Cast Break Down of The Real World Ex-Plosion



The other day when I did a fairly lame recap of the premiere episode of The Real World Ex-Plosion I said I’d try to do a more in-depth recap over the weekend, and here it is.  I think I covered most of the major events from the first episode, although I did tragically leave out the “bear sex,” my bad.  Right now I mostly want to talk more about the cast members and my early views on them.  Also, if you think my opinions suck, or you just want to get some other opinions mixed in too, I’m including the link (here) to the Grantland “Right Reasons” podcast, where Real World Alum Frank Sweeney breaks down the first episode with host Juliet Litman.  I really recommend watching the video, Frank shares some great info as always, and the podcast is generally a great place to find a break down of the most recent reality tv programming (although Frank isn’t regular contributor).  Anyways, on with my character break downs:

Arielle Scott: 24-year-old model from Oakland/the bay area. Twitter: @itsarifitz



One of my favorites from night one.  She graduated from UC Berkeley and came across as well spoken and intelligent during her Real World debut (not always an easy thing to do).  She also remained more poised than anyone else in Real World history when she took a pan of hot grease/cheeseburgers to the face and didn’t fly off the handle.  It will be interesting to see if she can remain that poised when her ex shows up in the house in a few weeks.

Ashley Mitchell: 24-year-old model from San Francisco (originally West Virginia) Twitter: @MTVASHLEYBROOKE



Now moving on to the star of night one, Ashley.  I don’t know if I can ever remember a time when someone showed they were completely insane quite so quickly on this show.  Ashley managed to insult or assault basically all her follow cast members within the first 48 hours.  She also told her grandfather she wanted to crawl up into his belly and go home, which replaces Jessica telling Tyler she wanted to lick his face during the Portland season, as the most awkward line delivered to a family member/loved one over the phone.  Ashley also spent the whole premiere re-tweeting people saying she was the best cast member, which I found very annoying after a while. (Even though I would probably do the same thing if I was on The Real World).  I really think Ashley is going to tone it down, or at least the focus on her is going to be toned down, once the ex’s get to the house.  Ashley doesn’t have an ex because she has about 10 concurrent boyfriends, and I think the love triangles will steal the attention from the nightly spectacle that is “Drunk Ashley,” but until then I plan to enjoy her crazy and all it has to offer.

Cory Wharton: 22-year-old personal trainer from Santa Monica (originally Grand Rapids Michigan). Twitter: @MTVCoryWharton



I was actually really surprised how much I liked this season’s.  Aside from Ashley who is clearly great for the show but terrible for society, Cory was the cast member I liked the least.  He didn’t really do anything wrong in the first episode, (except appear to consider sleeping with Ashley after she told him her family could buy his family) he just seemed a little dull.  Cory did manage to have bear sex with Jenny in the confessional to close out the episode, and that, along with their ensuing “friends with benefits” relationship will certainly make Cory’s storyline a little more interesting when his ex Lauren arrives.

Jamie Larson: 22-year-old bartender/advice columnist/former model (every female cast member from this season has been involved in the modeling industry) From Houston, TX. Twitter: @JamieChinaMTV



Jamie declared herself the “cheating police” on night one, and she could end up being super busy once ex’s arrive in a house where new relationships are blooming.  I liked Jamie, and the way she called out her roommates – Ashley for having multiple boyfriends, and later Tom in the bar for being overly cocky about his good looks.  (Frank is also a big Jamie fan, just so you know).  By the end of episode one she and Tom are developing a little budding romance which will certainly be tested when Tom’s ex girlfriend Hailey arrives in the house.

Jay Gotti, 26-year-old (didn’t the cut off used to be 24?) MC/party host from Bronx NY. Twitter: @JayGMTV



For a self-described “player,” who says he can get any girl to do “anything he wants,” I was surprised at how much I liked him during the premiere.  Jay has apparently never left the Bronx, so maybe the culture shock was so intense in the first couple days that he was too overwhelmed to try to pick up chicks. (He did boldly touch a black person’s hair though, so Jay is clearly taking advantage of new opportunities).  It doesn’t look like Jay will be involved with any of his roommates, so any drama between him and his ex (Jenna) when she arrives will likely be caused by Jay trying to pick up chicks out at the clubs.  Based on first impressions it seems like Jay and Arielle will be the two most laid back members of the house though, so I don’t really see a lot of drama coming from him, but I could always be wrong.

Jenny Delich: 23-year-old aspiring actress/singer from LA (originally Kansas City, MO) Twitter: @jennycdelich



I decide to use this picture of Jenny from an ad for American Pawn and Gallery just to show you how serious she is about her acting career.  (Poor Real World cast members, when will they learn.  The Real World has had less success turning young people into celebrities than The Bachelor has in turning strangers into happily married couples).  Something about Jenny really reminds me of Robin from the originally San Diego season, (old, more fun Robin, not the stressed out, crazy mom Robin from the last couple challenges she’s been on) can’t totally put my finger on what it is, but something about their personalities seems very similar, which can only be a good thing for this show.  The  Cory-Jenny-Brian love triangle definitely seems like it will be the most interesting of the season, especially with the added bonus of Cory and Brian apparently becoming buddies.  I think Jenny will provide us with plenty of entertainment during this season, and Frank rather inexplicably thinks she will be good on The Challenge, so I’d say she is one to keep an eye on.

Tom: 21-year-old college student/frat guy from Fort Worth Texas. Twitter: @ThomasBuellMTV



Despite describing himself as a “rich white boy,” and being described by MTV as someone who is very blunt and doesn’t care if speaking his mind hurts people’s feelings, I liked Tom a lot in episode one.  Maybe I just like him because he totally humiliated himself when he tried to pick up Arielle by telling her she had a nice ass. (She rejected him by letting him know she liked p*ssy).  I’m also a fan of the budding romance between him and Jamie, but according to MTV their relationship is going to be rocky, and will get even trickier when Tom’s ex Hailey shows up and decides she wants him back because he is “downgrading” himself by being with Jamie.

So basically I’m super excited about this season, things have been crazy already and the ex’s aren’t even in the house for another couple of weeks.  We’re also getting our first pregnancy scare on this show since Stephen and Trishelle during the first Las Vegas season, so good things are definitely headed our way.  That’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll see you (late) Monday night for a recap of this week’s episode of The Bachelor, and next Thursday for a recap of episode two of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

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