A Numbers Game (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 2 Recap)



Last week’s premiere episode of The Real World Ex-Plosion definitely topped all my expectations going in to a new season of The Real World.  Bear sex, assault with a cheeseburger, and talk of buying and selling people’s families is a lot of action to pack into a one hour show.  I thought there might be a little let down this week after the strong debut, but there was plenty to like about this new episode, so let’s get started with the action which picks up right where we left off last week.


The morning after the cheeseburger/hot grease to the face assault by Ashley, Arielle makes good on her promise to talk things over in the morning.  Ashley says she was just joking when she threw the grease in Arielle’s face, (I’m not sure Ashley knows what a joke is) and they agree to that Ashley will use a pillow next time instead of a scalding hot pan.  The house then goes on to have a meeting with all the roommates to address Ashley’s behavior the first two nights.  Ashley kind of agrees to reign herself in, and things are looking up for her until a short time later when she and Jamie try to work on their individual issues.  Jamie tells Ashley that everyone likes her when she is sober, but when she starts drinking it becomes a different story, and Jamie wants to know if something can be done to fix that.  Ashley responds by saying that she doesn’t know because she doesn’t like Jamie either drunk or sober because she thinks Jamie is mean and “whispers” about her.  The two ultimately make no progress towards resolving their issues, and things will undoubtedly be very tense at the hair styling station moving forward this season.

Next up, the group is out to dinner and it comes out that Tom has only had sex with three girls.  The housemates are originally in disbelief, and can’t see how anyone’s number could be that low. (Just for comparison Jay said he slept with that many girls by 7th grade, and Cory said to times it by a hundred and you’d get his number – I think they may have been exaggerating a bit, but with this show you never know).  Tom says when he decides to have sex with someone it’s a big deal to him, as opposed to Cory who says the girls all the way back to grammar school knew he was a pimp.  Cory also says he can’t imagine how it would feel to be cheated on or stabbed in the back, even though he has done those things to a lot of girls.  Tom’s selectivity about the girls he sleeps with, and Cory’s jealousy issues will be major themes for this week’s episode.

A short time later Tom and Jamie (and Arielle) are out to eat and the issue of how many people it’s ok to have sex with comes up again.  Tom is upset when he finds out Jamie has slept with 16 people because he feels that shows that she does not view sex in the same way he does.  Tom also says that he doesn’t want to have sex with Jamie because he has to really know and care about the person before taking that step.  This romance briefly seems like it might be doomed until Tom apologizes, and tells Jamie that he is very opinionated, but that he wants to get to know her better.

Next up, Arielle decides to take the group out to a gay bar to give them a glimpse of her lifestyle.  While at the bar Jamie says that when she is “talking” (as in one step from dating) a guy, she considers herself off-limits to all other men.  Tom on the other hand, while very selective about who he will sleep with, says that if a girl hits on him he will let it happen and she has to trust that nothing is going to happen as a result of some flirting.  Jamie is not a big fan of this view on things, and her jealousy over Tom talking to other girls will show up several times in the episode.  Jamie however, doesn’t like as clingy and insane as Cory, who gets upset when Jenny is dancing with girls at the gay bar.  Then when they get home Cory and Jenny have some weird argument about pants and who should be wearing them in their relationship.  Are they even really in a relationship though?  They’ve known each other for less than a week, I thought they were just f*cking.  (I think Jenny may have thought the same thing, because she mostly just seems confused while Cory rambles about wearing the pants and being “top dog”).

Later on, after Jamie has started taking it so far as to physically separate other girls from Tom, the guy finally decides something needs to be done before Jamie ends up in jail.  Tom finally gives their relationship a label, saying that Jamie is his girl, and making it official that they are now dating.  (Just to make things extra complicated when his ex shows up in a couple of weeks).

I just want to take a second to give some credit to Arielle, for not only bringing home the hottest chick anyone has brought back in years on this show:


But also for tackling Cory when he was approaching full on CT mode after a fight with some locals in the street.  She really is the total package.

This week’s episode closes out with Cory still being upset about the fight with the local hoods, and compounding that by getting into a fight with Jenny.  Jenny says that she can now see a relationship between her and Cory would be just like the one she had with her ex.  I’ve got to say, even though some of it can be blamed on alcohol, I am liking Cory less and less all the time.  He really seems like a weird, controlling jerk, and at this point I’m not totally sure how he got those 300 girls to sleep with him, but it’s early still, there may be a better side to Cory that we haven’t seen yet.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, but after seeing the previews for next week, I can say I think there is a lot of action heading our way.  After a pretty tame appearance from her this week, Ashley is back to being a crazy hot-mess for the next episode.  In fact she is so crazy that she either leaves the house or is kicked out (it’s unclear from the preview) and the roommates have to vote to decide if they will let her back in.  Even though I think she’s a psychopath I hope they bring her back, this season would definitely lose some of its intrigue without Ashley there to go off the rails every other episode.  I’ll see you Tuesday for a recap of The Bachelor and next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here’s the link, also here’s the link to the preview showing the discussion about if Ashley can come back to the house or not.

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