Andi Would Like Everyone to Know that Things Are Not “OK” (The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap)



Last night was night number two of this week’s bachelor extravaganza.  Last night was the “fantasy suite” episode, usually one of the most anticipated episodes of the season for all involved parties, and I’m happy to say that last nights episode didn’t disappoint.  Ok, so actually like 90% of it was pretty dull and disappointing, but the realization by Andi that Juan Pablo is actually a mimbo who speaks very little English and their ensuing argument made up for all the other boring things that happened.  In fact since that was the only interesting thing, that’s all I’m really going to talk about here.  So now here are my take aways from the epic argument between Juan Pablo and Andi (with a touch of Clare and Nikki at the end just so they don’t feel left out).

-Andi finally realized that Juan Pablo knows nothing about her, and doesn’t really seem to want to.  In other words Andi just realized that Juan Pablo has no idea what she’s been saying this entire time, and he can’t have a long conversation because he barely speaks English.

-While I think most of Andi’s issues with Juan Pablo were completely legitimate, I have to question her being upset about him mentioning the overnight with Clare.  Is talking about the other women with the bachelor a taboo?  I think it seems weird to never acknowledge their existence, but maybe that’s what you have to do to get past how ridiculous the show your on is.

-There clearly wasn’t a lot of action in the fantasy suite between Andi and Juan Pablo because she has obviously had some time to put together her case against him.  I would say that Andi went from being borderline in love to hating Juany Pabs in the course of a single night.

-My favorite part of this episode was the fact that prior to their argument right before the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo thought everything went great with Andi in the fantasy suite.  The fact that he has no idea about how unhappy she was just helps to prove her point that they are not a good match.


(Actually I need to make a correction, this outfit from Nikki was my favorite part of the episode).

-Andi REALLY hates it when Juan Pablo says “it’s ok.”  I can’t say I blame her when he’s responding to her breaking up with that.  It’s got to be a bit of a blow to the old ego to think you’re a few weeks from being engaged to someone and breaking up with them doesn’t seem to upset them at all.  (I guess it’s easy to not be upset about being broken up with when you’re still dating two other chicks).

-Juan Pablo hates the word default, because he doesn’t know what it means.

-Why would Andi have gotten to the final three by default (as she claims Juan Pablo said)?  I mean I think everyone knew Renee didn’t have much of a chance, but if Andi got to the final three by “default” then I think maybe Renee is the one who should really be upset.  (“Come on Renee, we all know you have no chance of winning.  The producers just asked me to keep you around to stop the other girls from killing each other”).

-Juan Pablo would also like to go on record as saying Andi “barely” made it to the final three, not by “default.”

-When Andi calls him out on it Juan Pablo admits he knows nothing about her interests or views on life, but he also doesn’t seem to understand why that’s a big problem.

-Andi really took away all of Juan Pablo’s go to moves when things are going badly: besitos, saying “it’s ok,” she even rejects his attempt wipe her eye, saying: “don’t mess up my makeup.”

-This show loves a long break up scene.  Much like when Brooks told Des he was leaving during her season after a while this fight really started to drag and it felt like Andi needed to just give up and leave.

That’s all I’ve got for this week.  Next week is the “The Women Tell All” episode, and then we can get back to watching Juan Pablo’s quest for besitos (oops, I mean love).  The women tell all looks like it might go pretty badly for good old Juany Pabs, I liked him a lot more when he was just the cute foreign guy for Desiree’s season.  I don’t hate Juan Pablo, but I definitely like him a lot less than I did.  I think this is the biggest change of heart I’ve ever had about a bachelor/bachelorette from their previous appearance on the show.  Anyways, this has been an exhausting week of bachelor action and I’m ready for a break.  I’ll see you tomorrow for a recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion, and next Tuesday for “The Women Tell All” special recap, see you then.

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