The Ladies are Definitely Not Team Juan Pablo (The Bachelor The Women Tell All Recap)


If last nights special taught us one thing it’s that most of the “ladies” from this season are not big fans of Juany Pabs.  It’s can’t be a good sign for Juan Pablo when two of the three women making an effort to defend him are women who left the show of their own accord (Sharleen and Andi).  The women echoed Andi’s parting sentiment that Juan Pablo didn’t seem interested in them, and never really tried to get to know them on a deeper level.  The only person who didn’t bash Juan Pablo’s interest in them was Sharleen, she said she found him to be quite “curious” about her and the world around them (of course she is the panda in a room full of brown bears, so obviously he was more curious about her than the other girls).  Last nights Women Tell All special didn’t really tell us a lot we didn’t already know, (other than just how many women from the cast seem to be harboring sour grapes towards Juan Pablo) but I’ll cover the highlights here anyways.

-Man, The Bachelor is excited that Sean and Catherine got married, and even more excited that they’ve now had sex.  The show apparently thinks we’re really into Sean and Catherine’s relationship too because they trot them out to tell us all about their honeymoon.

-All we really find out during this visit with America’s favorite couple is that Sean’s “fireworks” aren’t as explosive as he may think, and he’s already gotten some side action from a stingray.

-I think Andi did a good job summing up Juan Pablo’s intentions on the show when she said he was there to find a girlfriend whereas most of the women were there to find a husband.  This helps to explain why many women felt they never got beyond surface level conversations, and also explains the fact that Juan Pablo doesn’t seem remotely close to marrying either Nikki or Clare.

-You know these women really aren’t big fans of Juan Pablo when they all defend Clare and say she did nothing wrong during the romp in the ocean in Vietnam.  The women all agree the hot tub hook up during the date was more upsetting and that was Juan Pablo’s idea not Clares’.

-Sharleen had one of the lines of the night when she said Juan Pablo had “buyers remorse” after his time in the ocean with Clare.

-While the other women seem to like Sharleen for the most part, they don’t seem to really be buying into her not knowing she was one of the favorites.

-There’s a part of me that really wishes Sharleen was going to be the next bachelorette.  I feel like there’s a good chance she would simultaneously by the best and worst bachelorette of all time.  Alas, all the signs point to Andi already having things locked up as the next star of the franchise.

-The big news of the night was that Renee is in a “situation” aka she’s engaged.  Renee didn’t share a lot of details on the show, but she confirmed the news online by posting a picture with her engagement ring on Facebook (link to picture here).

-Andi would like to reiterate for the men out there that she did not enjoy being told Juan Pablo had already had his overnight day with Clare.  So for all the men out there who are dating a gaggle of women simultaneously, make sure you don’t mention it to them.

(Unless of course you want to break up with one of the women, maybe Juan Pablo was trying to get Andi to leave the whole time and tried to do it George Costanza style)

-Juan Pablo seemed a little angry and defensive when dealing with the women.  Particularly when Kelly decided to rehash his comments about a potential gay bachelor.

-I’m not sure when Cassandra developed all this personality, (she even called Juan Pablo out on some bullshit moves, like meeting Renee’s son and then sending her home) but maybe she wouldn’t have gotten sent home so abruptly if she let a little of this out during her time on the show with Juan Pablo.

-Sharleen really rescues Juan Pablo when the gay topic comes up.  Juan Pablo essentially says he isn’t going to talk about it publicly anymore and will talk to Kelly after the show.  This doesn’t really seem to satisfy the crowd, so it is lucky for Juany Pabs that Sharleen steps up and mentions that they discussed some equality issues during one of their dates, and that Juan Pablo struck her as very open-minded.

-Juan Pablo proves once again he is not a master of the English language when they show him repeatedly referring to his “little package” (aka Camila) in interviews during the blooper reel (the producers eventually tip him off that this is not the best thing to say as people might think he has a small penis).

-Final note, did anyone else think we’d get more out of Lucy during this special.  I thought she was kind of disappointing for her entire (brief) stint on the show, but never fear, if you didn’t get enough Lucy instead of putting herself out there on national television she made us this video to share her feelings.

That’s all I’ve got for this week’s special episode.  The preview for next week makes it look like Nikki and Clare may finally be figuring out some of the issues the other women had with Juan Pablo (Clare wonders if he knows her well enough to get married, and Nikki says she doesn’t want to dwell on all the negative things and lose “this,” meaning there must be plenty of negative things to dwell on).  Personally I’m with Sharleen, Kelly, Andi (presumably, she abstained from voting but she and Nikki were good friends) and all the other sane women from the cast on “Team Nikki.”  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there isn’t an actual proposal at the end of this season, and would also not be surprised if we learned in the next month or two that Juan Pablo and whoever he chooses are no longer together.  We’ve got a marathon coming next Monday night with the live finale and “After the Final Rose” special, so I’m to leave you now so I can start resting up for all the drama, see you then.

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One thought on “The Ladies are Definitely Not Team Juan Pablo (The Bachelor The Women Tell All Recap)

  1. Say what you will about his communication skills or the way he went about the whole process, JP clearly seemed to understand the process well enough to realize he wasn’t going to find a soulmate as quickly as most of the chicas would have liked. And he’ll probably be the first to tell you he isn’t the Emperor Emeritus of sainthood. True love definitely doesn’t happen overnight.

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