The Real World Ex-Plosion Updated Cast Member Break Down



When this new season of The Real World started I gave a break down of all the original cast members and my initial impressions of them.  Now that we have five new cast members I’ve decided it’s time to do it again, and give you my take on the ex’s following their arrival in last nights episode.



Ashley Ceasar, 26-year-old model from Oakland/the bay area and Arielle’s ex girlfriend. Twitter: @missashc

At least up to this point Ashley and Arielle are looking like the most mature couple in the house (Jenny described them in the last episode is her lesbian godmothers).  According to her bio on, Ashley is still madly in love with Arielle and hopes to get back together despite betrayals and dishonesty on the part of Arielle.  We’ve seen more of Ashley than any of the other ex’s, as she had just spent a couple of days at the house visiting before the ex’s officially arrived.  There was a brief clip in the mid-season teaser of Ashley and Arielle fighting, but based on what we’ve seen so far and what the teaser showed it doesn’t look like Ashley will be involved in much drama this season.  (Which is good because Ashley and Arielle both seem like pretty cool chicks and I’m all for things working out for  them).



Brian Williams Jr. 27-year-old personal trainer and fitness model from Kansas City Mo. and Jenny’s ex-boyfriend.  Twitter: @bwillMTV

Now moving directly from to least to the most dramatic of the new cast members, let’s talk about Brian.  According to his bio Brian came on the show to work on his relationship with Jenny, but based on the footage for the rest of the season that sort of feels like a lie.  Brian even admitted during the after show this week that he was jealous and wanted some camera time for himself.  Brian seems pretty determined to start drama from the second he steps in the house, and based on the number of both verbal and physical fights we see him in during the teaser, it looks like he stays determined for all of his six weeks on the show.  Based on what we’ve seen so far I feel like Brian is borderline mentally abusive towards Jenny, and I was happy to see that they were clearly no longer together during this week’s after show.  One unexpected twist, according to MTV’s website Brian and Cory become friends, based on what we’ve seen so far this seems really unlikely, so it will be interesting to see how that friendship ends up developing.



Hailey Chivers, 21-year-old college student from Fort Worth Texas and Thomas’s ex-girlfriend. Twitter: @haileychivers

Sticking with the more dramatic cast members, let’s talk about Hailey and the big impression she made this week (which was not good, just in case you were wondering).  According to her MTV bio Hailey broke up with Tom because she didn’t want to be associated with his “obnoxious tendencies.”  However rumor around the internet is that Hailey was the actual cause of their break up due to some potential lies and unfaithfulness.  Hailey has clearly gotten over whatever issues she had with Tom before, and out of all the new roommates she appears to be the one most eager to get back together with their ex.  The only problem is Tom has already moved on and is in a relationship with original cast member Jamie.  Hailey seems pretty determined to end Tom and Jamie’s relationship, and tells Tom during this week’s episode that she will be miserable as long as he is dating Jamie.  Hailey seems to be making some headway in her quest to end the new relationship by the end of this week’s episode, but the teaser for the rest of the season show’s her physically attacking Tom, so clearly she doesn’t end up getting what she wants.  (On a side note, Tom and Jamie are apparently still a couple if anyone is interested).



Jenna Compono, 20-year-old aspiring model from Wantagh New York and Jay’s ex-girlfriend. Twitter: @JennaCompono

Jenna is the other ex we’ve had the most exposure to prior to this week’s episode, as we saw her previously when Jay went home for his mother’s funneral.  Jenna seems like a very sweet girl (even though I’m thinking she might not be as sweet and innocent as she seems after learning from her MTV bio that she was interviewing for Playboy Plus casting).  Jenna wants to be in a committed relationship while Jay unfortunately just does not seem to be on the same page.  I feel bad for Jenna as the teaser shows that she will continue to be hurt by Jay’s unfaithful behavior (even though he really hasn’t done anything that bad, based on what we’ve seen so far anyways).  Personally I think Jenna may just be a little too young for Jay (he is 26) and they clearly seem to want different things in their lives at the moment.  I say Jenna should just stick with the Playboy gig, she’s already way ahead of schedule, most reality stars don’t get the Playboy call until after their show has aired.



Lauren Ondersma, 23-year-old hair stylist from Brooklyn New York and Cory’s ex-girlfriend.

The only real highlight we’ve gotten out of Lauren so far was her jumping into the shower with her ex Cory immediately after arriving (also is that shower in like the living room? I guess you need something to watch when you don’t have TV).  According to her MTV bio part of the reason she and Cory broke up is because she has an explosive temper, so while she was fairly tame in this first episode we could see some drama coming from her in the future.  Lauren also appears to be the odds on favorite for which cast member gets pregnant this season (based on the teaser clip of Cory admitting he didn’t use a condom after it is discovered that someone in the house is pregnant).  I don’t know for a fact if the pregnancy scare was actually Lauren or not, but based on the after show from last night it seems obvious that if she was pregnant at some point, she isn’t anymore.

Based on what we’ve seen so far Hailey and Brian will be causing most of the problems for the roommates moving forward, and while I’m not sure either of them can bring the level of crazy to the house that it lost with Ashley Mitchell leaving, I am excited for the ex’s to be here because this season was looking way too dull without them.  I’m definitely excited to see the drama that unfolds during the rest of this season.  If you missed the mid-season teaser here’s a link to watch it online, and I’ll see you in two weeks for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

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