Cara Maria Really Needs to Invest in Swimming Lessons Before the Next Challenge (The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 11 Recap)


First off this week, I want to apologize again for not posting a recap of the last episode of The Challenge.  My real life work schedule is making finding time to post a little tricky, but we’re back on track now, at least for this week, so let’s get right into it.

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This week’s episode opens up with the final girls jungle between Camila and Jemmye and Diem and Aneesa.  The teams are playing the game where you hang upside down and cut through a rope with tiny saws, aka the game where Cooke pissed herself.  Things are bad for Diem and Aneesa right from the start as Diem realizes she can’t reach the rope, and starts freaking out as a result.  Things work out much better for Jemmye and Camila who discover right away that Jemmye can pull the rope up so that Camila can reach it.  (This challenge teaches Diem that it’s never a good thing if Camila and Jemmye look like the calm, poised competitors when compared to you).  Diem and Aneesa finally figure things out, but not soon enough and they are headed home, making Camila and Jemmye the last girls team in the final.  (Diem and Aneesa can at least take solace in the fact that there was no urine in the water the losers fall into this time).

Following their victory Camila celebrates by saying that the only thing the other teams have over them in the final is running ability.  Umm…I think to break it to you Camila but being good at long distance running is typically really important in the final.  (even though we haven’t seen any running yet, so maybe this years final is changing things up).  While Camila isn’t worried about her teammates lack of endurance effecting their chances, Emily is somehow worried about hers.  Emily breaks down to her partner Paula about her concerns over running a long distance.  I’m not sure how Emily, possibly the best female athlete in the country, is concerned about being able to run a final, but I guess everyone gets jitters from time to time.

Later in the episode the gang finally gets the text message from TJ they have been waiting for.  The message tells them to pack their bags and meet him in Tokyo the next day.  Most of the teams are excited for this curve ball, as it sounds like the final will be run in a city instead of the typical challenge final that involves running up mountains and across glaciers.  However just as some teams are celebrating their improved chances with this curve ball, another one comes their way.  The bus they are taking to the airport is stopped by a group of “ninja’s” lead by TJ, who let the cast know they won’t actually be heading to Tokyo.

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Instead of heading to Tokyo the final is taking place right in Thailand, and the great news for some of the teams, it’s kicking off with a mile swim to “dream island.”  After the swim the teams have to put together a three-dimensional puzzle and then kayak out to a super yacht.  TJ let’s the teams know before they start that there is only room for two guys and two girls teams on the yacht, so the last place team from each gender will not even get to compete in the second part of the final.  It seems like the first part of the final should doom Cooke and Cara Maria, as Cara basically can’t swim at all, but they are in luck because all the teams are essentially terrible at puzzles.  Cooke and Cara manage to make a huge come back and are the first girls team to get to the yacht, shortly behind the first guys team, CT and Wes (who surprisingly crushed everyone at the puzzle).  Emily and Paula take the last spot for the girls, aided by the fact that Camila and Jemmye are beyond terrible at puzzles.

The episode ends with Johnny and Frank and Marlon and Jordan in a desperate race to the yatch after both teams failed to complete their puzzles in the alloted one hour time limit.  Just as the episode ends we see one of the kayaks capsize, but those tricky producers at Bunim/Murray are making you wait until next week to find out which time went overboard. (I cheated and looked at spoilers awhile back, so I know which team takes the final spot for the guys, but I won’t ruin it for the rest of you here).  Next week is the final episode, and it looks like it will feature lots of running and puzzles aka a classic MTV challenge final race.

Following this week’s episode they aired the “The sh*t they should of shown” special.  I’m not really going to get into it because there weren’t too many note worthy moments, unless you love lesbian hook ups and smelly belly buttons, but I’ll provide the link to watch online as soon as it becomes available on  Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week for a recap of the final episode of The Challenge: Rivals II.

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