Not a Great Week for Juany Pabs or The Bachelor (The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap)



This week’s fairly dull episode of The Bachelor was far overshadowed in the news by a misstep from the shows star, Juan Pablo.  The controversy started when Sean Daly of asked Juan Pablo if he thought it would be a good idea to someday have a gay or bisexual bachelor.  Juan Pablo’s response started out ok, when he opened by saying: “I respect them, but honestly I don’t think it’s a good example for kids to watch that on TV.”  While some people might not like that answer, this wouldn’t have been much of a news story if he had just stopped there and not gone on to give a long-winded explanation of what he meant.  The real problem arose when Juan Pablo said this during his explanation of why it wasn’t a good idea – “There’s this thing about gay people. It seems to me, you know, and I don’t know if I’m mistaken or not. I have a lot of friends like that, but they’re more pervert in a sense and to me the show will be too strong, too hard to watch on TV.”  Juan Pablo found out quickly that describing gay people as more pervert is going to land you in a lot of hot water.  Juan Pablo turned to his Facebook page on Saturday to try to explain his comments, stating he meant to say gays and bisexuals are too “intense and affectionate” for television.  (This from the guy who is on pace to make out with every woman from his season).  While his views may be a little out of touch, I think the use of “pervert” was a genuine mistake in language usage from a man who does not speak english as a first language.  I also think the question was a little unfair, and was meant to create controversy, when to be honest, this country is nowhere near ready to have a gay lead character on The Bachelor.  I think we’re at least several years away from this being a real possibility.  When Ellen DeGeneres being a spokesperson for JCPenny causes a wave of complaints, it’s clear society isn’t ready to watch a single gay or bisexual person search for love on a reality show.  I’m not saying I agree with these views, but I think as a country we just aren’t there yet, and it’s silly to blast a reality star for expressing their views.  On a side note, something about a bisexual season of The Bachelor seems really intriguing, I think they should work on getting that idea together.  (If you want to read more about this issue you can view the article I quoted from here, or just Google it, the story has been all over the place the last couple of days).  Anyways, that’s enough serious stuff for now, let’s move on to this week’s episode of The Bachelor.


First up with a one on one date this week is Cassandra, proving that crying and talking about going home is a great way to get more time with Juan Pablo.  Their date starts out with some racing around in “water car” (a vehicle that can drive on land and be used as a motor boat).  Then the pair spends some time swimming around a yacht before heading back to Juan Pablo’s place for dinner.  Cassandra mentions at least three times during this date that she hasn’t been on a first date since she was 18, (note a super long time since she is only 21 now) so impressing her shouldn’t be too difficult, but Juan Pablo goes for the full “wine and dine” anyways.  I don’t see much of a connection between this two, Juan Pablo clearly thinks Cassandra is beautiful, but aside from both being parents they don’t seem to have a lot in common.  Cassandra may be a little too reserved to get far on this show.  My favorite part of this date was all the women back home being catty and talking about the possibility of Cassandra going home at the end of the night, as Juan Pablo said he wouldn’t keep Cassandra and Renee away from their kids if he didn’t feel a connection.  Unfortunately for the women back at the house Cassandra gets a rose at the end of their date, so she’ll be sticking around for at least another week.


Next up, it’s time for the group date no one could have seen coming – soccer!  The actual soccer game portion of this date was pretty boring, the highlight was after the game, when we were treated to “the most awkward kiss in bachelor history.”  (You know it’s true when they use that as the lead in to the episode).  The big moment happens when Juan Pablo takes Sharleen out to the middle of the soccer field for some one on one time.  Sharleen is such an awkward kisser it almost feels like it must have been a set up from the producer’s that this kiss is visible to all the other women, while Juan Pablo went all the way into the stadium kitchen to make out with Andi.  While Juan Pablo and Sharleen are kissing one of the girls says “are they kissing?” and after viewing how strange it was I think she may have just genuinely been confused.  Following some quality make out time, Andi and Sharleen are both feeling confident that they have a great connection with Juan Pablo and will be getting the group date rose.  However, Juan Pablo pulls a fast one and gives the rose to Nikki, who didn’t even kiss him, which leads both Sharleen and Andi to feel that maybe the connection was all in their heads.


The next one on one date goes to Chelsie, and this is another pretty boring date.  The only really interesting thing about this date is how much shade Elise throws Chelsie’s way throughout the episode.  Early in the episode Elise tells Renee that she came on the show to fulfill the wish of her mother who has passed away from cancer.  Elise feels that being on the show is her destiny, and that she has a great connection with Juan Pablo.  Chelsie on the other hand is totally wrong for Juan Pablo.  Throughout the episode Elise repeatedly mentions that Chelsie is a child, and that Juan Pablo is looking for a wife not another daughter to look after.  Interestingly, at one point Elise is sharing these feelings with Cassandra who just so happens to be three years younger than Chelsie.  This date is basically just Chelsie trying to work up the courage to jump off a bridge with a little Venezuelan food thrown in.  (Eating a big meal before bungee jumping doesn’t seem like a great idea, I’m just happy no one threw up).  Ultimately, after a lot of waffling, Chelsie decides to take the leap and jumps off the bridge with Juan Pablo.  Afterwards Chelsie says if they can jump off a bridge together, they can get through anything life might throw at them.  I don’t think bungee jumping is really a great representation of the challenges a couple faces in married life, but I’m also not married, so what do I know.


Next up, Juan Pablo decides to drop by to cook breakfast and have a pool party, and the women get a little catty.  It’s always bizarre when the women get upset over other cast members taking a lot of time with Juan Pablo, and not “being considerate” of the other women in the house that want time.  Instead of spending your time complaining about how they look like a “whore” why don’t you try to score some time with Juany Pabs for yourself.  Clare is feeling especially upset that all the other women have been going out on dates while she has been sitting home all week with no reassurances from Juan Pablo that he is thinking about her.  (She claims this isn’t a jealousy thing, but it seems like it’s basically the definition of jealousy to me).  Clare is feeling so upset after seeing Sharleen kissing Juan Pablo that she goes to cry in the bathroom, but luckily house mom Renee comes to the rescue and talks another cast member off the ledge.  (I really like Renee.  I can’t see her winning, because she spends all her time calming down the other women rather than building a relationship with Juan Pablo, but she seems like a nice person).  During their time together Juan Pablo tells Clare that she looked really good during breakfast, which is all she needs to feel that they are back on the path towards wedded bliss.

Following the pool party it’s rose ceremony time.  Sadly we lost our “free spirit” this week as Lucy didn’t receive a rose.  Headed home with Lucy is Christy, who never even talked to Juan Pablo as far as I can tell.  There really weren’t any big surprises here, neither woman seemed to have any sort of connection with Juan Pablo, and Lucy ended up bringing a lot less excitement to the show than I expected.  It always seemed to be that Lucy was there more for the fame than for Juan Pablo, (gasp! another person who wasn’t there for the “right reasons”) and I feel like producer’s may have limited her screen time somewhat once her agenda became more clear.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  There is a lot coming up for The Bachelor with Sean and Catherine’s live wedding airing on Sunday night before we get to see Juan Pablo head off to South Korea with the ladies.  I was considering skipping out on the wedding, but based on the facts that it’s live, and ABC seems to be setting up some sort of contrived drama to bring in a larger audience means I guess I’ll have to tune in.  I’ll see you Thursday for a recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion, and I’ll be back Monday and Tuesday next week to get you up to speed on all The Bachelor related action.

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