If we Find Out Ashley Killed Someone in a Couple of Years I Won’t be Surprised (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 3 and After Show Recap)


This week’s episode was all over the place.  We go from relationship drama, to one of the few truly heart wrenching moments in the shows history, to more crazy behavior from not-as-hot-as-she-thinks-she-is hot-mess Ashley, and it all happens in just a one hour time frame.  Clearly we have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started with our last episode before the ex’s arrive.


To open up the episode we get Jenny realizing that Cory’s jealous, controlling tendencies are too much like those of her ex, and that a relationship between the two of them isn’t going to work out.  Cory doesn’t really seem to be on the same page though, as he still feels hurt and angry by Jenny dancing with another guy while they are out to celebrate her birthday.  Were these two even actually dating?  I thought they just had sex.  It’s unclear to me exactly why Cory feels like he has such a  strong claim on Jenny, and his behavior through these first couple episodes is making him one of my least favorite cast members.  Especially when he  calls his ex girlfriend Lauren (who will be joining the cast shortly) to talk about the problems he is having with Jenny.  I’ve been having a tough time thinking of another guy in the shows history who seemed like such a nice guy on the surface, but who deep down was just kind of an insecure a-hole.

The next segment deals with one of the few genuinely real issues from The Real World, the loss of a parent.  Jay joins Danny from the Austin cast as the second Real World cast member to have their mother pass away during filming.  The loss is made even more tragic by the fact that Ashley tore up Jay’s paper with all his phone numbers written on it, and he missed out on several days of talking to his mother because he was calling the wrong number.  I don’t really have a lot of say about this.  It was a very powerfully emotional moment.  The one slightly positive take away is that as Jay said, his mother is no longer in pain, after she had dealt with cancer and illness her entire life.


After the roommates get the news about Jay’s mothers passing, Ashley breaks down in tears in the confessional and says that she feels badly about her behavior and the way she treats people when she gets drunk.  Those feelings last right up until she gets drunk again, and then we are right back to Ashley being a crazy person.  When they get home from the club, Ashley starts ranting that she gets treated like shit in the house.  Ashley just picks up steam from there and starts screaming at the roommates, telling them she will never have her friends get them a table or bottle again.  I still don’t  understand how Ashley how friends, she’s basically just a terrible human being.  Earlier in the episode when Cory is freaking out, Ashley even admits that she doesn’t like dealing with this because she is usually the one acting like a drunken child, and the one that her friends have to take care of.  I feel like Ashley is a little old (she’s 24) to get to hot mess status basically every night, and I think the roommates are pretty much all in agreement with me on that one.

Next up, the pressure of being on the show and not with her friends when they are so close by is getting to Ashley.  My favorite line of the night comes in this segment, when Ashley says being filmed 24/7 brings out your true personality, and she needs to get away from it.  (See, even Ashley realizes her true personality sucks).  Ashley decides the pressure of the cameras is so great that she decides to go MIA for a couple of days.  Then rather than just showing up back at the house, Ashley says she doesn’t want to come back if the roommates don’t want her to, and tells them to take a vote and call her back.  Not that surprisingly, the roommates vote by a tally of 4-2 to not let Ashley come back on the show.  The only dissenters were Jay and Jenny, and Jay changed his vote on the After Show when he learned that Ashley was the one that tore up his mothers phone number.  I will say Jenny makes a good point when she said the house would be a lot more boring without Ashley, but don’t worry, the producer’s have that covered with the ex’s showing up next week to replace her in the drama department.

After Show


The only real development from this after show (aside from the fact that clearly none of these girls are pregnant) is that it is now clear to me that Ashley is a sociopath.  Ashley took no responsibility for her actions, blaming all of her misdeeds, including tearing up Jay’s phone numbers on alcohol and not being able to remember things.  Ashley also says that despite the fact that she’s clearly insane when she drinks, she isn’t going to stop drinking because she doesn’t feel she has a real alcohol problem since she doesn’t drink every day (just every other day).  Ashley also mentions that she has a hard time opening up to people and sharing feelings.  Honestly I just think the girl is crazy, if there’s a news headline in a few years that Ashley is suspected of killing someone I wouldn’t be that surprised.  I’m not sure the “I was drunk and don’t remember anything that happened” defense works super well in court, but if she continues down her current path we might find out.

In the next segment Jenny rationalizes sleeping with Cory on day two by saying they’d spent 48 hours together, which is like 10 dates worth of time.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  The after show was pretty dull in general, aside from the segment dealing with Ashley, but don’t worry because next week should make up for it.  The ex’s arrive next week and the show should earn its name, explosion, as the love triangles in the house should provide some pretty intense moments.  We already met two of the ex’s this week, Jenna, Jay’s ex who he spends time with while he is home for his mother’s funneral, and Ashley who drops by to visit Arielle.  So far the two ex’s we met this week seem like they will cause the least drama, but you never know.  I’m definitely excited to see where this show goes from here.  I’ll see you Monday and Tuesday for a lot of recap action from The Bachelor, (both the regular episode and Sean and Catherine’s live wedding) and next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online you can find the link here.

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