Diemnesia (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 9 Recap)



So this week’s recap is a little late, and it’s probably going to be a little short too because my real life job is wearing me out and my brain is fried.  Don’t worry though, I’ll still be covering Johnny Banana’s return to a less in shape version of his vintage self, and Diem and CT’s continued flirtation, as well as CT’s budding bromance with Wes, so let’s get started.

This week’s episode starts out with a continuation of the flirtation between CT and Diem.  After some dancing, and according to Diem a lot of drinking, (so much so that she can’t remember what happened the next morning) CT finally gets the kiss he’s been after all season.  CT actually manages to get Diem all the way to his bed, unfortunately she passes out almost immediately after she lays down, and he ends up spending the night on the floor, but still a step in the right direction for America’s favorite reality couple.  (Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of CT and Diem together but based on the reactions of all the cast members and people on Twitter, me and Aneesa are possibly the only two people in the world who are against this relationship, so I might have to just let it go).

photo (37)

This week’s challenge is called “Rampage,” and consists of the team members  running up a ramp and putting a ball into a basket.  The team with the most balls, or the one that gets all 20 balls in their basket the fastest is the winner.  This game also features two teams competing at the same time, and the players have the option to try to knock each other over in the spot where the two ramps cross.  (Smashing into the opposing team is usually right up CT’s alley, but I guess he wasn’t into it because the only real contact during his heat was when Preston knocked him off the ramp).  The biggest take away from this game is that Johnny Banana’s doesn’t seem to have his old form in this challenge.  Johnny is very winded by the end of the 3 minutes, and ends up throwing up after the clock is stopped.  This is the first time Johnny has shown any weakness in a long time on one of these shows, he is generally in control of the game both politically and physically from start to finish, and this showing seems to open the door for some other teams.  The team that ends up walking through that door is CT and Wes who win their second straight challenge, and become the first team guaranteed a spot in the final.  I’m honestly really surprised how well CT and Wes have jelled as a team, they are looking very strong heading towards the final.  Preston and Knight on the other hand still look like the weakest team in the house, and proved it by finishing last and earning a trip to the jungle.  One final point for this game, the producer’s used a creative edit during the heat between Aneesa and Diem, and Jemmye and Camila, making it look like both teams were comically awful at this event.  All the girls protested the edit on Twitter, and after looking at the number of balls they have at the end of the three minutes, it does look like the producer’s put out an unfair edit, and that these teams weren’t nearly as bad as they made it seem.  Also on the girl’s side of things, Emily and Paula reclaimed their spot in the winner’s circle taking home this challenge.

Following this week’s challenge there really isn’t much point in having any deliberations, it’s obvious to everyone (themselves included) that Jordan and Marlon will be the team joining Knight and Preston in the jungle.  Johnny Banana’s may have fallen off some physically, but he still has enough political muscle to earn his team a spot in the final.

photo (38)

The highlight of this week’s episode is the fight between Johnny and CT and Wes following the announcement that Johnny and Frank were now in the final.  Wes says he thinks it’s great Johnny will be there because he threw up after running for three minutes, this causes Johnny to remind Wes that Kenny had to carry him up a mountain during Rivals I.  Johnny continues to pound away on Wes and CT’s history in the challenges, but it is worth noting, that while he hasn’t won as much as Johnny, Wes did win the first season of The Duel and the $150,000 prize that went with it.  The two sides continue to hit back and forth at each other both verbally, and with some actual shoves, until finally they decide to settle down before things get out of hand.

This week’s elimination challenge is a repeat of “breaking on through” aka the challenge where Zach cheated and chucked his helmet into the peanut gallery.  Jordan and Marlon win this challenge pretty easily, as Jordan is somehow better at using bolt cutters with one hand than Knight is with two.  Jordan even gives Knight and Preston a chance to catch up when he foolishly tries repeatedly to smash through the door at the bottom of the tower instead of just breaking to locks off and walking through.  Luckily Knight is beyond horrible with the bolt cutters and they never make it past the second floor, so despite Jordan’s mistake, they really never had anything to worry about.  Knight did however deliver my favorite line of the night, responding with “not really” after Jordan says “good job Knight and Preston” at the end of the challenge.

This week’s episode closes out a lot like it started, with Diem and CT flirting in a bar.  However this time, while they are busy flirting, Johnny, Paula and Frank are playing a very intense game of Jenga and discussing the fact that getting back together with CT seems like a big mistake for Diem.  Paula closes out the conversation by saying she thinks Diem is going to learned a lesson in a very hard way.

Next week’s episode will feature the final challenge before the final race, and will teach us which girls teams will be left in the end.  It also looks like next week will be the time when many of the girls in the house will turn on Diem, so that’ll be something to look forward to.  There is only a couple of episode’s left, and with all strong teams remaining this season looks to have a pretty epic final.  I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Challenge: Rivals II.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link.

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