Turns Out Not Wanting Kids Isn’t a Deal Breaker for Juan Pablo (The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap)



This week Juan Pablo and the ladies headed out on their first trip abroad, making their first stop in the quest for love in Seoul South Korea.  This week’s episode features two group dates, a one on one date, some cattiness between the women, and some of the early favorites going home.  As always there is a lot to cover this week, so let’s get started!


The first group date belongs to Nikki, Danielle, Chelsie, Kat, Elise, and Cassandra.  The ladies get to meet K-pop super group 2NE1, and after learning a dance routine are invented on stage to perform with the group.  Kat, who has been dancing before she could walk,(seems unlikely, but that’s what she said) is super excited about this date and feels that she is by far the best dancer (former NBA dancer Cassandra is also on this date, and they looked pretty even to me, despite Kat’s best attempts to steal the show).  Ignoring Kat’s opinion of herself, the real star of this date was clearly Nikki.  Nikki is not digging hanging out with the other women in the house, and before the even leave for the date Nikki says: “the card says ‘pop’ and my head is about to explode.”  Nikki also mentioned in her profile on The Bachelor website that drunk dancing is her best type, so this date is clearly not one she would have selected.  Nikki even demonstrates later in the date that while her outside face is smiling her inside face looks like this:


Some people felt that Nikki’s behavior during this episode was a little bitchy, but I felt she was acting like a real person, rather than a super excited bobble head that will end up winning a husband based on dancing skills.  (That may have been a little harsh, I may really just side with Nikki because I would have been even more miserable in this situation).  Despite Nikki’s hopes that they would be performing in front of the “South Korean school for the blind,” the women arrive at a giant mall and find out they will actually be performing in front of four stories worth of screaming k-pop fans.  The theme of the evening portion of the date is “Nikki vs. the other women.”  Nikki expresses her feelings that some of the women (like Kat) are fake, and are putting on a performance, particularly when the cameras are around.  The other women feel that Nikki is negative and that negativity means that she would be a bad mother.  I think the ladies are overreacting a little here, just because Nikki doesn’t like them that doesn’t mean she would be a bad mother.  Nikki is a pediatric nurse and probably has more experience with children than most of the other women in the house.  Luckily, Juan Pablo can appreciate the fact that Nikki seems to be a real person, and not someone putting on a show to get his attention, and she is rewarding with her second group date rose.


Next up, it’s time for this weeks one on one date, and this time it’s Sharleen’s turn to hang out with Juan Pablo.  Sharleen is another woman, like Nikki, who is a favorite on Juan Pablo, but not very popular with the other ladies.  In fact before they go on this date, Juan Pablo even says that Sharleen is his number one choice right now.  The date starts out with Juan Pablo and Sharleen exploring South Korea, but quickly things change.  Juan Pablo surprises Sharleen by taking her to a square and asking her to sing some opera for him.  Juan Pablo has expressed interest in being a sports and music agent, and I’ve sort of felt this whole time that he is pursuing Sharleen more as a client than as a wife.  Sharleen is reluctant at first, but ultimately she agrees to sing a little, and is rewarded for her efforts with some more awkward making out with Juany Pabs.  Things are going great for these two, and Sharleen is finally starting to get over some of her skepticism over this process as they head to dinner.  The pair seems to be totally on the same wave length until the topic of children comes up.  Juan Pablo asks Sharleen how many kids she wants, and initially she tries to avoid the question, but when pressed she finally gives up an answer that shouldn’t have been too comforting to a single father.  Sharleen says that she has been so career focused that she hasn’t had time to think about dating or children, and that she dated someone with a daughter before and was totally not ready for that experience at the time.  Sharleen also said that she thought part of her issue was that the person had this experience first without her, and it wasn’t something they would get to have as a first together.  Juan Pablo seems to totally accept this explanation, and feels that Sharleen wants to get married and have children because she came on the show (even though she never really says she wants children).  At the end of the date Sharleen walks away with the rose, and Juan Pablo is still feeling like they might be “Seoul” mates.



(I mostly choose this picture because I have no idea what could be making Renee make that face when the words they’re supposed to be singing are “na na na na na…)

The final date this week is another group one where the ladies (Clare, Lauren, Renee, Kelly, Andi, and Allison) get “Krazy in Korea” with Juan Pablo.  The date starts out with some karaoke in a creepy doll house themed karaoke establishment.  Then the group gets some fish pedicures, and finally eats some Korean street food to round out the “krazy” day portion of their date.  Kelly, as she frequently does, has the quote of the day, saying about Clare who is struggling to eat a piece of octopus: “I know she’s swallowed bigger things than that before.”  Kelly is really growing on me, I’m pretty sure she has zero chance of winning, but I’d like her to stick around just for the soundbites she provides each week.  During the evening portion of the date Juan Pablo decides that he doesn’t want to kiss anymore women, because he has already kissed six of the cast members and doesn’t want to set a bad example for his daughter.  Lauren takes this decision by Juan Pablo especially hard when she goes in for a kiss and gets rejected.  Lauren feels after her time with Juan Pablo that she might be stuck in the “friend zone” (probably not even friend zone really because she gets sent home this week).  I felt bad for Lauren, she seemed to be a nice, genuine person, and like someone who could have a connection with Juan Pablo through her musical background. (I guess those piano notes she missed during the first night really turned him off).  Juan Pablo’s no kissing policy is going fine until he spends some one on one time with Clare.  Juan Pablo explains himself by saying Clare is just sexy and he doesn’t know what to do, the fact that he has already kissed Clare before also might have helped him justify his decision.  It was still a little disappointing to see Juan Pablo break his policy for Clare out of all the women, when she has been one of the more dramatic and annoying cast members throughout this whole process.  Juan Pablo does however make up for it at the end of the night when he gives the rose to Andi.  I’ve got to say I have been impressed with Juan Pablo’s selections for who to give group date roses to.  Juan Pablo seems to be surprisingly good at seeing through the fake, swallow behavior of some cast members, and honing in on the women who are more real and genuine.

The drama between the women this week continues during the cocktail party portion of the episode.  The women who already have roses (Nikki, Sharleen and Andi) have all apparently agreed to let the women without roses get all of Juan Pablo’s time during the party to give everyone a fair shot.  Everything is going fine until Nikki decides to interrupt Clare’s time with Juan Pablo.  This causes all of the women to once again bring up their feelings that Nikki acts differently with Juan Pablo than she does with them.  During their talk Juan Pablo mentions that there may be potential problems in the house to Nikki.  Nikki takes Juan Pablo’s statement to mean that Clare must have said something about her to Juan Pablo, and this leads to a confrontation between the two.  Clare denies saying anything to Juan, (which is true) but says that she doesn’t think Nikki’s behavior warrants being given a rose.  Nikki responds by saying “well you aren’t the one handing out the roses,” and with nothing settled between the two it’s time to jump into this week’s rose ceremony.

Following this week’s rose ceremony Elise and Lauren are heading back to the United States husband-less.  Both women seemed like favorites early in the competition, Elise due to her experience with children, (she’s a kindergarten teacher) and Lauren due to her connection to music, (she’s a composer) but neither woman ever really developed a connection to Juan Pablo and so they are heading home this week.

Next week Juan Pablo and the ladies will be continuing their tour of Asia with a stop in Vietnam.  Based on the preview it looks like Clare will still be trying to dominate all of the time with Juan Pablo, much to the chagrin of the other ladies.  The preview also shows Juan Pablo saying “last night was a horrible night,” and telling Clare that what happened shouldn’t have happened.  Based on the preview it seems like they are alluding to things going too far sexually between Juan Pablo and Clare.  Whatever happens it looks like we’re in for another week of drama.  I’ll see you Thursday for a recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion and next Tuesday for another recap of The Bachelor.

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