The Roundhouse Kick Heard Around the World (The Real World Ex-Plosion Episode 8 Recap)


The baby drama is over, Lauren has returned home to deal with her pregnancy.  Lauren declined to talk about it when she was asked on the after show last week about what happened after she got home.  However, since logic states that she would still be pregnant if she got pregnant around the time of filming, (late summer-early fall) it seems that she either had an abortion, miscarriage, or the test was wrong and she was never actually pregnant.  Whatever the case may be it’s time to move on, and focus on the drama of a house full of people who absolutely should not get back together with their exes, even though that is what they all seem to be doing.  At the end of last week’s episode the male and female cast members decided to go out separately, which was a huge mistake for the guys.  Brian certainly looked the worst when he kissed a girl on the way out of the bar, but none of the guys came out of that boys night looking innocent.  This week we’re going to focus on the aftermath of what went down, so let’s get started.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t even really want to talk about the drama between Jay and Jenna.  She seems like a nice girl, and he is clearly just not interested in commitment at the moment, which basically just means they are both bummed out all the time because neither of them is getting what they want.  The last thing they need is Jamie showing up with her talk of boyfriend/girlfriend titles.  Does she not remember how badly that almost went for her and Tom?

Speaking of Tom, why is he so hung up on Hailey.  I get that she was his first love, but he told us last night that she apparently started cheating on him with two different guys as soon as he left for college.  I would think that would be enough to get you to move past an ex-girlfriend, (especially one that doesn’t seem to have any real redeeming qualities) but Tom just cannot seem to move past their relationship, and still gets upset every time Hailey talks to a guy at the club.  The best thing for everyone would probably be if Hailey just packed up and went home (actually the best thing would be if she punches Tom in the face, which coincidently happens next week).

Throughout the early parts of this weeks episode Brian has been struggling with how to tell Jenny he kissed a girl during the “boys night out.”  Brian finally decides the best place to tell her is in the middle of a crowded restaurant, so that Jenny won’t be able to react physically.  While he is right about the physical part, (at least in the restaurant) Jenny is not happy and immediately says they should stop seeing each other.


(was anyone else a little surprised that Jenny appeared this shocked by the news of Brian kissing someone)

After getting over her initial shock, Jenny decides the best way to get back at Brian is by making out with a German exchange student at the club.  For some reason, I guess because he didn’t think I hated him enough already, Cory decides he needs to intervene.  Cory feels Jenny making out with a guy is somehow wrong, even though she and Brian and are now broken up after Brian made out with a girl a few nights earlier.  Cory is the king of double standards, and I don’t really understand why there doesn’t seem to be more hate for him floating around on the internet.


The only good thing about Cory’s double standards is that they help cause the tension between Jenny and Brian to reach its tipping point and they both completely lose their minds.  After getting in a couple of slaps and a nice roundhouse kick Jenny and Brian are finally physically separated, but that doesn’t stop them from verbally sparing.  Of course verbal sparing between Jenny and Brian leads to exchanges like this:

Brian: Just go get checked!

Jenny: For what?

Brian: For your f*cking intelligence.

and like this:

Jenny: How do you spell apologize?

Brian: You know what? In this generation we have spell check!

Watching these two is easily ten times more entertaining than watching the drama between Jenna and Jay in the other room.  The drama between Jenna and Jay is just depressing, and makes me really wish Jamie would learn to keep her mouth shut and not interfere in other people’s relationships (even though Jenna and Jay clearly have some issues).

This episode also shows us the continuing shift in productions view of fighting on the show.  Back in the day if a cast member hit another cast member they were immediately sent home.  Later it became a house vote to determine if the guilty party should be forced to leave.  In last nights episode after the physical violence by Jenny a producer asks her if she wants to spend the night in a hotel, and when she declines they station a member of security at her door to keep her and Brian separated.  It was also interesting to see that they had an actual security guard in the house, as fights in the past have always been handled by the cast members, and occasionally by production staff if things got especially out of hand.

This week’s episode closes out with Jay expressing his displeasure at Jamie interfering with his and Jenna’s relationship, and declaring that he no longer goes considers the group “family” because family doesn’t blind side each other like that.  While Jay might not feel the bond with his follow cast members any longer, Tom is still definitely feeling it with the remaining original six house mates.  The preview for next week shows Tom calling for the exes to leave the house.  While I’m sure it would be nice for the roommates to have their exes leave so they wouldn’t have to deal with constant drama, it would make the show super boring.  Sorry Tom, I like you most of the time, but I’d rather see you get attacked by Hailey than watch a bunch of people be best buddies for the next couple of weeks, so the exes need to stay.  That’s all I’ve got for this week, I’ll see you Tuesday for a recap of the final episode of this season of The Bachelor, and next Thursday for another recap of The Real World Ex-Plosion, see you then.

If you missed this weeks episode and want to watch it, or the preview for next week here are the links. (episode, preview).

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