First Impressions From The Premiere Episode of The Real World Ex-plosion



Ok, I planned to do a full-out recap of this week’s episode of The Real World Ex-plosion, but due to a busy real life schedule I’m cutting down to just the highlights for this week.  I’ve got to say that I had my doubts about this new plan for the show, but so far I’m in.  The premiere episode was better than I expected, and I’m sure things will only get crazier once the ex’s get there.


-Kind of random place to start off, but the crew was more visible than I can ever remember in the past during this first episode.  There were several times that cameramen were visible in the frame.  I’m not sure if it is just due to the layout of this particular house, or if the producer’s decided to break down that barrier between cast and crew for some reason.  The fact that they also show Ashley on the phone with a producer making plans for the night makes me feel like it could be more of the latter.

-How did Ashley get cast on The Real World “Ex-plosion” when she apparently has several boyfriends?  I’m only letting this go because I think when Ashley says “boyfriend” she actually means someone she sleeps with in exchange for gifts.

-Jamie hates cheaters.  In other news I see a lot of problems arising for Jamie when the ex’s show up in 28 days (show time, not real-time).

-Now let’s cut to the real highlight of this first episode – Ashley and the fact that she is one of the most bat shit crazy people ever to appear on this show (based on one episode of footage).  Ashley is upset that Jamie has called her out for being a cheater and responds by saying that people can’t talk shit about her in “her city.” (She’s technically from West Virginia originally, but like everyone from West Virginia she’s pretending that’s not true, and acting like she was born and raised in San Francisco).  Ashley then proceeds to cry and say this is like high school all over again and claims people are picking on her for no reason.

-Next Ashley starts screaming that Jamie is just upset because she tattooed herself from “neck to ankle,” and will never be able to get a boyfriend.  Then Ashley goes on to say that she doesn’t know who Jamie’s family is but that her family would “buy and sell” Jamie’s.  Cory tries to calm her down by saying she could buy and sell his family, but that doesn’t make her better than him.  Ashley responds by saying “yes it does” without even the briefest of pauses.

-Ashley decides the best way to make up for being a bitch the night before is to act like nothing happened, and flash her roommates repeatedly while making a half-hearted attempt to join their exercise group. (This does kind of work on Cory, at least for a while, so I’ll give her a little credit).

-Doug (the guy that followed Jenny home from the bar) was probably my favorite person from this episode.  I’ve never seen a guy be rejected that many times and still remain hopeful.

-Ashley decides the best way to bond with her roommates on night two is to fling grease/cheeseburgers at their head.  Not surprisingly, Arielle doesn’t appreciate this attempt at making friends.

-Ashley’s feelings are so hurt by this rejection that she drunk dials her grandfather to tell him that her roommates are being mean to her and she just wants to crawl  into (onto? hard to understand the drunk crying gibberish she’s spitting out) his belly.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I plan to go more in-depth on my feelings about each cast member either next Thursday during my recap or sometime this weekend, it will depend on how my schedule works out.  In other posting news, this week’s The Bachelor post has (most likely) been moved up to late Monday night, and I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-plosion.

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