First Love Fools (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 6 Recap)



It’s baaack! After leaving us hanging with a week off right after the exes arrived The Real World Ex-Plosion made its triumphant return this week.  At the end of last nights episode the show finally revealed the secret everyone has been waiting for, and it turns out the internet rumors were true, Lauren aka Cory’s ex is the pregnant cast member.  We still don’t know whose baby it is, but it seems hard to believe it is Cory’s when the exes have only been in the house for like a second.  Anyways, just wanted to get the big news from this week’s episode out there to start things off, now let’s talk about all the other drama that went down this week.

This week’s episode picks up right where the last one left off, with the roommates enjoying a nice day at Dolores Park.  While it’s not that nice because the roommates are basically all feeling miserable that their exes have moved into the house.  The arrival of the exes is especially difficult on Tom, and he spends the first part of this episode continuing to try to convince Jamie to be in a relationship where they don’t have the “boyfriend/girlfriend” titles.  (Like Jamie I was pretty confused about what Tom even actually wants with this status change.  It basically sounds like he’s saying “I want to date you, but if I accidentally hook up with my ex or some other girl I want us to not have an official title so you can’t be mad at me).  Jamie is not cool with this plan at all however, and Tom and Jamie officially become the second break up on this season of The Real World (don’t worry the break isn’t going to last for long).  Tom is so beside himself with how badly things are going for him with the ladies in the house that he decides to just sit in the phone room and sing some gibberish.

While Tom is busy singing, Jamie decides she is going to take the classic scorned ex-girlfriend approach to things and try to make Tom jealous.  Jamie slaps on her tightest black dress and is “single and ready to mingle” at the club – for about five minutes.  When Jamie notices that Tom is sitting on the couch rubbing Hailey’s leg instead of crawling back to her she decides she needs to take a more direct approach.  Jamie intervenes by yelling “no! don’t touch her leg like that!”  Tom proclaims his innocence and says once again that he doesn’t have romantic feelings for Hailey.  (Pretty sure no one is buying that, sorry Tom).  It’s possible that instead of getting upset Jamie should just take the advice of the extremely wise Jenny and “let the dog eat from the dish he wants to eat from.”  (Once again Jenny is the best, I’m not sure what I would be without her in the house providing little gems like this one).

Later that night back at the house Jamie is trying to have a little bitch session about Tom with her BFF from home, Hannah.  Tom grabs the phone away and tries to tell Hannah what actually happened but she is not having it (shouldn’t Tom be sleeping right now, that’s how he stays out of trouble in the house, just go to sleep as soon as you get home from the club).  Tom and Jamie then have an altercation that leads to Jamie calling Tom a “man-child” while her friend screams “man-child! man-child!” into the phone.  Meanwhile Hailey comes running out of her room to watch the action with this look on her face:


It’s going to be a close race between Hailey and Brian this season to see which ex is the most devious.

Next up we get to spend some time with Brian and Jenny.  These two were on the path to reconciliation, but things are about to fall apart again.  Jenny is dancing and generally being insane and amazing while the roommates are out at a bar.  Brian starts out by trying to talk her into taking her energy down a notch, but the conversation quickly turns into a debate about Jenny’s hook ups while they have been apart.  Brian is not happy about Jenny hooking up with other guys, and she responds by saying “but who do I always come back to?”  Brian then, like the great ex-boyfriend he is, responds by saying: “yea, after everyone’s had a ride.”  The hostility between Brian and Jenny continues into the next day, and despite the best efforts of Arielle and some “thought records” things seem pretty hopeless between these two.  When your ex drives you so crazy that you are dancing with knives there generally isn’t a great chance that you’re going to be able to work things out moving forward.


Next up, for anyone who was feeling really sad about Tom and Jamie’s break up, they’re back together!  Tom gets some advice from his dad to live in the now, and since he is happy being with Jamie now he decides he’ll reclaim the boyfriend title.  (This break up wasn’t too suspenseful, as anyone who follows these two on social media knows they are currently together).


Finally, this week’s episode closes out with Lauren and Cory hooking up.  Now that Cory has lost his friends with benefits Jenny he needs to get it in somewhere.  Then in what appears to be the next day, (but could be like three weeks later because of editing) Lauren gets a pregnancy test and finds out she is indeed pregnant.  Like I said before it’s hard to believe that this is Cory’s baby, but we’ll have to wait and find out.  No matter whose baby it is it doesn’t appear that Lauren remains pregnant because the show was filmed around August and Lauren did not appear to be pregnant when she was on the after show a couple of weeks ago.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  The preview for next week looks a little tame, with Cory being scolded by producers for not using a condom, and a fight between Ashley and Arielle. Hopefully all the drama of the shocking fantasy suite week on The Bachelor will make up for it.  I’ll see you next Tuesday and Wednesday for a recap of The Bachelor, and I’ll be back here next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion.

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If you missed this week’s episode and want to watch online here is the link.


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