Jeff Probst Hates Quitters Almost as Much as TJ Lavin (Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 Recap)


So I’m coming into the Survivor game a little late this season, at least in terms of recapping.  Unfortunately my work schedule made it impossible to pull off two posts on Thursdays, but now that The Challenge: Rivals II has ended I’m all in on Survivor.  I’ve been a little in and out with this show in recent years, but when I heard about this seasons format I decided it was time to make a full-fledged return to Survivor fandom.  Now, with all that business out of the way, let’s dive right into what happened with last nights episode.

This week’s episode opens up with Colton feeling bummed out about his attempts to create chaos at camp being a total failure.  Feeling insecure about his position in the game, Colton asks Aras if he’s in trouble.  Aras does a horrible job of comforting him, by confirming he is in fact in trouble, but goes on to say someone else may mess up even more than him, so Colton shouldn’t panic just yet.

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Unfortunately, Colton doesn’t listen, because while everyone else is busy being upset with Brad for sending Rachel to redemption island, Colton is having his own meltdown.  Colton starts crying and when Jeff Probst asks him what’s going on, he responds by saying he doesn’t want to be there anymore.  Colton claims he wants to leave because he doesn’t want to turn into the person he was during his previous season, and that he is sick of everyone hating him.  Then Tina steps up and offers the actual reason, that being that the other members of the tribe are refusing to play Coltons game, and he knows he won’t be able to win.  Jeff asks him if it’s true that he decides to quit when he realizes he can’t win, and Colton essentially confirms this fact. (As someone with a hatred of camping, I’m kind of with Colton on this one, why would you stick around once you know you aren’t going to win?).  Once Colton confirms he is indeed quitting the game for a second time, Jeff Probst decides to go after him hard.  Jeff say’s Colton is the type of person who should just watch adventure from the couch, and says that despite his claims of growth, Colton clearly hasn’t grown at all since his last time on Survivor.

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With the Colton drama out of the way, it’s time to get to the real show on redemption island, the duel to see who will be leaving the show this week.  This week’s duel is basically a big game of dominos, with a bit of added difficult from the weather, it’s 114 degrees according to Jeff as the women start their face off.  Candice coasts to another victory, and gives John the second clue to the immunity idol.  With Candice safe, Rachel and Marissa are left to battle it out, and after several failed attempts by each woman, Marissa finally is able to get her stack to work and stays in the game while Rachel is sent home.

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Next up it’s time for this week’s immunity challenge.  This week’s challenge consists of a player from each tribe using a bag to try to push their opponent off a platform and into the water.  The first tribe to knock off five players from the other team is the winner.  Biggest takeaways from this challenge are: 1.  Vytas is still a bully, as he goes for a sneak attack to try to take out Aras when the two are matched up against each other and Aras gives him a chance to get back up, and 2. Tyson hurts his shoulder during his match up, he is taken out for the rest of the competition, but it could be a big blow to his tribe if the injury ends up effecting him in the long-term and he isn’t able to stay in the game.

Following their loss in yet another immunity challenge, Tadhana is tasked with figuring out which tribe member it will be voting to redemption island.  At first the five man alliance seems strong, and they appear to agree that Katie or Ciera will be voted off, but when John decides to go look for the immunity idol, Brad decides it’s time to spice things up a little bit.  Brad says he realized that if they keep John around, and Candice stays in the game, that when the merge comes he will no longer be in control of what John does, and so they need to go ahead and eliminate John now.  The other guys don’t seem completely convinced, especially when Brad says he wants to be the one person not to vote for John, so that he can potentially regain his trust if he manages to stay in the game.  The rest of the tribe, minus Brad and John, discusses potentially going for an even bigger target and voting for Brad, but ultimately they decide it’s too risky to keep John around if he has the immunity idol, and decide they need to vote him off to redemption island.

The preview for next week shows more heat coming Brads way.  It’s hard to imagine Brad getting much further is this game, as it’s always difficult for a tribe to trust their outspoken leader after the leader stabs one of them in the back.  Also the fact that he’s a former professional football player and doesn’t really need the money will most likely come back to hurt him at some point.  That’s all I’ve got for this week, see you next Thursday for another recap of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

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