be back sometime this weekend with an updated power rankings, and I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online, here’s the link.

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