The Creepiest Dinner Party Ever (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 4 Recap)




For the past week production has been hyping the fact that the ex’s move into the house this week, and as it turns out that was kind of a lie (unless you count Arielle’s ex Ashley who has just been chilling there for a while).  The ex’s do technically show up at the end of the episode, but basically all we got to see was the same footage of them meeting each other and surprising the roommates that they’ve been seeing in the teaser all week.  That being said, this week’s episode wasn’t the “ex-plosion” we were promised, but let’s cover what happened anyways.


This episode starts out with the creepiest dinner in the shows history.  Arielle has decided that it’s a good idea to get things moving between her roommates by taking them out to an “erotic dinner.”  The dinner consists of scantily clad men and women serving food, giving massages, and engaging in other activities with the cast members that are supposed to get them in the mood.  The dinner is actually a huge success and upon returning to the house all of the couples (Arielle and Ashley, Tom and Jamie, and Cory and Jenny) start getting busy.  This leaves poor Jay to hang out with the producers in the confessional.


While the ex’s aren’t actually in the house for much of this episode they do play a major role in causing drama this week.  Aside from Arielle, who is almost back together with her ex, and Jamie who’s ex is totally out of the picture (which makes me wonder why these people were included on the show) all the other ex’s are getting into it with the roommates this week.  Jay’s ex Jenna, who he is working on getting back together with, is upset when she sees pictures of Jay dancing with girls in the club.  Jay seems to have a really hard time understanding that he is being filmed 24/7, because later in the episode he kisses a girl when he thinks the camera’s aren’t looking.  Jay then tries to stop the roommates from saying anything about the incident when the camera’s are around.  Guess what Jay? Just because you’re drunk and not noticing the cameras, that doesn’t mean they can’t see you.  Jay is finally starting to look like the “player” he claimed to be in his bio, and while he hasn’t slept with anyone else, it seems like Jenna’s issues with trusting him are pretty warranted at this point.  Tom’s ex girlfriend Hailey causes problems between him and Jamie when she emails Tom saying she misses him and can’t stop thinking about him.  Jamie is upset that Tom hasn’t made it clear he has a girlfriend, and she feels these emails are totally inappropriate while Tom feels they aren’t such a big deal as he didn’t return the sentiment.  (Also, Jenny really took over as the “cheating police” this week, calling out both Jay and Tom for questionable behavior).  Finally, Jenny and Cory both talk to their ex’s on the phone, and I’ve got to say Lauren and Brian both seem a little crazy.  Overall this is the clingiest bunch of ex’s I’ve ever seen, I guess the chance to be on a television show was just too good to pass up.


Next up, the producer’s send the six remaining original roommates on a two-day trip so they can make over the house for the ex’s (bonus they totally clean the house too, so that was nice of them).  The roommates are all feeling super happy and bonded, and it’s clear that sticking with just this group wouldn’t make for a very interesting remainder of the season, good thing the ex’s are finally here.  Turns out the producer’s told each of the ex’s that they would be the new roommate, and it’s not until they arrive that they find out there will actually be five new roommates.  The only person who really seems excited about this is Tom’s ex Hailey, who seems a little crazy.

That’s all I’ve got for this week as it seems to have been the calm before the storm of the ex’s arriving.  There is definitely going to be a lot of drama for the six weeks the ex’s are on the show (at least for everyone but Arielle who is happy as can be, and thinks the situation is hilarious).  The preview clip of next week on is pretty great, the roommates reactions when they realize their ex’s aren’t just there for a visit are priceless (you can view it here).  I can’t wait to see what is coming for the rest of this season, I’ll see you next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here is the link.

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