It’s the Moment We’ve All Been Waiting for – The Ex’s Have Arrived (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 5 Recap)



Ok, so actually the moment everyone seems to be waiting for is when we find out who is pregnant.  This week we got some more hints during the preview for the reminder of the season when a clip shows a forlorn looking Cory responding “no” when asked if he used a condom.  Personally I still think this pregnancy scare is more hype than anything else.  We’ve seen all the cast members but Jenna (Jay’s ex) and Ashley C. (Arielle’s ex) on after shows and it’s pretty clear none of them are pregnant now (the show filmed around August, so if someone was pregnant you should definitely be able to tell at this point).  I would not be at all surprised if this pregnancy issue ends up being a classic case of overreaction, but it’s also possible someone had an abortion, which would be a new issue for The Real World to tackle.  Finally, while I don’t personally know anything for sure, I did some research last night about who may have been the pregnant cast member. I don’t want to spoil anything on here for people who want to wait and be surprised, but if you want to know the rumor here is the link to a fairly reliable Real World spoiler site that seems to have some inside information.  Alright, that’s enough pregnancy talk for right now, let’s move on to this weeks episode and welcome our new cast members into the fold.


The reactions of the roommates to their ex’s moving in is pretty classic.  The cast members one by one go from happy to a WTF moment as the news if broken to each of them that their ex’s aren’t just visiting but are in fact going to be staying for the remaining six weeks of the show.  (The exception is Arielle who has rekindled things with her ex Ashley, and is totally exciting about her moving in while also being giddy about her roommates misfortune).  Based on this first episode with the ex’s, it looks like Brian (Jenny’s ex) and Hailey (Tom’s ex) are going to be the biggest trouble makers in the house.  Upon learning she will be living in the house Tom tells Hailey that he is in a relationship with Jamie and she needs to respect that.  Hailey say’s she will do her best, but we’ll see as the episode progresses that her best kinda sucks.

Brian, the other troublesome new cast member, seems like he might be the replacement for Ashley as a roommate with legitimate psychological issues.  Brian starts trying to have tension from Cory the minute he walks in the house, and tells his ex Jenny “I’m gonna f*ck with you. You better know that” after being in the house for less than a day.  Luckily for Cory, his boys in the house totally have his back and work on feeling out Brian to see if he’s going to try to start drama (which seems to be his plan).  It appears that Brian’s plan in coming on the show was to make Jenny miserable, and get himself some exposure on national television while he’s doing it.  (Actually a lot of the ex’s seem to want to make each other miserable, which makes me really excited for the rest of this season).

The biggest drama in the house by far, based on this episode, the after show, and some exchanges on Twitter while the episode aired is in the Hailey/Tom/Jamie love triangle.  This is a really tough episode for Tom, as it makes him look like kind of an a*hole over and over again.  Tom refuses to really shut down Hailey, even though he has told her he has a girlfriend, and to make matters worse, while they are out at a club Tom tells Hailey that when all this is over they will have a “fresh conversation” about their relationship.  It’s hard to tell if Tom is just naive about Hailey’s intentions (even though she makes things pretty clear when she says things like “I’m miserable as long as you and Jamie are dating) or if he still has some lingering feelings for her.  Basically throughout this entire episode Tom just seems super confused about where his feelings truly lie, I’ll talk about this more at the end of the post.


While Tom seems completely lost about what to do with his current girlfriend and is ex in the house at the same time, Jenny is not having the same problems (at least for right now).  Jenny is originally unhappy to see Brian, at least partially because it means having to give up her friends with benefits relationship with Cory, but by the end of the episode Jenny is so committed to Brian she is telling him that she loves him and that he is the only person she wants to have children with.  I really like Jenny, I think she’s hilarious, (although I honestly can’t tell if her humor is intentional or not most of the time) and I was a little disappointed to see her getting back into what seems to be a borderline abusive relationship.  On a positive note, Jenny and Brian’s rekindled relationship doesn’t seem to last very long, as they were clearly no longer a couple during the after show.

This week’s episode closes out with a lovely group trip to the park.  Well at least it starts out as a nice trip to the park.  While there Cory, Jay and Tom all realize that even though they don’t really want to date their ex’s anymore they also don’t want their ex’s meeting other people, which means they are kind of stuck.  This is an especially big problem for Tom as he is already in a new relationship and can’t just get back together with his ex.  Tom thinks the solution is to just remove the boyfriend/girlfriend title from his relationship with Jamie.  Tom thinks doing this will let him be friends with Hailey while still doing all the “relationship-y” things he has been doing with Jamie, and that no one will be able to get mad at him this way.  (This is really horribly flawed male thinking, it’s would make Tom look a lot better if he hadn’t been sober when he came up with this plan).  The episode ends on a cliffhanger of Jamie asking Tom if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship and Tom responding by saying that’s what he’s thinking about.  (On a side note, Tom says he hates relationships but he also doesn’t like casual sex, so what exactly does he want from the women in his life?).  While the show tries to make this a cliffhanger ending heading into the halfway point of the season break, (there is no episode next week) it is made fairly clear that Tom and Jamie are still currently in a relationship, so they obviously work things out.

The After Show

-The biggest thing we learned from this show was that Jamie clearly (with good reason) still really dislikes Hailey.  I’ve pretty much never seen this much stink eye in my entire life.

-We also learned that Tom apparently has a big ass.  Both Jamie and Hailey have mentioned it is bigger than theirs.  Hailey even said on Twitter that Tom’s ass being bigger than her’s was the reason they broke up.  (I feel like she may have been lying with this one claim though).

-The biggest clue that Jenny and Brian are no longer together, (and don’t plan to be again anytime soon) was Jenny saying that the confessional/bear suit sex with Cory topped anything she had with Brian when she was asked who was better in bed.


-I think this look on Jamie’s face when Hailey is talking about viewing things from her point of view and how awkward things were for her coming into the house really sums up Jamie’s feelings for Hailey.  Also, I think it’s funny that almost all the ex’s have tried to use the excuse that it wasn’t their idea to come into the house.  Umm…you could of said no, that’s what Jamie’s ex did.  These people need to at least own up to wanting to be on tv.

-Final tidbit from the after show, Jamie offered up Brian is the new cast member that will cause the most problems in the house going forward, saying he came in as an arrogant and entitled f*ck.

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s episode, although I do plan to post a break down of my impressions of the new cast members later today.  Based on the previews it look like there is still a lot of drama to come this season, mostly from Hailey and Brian.  In fact there is so much drama that they have to give us a week off to rest before the show picks back up on February 19th.  Until then check back here for my break down of the new cast members, and come back on Tuesdays for my weekly recap of The Bachelor.

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If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here is the link.  Also, as a bonus here is a link to the after show and the mid-season preview.

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